Due to this mistake of family, girls run away from home and marry


It is said that the girl is respected of home. The dream of every parent is to marry their daughter with great pomp. Offer her with your hands, wept bitterly in her parting. However, not all parents get this happiness. Many times girls go against the wishes of the housemates and get away from home. All the family members get very angry due to this girl. They start calling the girl bad and cursing her. Some get so angry that they even make plans to take revenge on the girl. They think the girl has maligned our name in the society, got her nose cut. But have you ever thought why the girl was forced to take such a big step? Is there an equal fault in you? Let’s understand this in more detail.

Running away from home and getting married is not easy for any girl. It is also a big step for him. However, you should also think from the point of view of the girl before your grief. If a girl leaves home, many reasons and reasons may be hidden behind her. Today we are going to discuss them one by one.

True love is when someone falls to the person loses consciousness. Then he sees nothing but love. Love are not able to bear the yearning to stay away. Get him in there goes to any extent. Usually girls tell of course at home about his love. However, the family over-reacts so much that the girl gets scared and she feels that it is not possible to get married to the wishes of the family. So they just think its good to escape from the house.

The second mistake family members make is that they keep a very strict and fearful atmosphere in the house. In such a situation, the girl is often unable to say her heart to the family. She thinks that if you tell me about your love, then there will be catastrophe. So she thinks it is right to run away quietly. In some cases, the girl gets a lot of grief and pain at home. In such a situation, she finds an excuse to leave the house. Then if someone finds her true lover then she does not think before leaving home.

It is also a mistake of the family that they become so blind in the fascination of religion and caste that they do not want to meet or know the girl of the girl’s choice. Hey brother, meet him once and see. Do you know he is the right boy On the other hand, if you are a boy of other society, then you are very eager to meet him. Another mistake is that the family does not give the girl a chance to interact with the boy more than the relationship is fixed. In such a situation, the girl thinks how to choose a life partner in a few minutes or hours. It is better to marry someone whom I already know.

Bhanu Garg: