Who Should Win The 2023 Elections, BJP OR CONGRESS, And Why?

Have you ever felt the excitement that cuts through you when the festival of light, that is, Diwali, approaches? Or the joy that springs you up in the winter season when Christmas is ready to ring in bells? What is that one thing common between these festivals? Any guesses? Yes, you are right. It is the ample amount of preparation that we begin doing about three months prior to these festivals, right? I know you must be having this bee in your bonnet that why am I talking about these festivals at this point of time, right? Well then, hold your veins of anxiety as I am about to disclose the reason!

Just like these festivals garner a lot of prior attention, similar is the election season, wherein the politicians begin preparing for it since time immemorial! And let me tell you that the general public is no more behind in this race of ‘election preparation’. We make endless assumptions as to which political party will hold the corridors of power for the next five years.  Well, if you have that killer instinct in you to discuss about the elections, you are just on the right path! So, should we begin our analysis?

With just a few months for elections, BJP is exposed to a can of worms attributing to its failure of garnering support in the three heartland states of the country. And yes, who can forget the drubbing that BJP has received from the other two states too. These losses have surely left an indelible scar on this political party. But is the party doing anything to overcome these scars? Well it is busy in its seat sharing deal.

Meanwhile, on the flip side of the coin, Congress’ sweeping victories in these heartland states is a fitting  testament to the fact that Congress is all set to cover the country in their blanket.

With the surgical strike, increase in foreign direct investment, 10% reservation and a lot of burning issues in its kitty, BJP is nonetheless anymore crying over the spilt milk. Taking the defeat of its power in the three heartland states in its stride, it is yet again all set to overcome the barriers and bask in the glory of success.

But with the communal issues that BJP has left burning, will it be able to douse this fire? Or will Congress lend a helping hand and sprinkle water on these burning issues and get an upper hand?

We often say that an injured lion comes back to its senses with even greater power. Will BJP stand as a testament to this fact? Or will Congress sweep the entire country with its unstoppable victories? Are you ready to witness these elections and the magnificent victories? We all are excited to know who will prevail. But yes, amid all this, don’t forget to vote. Choose your leaders wisely and exercise your right to vote.  Soon we will find out, who stands out : The Hand or the Lotus.

Bhanu Garg: