The Ridges of the forehead, not the good luck but the point of death

Many people think that the forehead lines are pointing to good fortune. But the reality is different, in reality the riddles on our foreheads can increase your problems. Let me tell you that if these streaks are present on your forehead then you should be careful now because these ridges point towards the serious illness of the heart. In such a situation, these riddles may also indicate a sudden death.

Let us know that according to a new research presented in the European Society of Cardiology Congress in 2018, wrinkles falling on the forehead may also be caused by atherosclerosis due to illness, in fact, the arteries in the disease are hardened. Because of which the risk of untimely death increases, in fact the blood vessels present in the forehead becomes more sensitive to plaque Because they are very small. As a result, it is also an indication of the rising age of blood vessels. Apart from this, due to collagen protein and oxidative stress, there may also be atherosclerosis, which causes deep streaks on the forehead.

or this research 3 thousand 200 working adults were examined and parallel wrinkles on their foreheads were examined and those who tried to know how much is the risk of cardiovascular disease i.e. cardiovascular disease. Participants in this research were given numbers based on the number of rows available on their foreheads and depth. Zero meant there was no wrinkle and 3 numbers meant too much and deep streaks.

In this research, it has been found that the deeper the ridges on the forehead, the greater the risk of the disease, it is not that the disease can be detected only on the forehead, but the disease can be detected. There is an urgent need to be checked so that the exact condition of the disease can be ascertained.

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