Taking Care of your Nerves: Neurology and its Importance

When you accidentally touch a hot object, you immediately feel the burn and then draw away your hand, right? When you are pricked or probed, you feel the physical pain, right? Have you ever wondered how this happens? How can we tell whether something is hot or not? How can we tell when we are physically hurt? It is all thanks to your nerves. Yes, the nervous system in our body is one of the most complex systems that you will come across in the world. The moment you touch something hot, the nerves on your fingertips (nerve endings are spread all over your body) receive the signal of something be hot, which they transfer immediately to the brain, the brain tells the nerves that it is hot and that we should move our hand from the source and transmits that signal back to the nerves on our fingertips because of which we remove our hand. And all this happens in just a fraction of seconds. Without our nerves we will not be able to function at all. Thus if there are any neurological disorders then you need to first and foremost find out the

best neurology hospital in india and get yourself treated from there.

How do you know you need a neuro consult?

A neurologist is one who specializes in the matters of the nerves. They treat nervous conditions and disorders and help our nerves to get back to function, because once a nerve gets damaged there are some repercussions to it which might even be life threatening. There are some telltale signs that dictate that you need to immediately consult a neurologist. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • Continuous pain in certain areas of the body, especially your neck and your back requires that you get checked by a neurologist. If your spine hurts then too you need to consult one with utmost urgency.
  • If you are having severe headaches that simply refuse to go away or you keep having them time after time, then it is a sign of a nervous disorder because of which you need to consult a neurologist. Do not treat headaches lightly, because they might be an indication to something more serious underlying issue.
  • Feeling dis balanced at times is a sign that you need a neuro consult. Along with our ears our nerves are responsible for maintain the balance and posture of our body. So if you are feeling dis-balanced from time to time, you are moving from one part of the street to another while walking just to regain your balance or falling down for no apparent reason, then you do need an immediate neuro consult.
  • Are you experiencing dizziness? This is also a sign that you need to get your nerves checked. It is important that you get your nerves checked because this might lead to further complications down the line.
  • Sometimes you might feel some kind of tingling or numbness in a particular part of your body. This is something that needs to be looked after immediately if such a feeling persists. It might be something like spondylosis or something far more serious. Hence do not ignore such a symptom.
  • And last but not the least, the fact that your feeling weak all the time and aren’t able to perform as much as you would want to, it is important that you need to consult a neurologist. It is another sign of nervous disorder.

Neurology consult in India

India is home to many talented and well trained doctors which makes it a hot bed for medical tourism. People travel from far away to come and get treated here. If you are suffering from neurological disorders and you want an effective treatment plan then get in touch with a medical tourism company and let them provide you with the name of the

best neurology hospital in india and book an appointment there. You can start the process within the comforts of your home and then you can consult the neurologist and get yourself treated through a proper treatment plan.

Neurology, the science of nerves, is quite advanced in India and hence it is best that if you are thinking of medical tourism, you get yourself treated in this country.

Tarun Batra: