Registration ration card : How To Apply Online For Ration Card

The state government is supplying grain to poor families of the state through a “cheap street store”. Ration cards have to be made to get ration in it. Reconciliation of the ration card has recently been done by the government, so that many people are not considered eligible and their ration cards have been canceled. The state government has arranged online arrangements for new ration cards, through which you can apply online for new ration cards. How to apply online for Ration Card? The information related to this is giving you on this page.

Ration card

This is a card provided by the government, through which you can buy grains at cheaper rates. The State Government has decided to register the name of the female head of the Ration Card family. It is compulsory for all the members of the family to register the Aadhaar card for registration. Once all members of the family are registered with the Fringer Scanner, any family member can go to get ration.

Required Documents for Ration Card

1. Aadhar card of women’s head of the family

2. Passport size photo of woman’s head of family

3. Aadhar card of all the members of the family

4. Certificate of the meeting or village head

5. Certificate of Nagar Palika or Gram Panchayat

Online application process

1. In order to apply for a ration card, you will first need to take the Aadhar Card of all the family members. Ration card is made by the name of the female head of the family, hence the photo of two passport size photograph of the female head will be taken.

2. With the support card of all the members you will have to go to your member or village head. It will validate all your documents and make a certificate on your letter pad.

3. Now you will have to certify the certificate of all your documents and members or village head, by the municipality or the village panchayat, after verification you will be issued a certificate.

4. With all the certificates and Aadhar card and passport photo you will have to go to the nearest Public Convenience Center. There you will be charged for doing online. All the documents will be made online in the Public Convenience Center for Ration Card, From here you will be given the print of the application.

5. Now you have to collect this print and deposit it in the supply office of your district. In the supply office, your application will be validated, after a few days of verification, you will be registered in the cheap street store by providing a ration card number.

6. Now you will have to scan your finger by going to the cheap luggage shop. After successfully scanning, you will start getting ration.

Until recently, you could submit the online form online from home, but the state government has amended it and has limited it to the public facility center.

Here, we have told you to apply for a ration card online, if you have any kind of question related to this information, or you want to get any information related to it, you can tail it through the comments box. , We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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