Some common neurological errors committed during the surgical procedure

There are many types of issues faced by people of all ages, and geographical region. One complicated surgical procedure offered by the top surgeons like Dr Balamurugan M is Neurosurgery. Such surgeons are not only highly experienced, well trained and adequately qualified, but also know how to eliminate the common errors that are generally committed by the other inexperienced doctors.

Even after having sufficient practical experience combined with the very best training, it is noticed that a good number of medical specialists do commit some common mistakes while treating patients. It can be stated that few of the errors made may be taken in the ‘nearly missed’ category and others could prove to be life threatening. Neurosurgery, according to the medical experts, in the whole medical domain is stated to be among the most tactful and serious surgical formats. One major reason cited behind it is that still the medial experts are to know more and in-depth about the central nervous and the brain system. The fact is that even an easy procedure is likely to become critical at any point of time. Every person does have different body structure and hence, it will be wise to accept this fact that irrespective of the kind of experience that the surgeon possesses, condition of the patient might always be at risk when undergoing any neurological organ or the brain.

Few neurosurgical errors which might turn into something serious and harmful

  • There is a genuine need to monitor constantly the patient’s health conditions and to check out the signs like the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, etc. However, failing in this particular critical juncture is likely to lead the patient to suffering from fatal consequences.
  • At times, the surgeon or the doctor in training cuts open the brain or skull’s wrong side. Brain surgery, given today’s medical advancement and sophistication has changed significantly in conventional ways. However, still, there does take place some common mistakes.
  • Neuro anaesthesiologist and neurosurgeon need to work closely, so as to determine the anaesthesia procedure that is found most appropriate for the patient, since the specific requirements differs from one patient to the other. Excess or less application of the seductive will only cause more harm to the patient.
  • The other common mistake committed is being not in a position to identify the swelling part of the brain. Oedema or swelling is termed to be reaction of the human body towards some illness or injury. It is also stated the same for the brain. Due to illness or injury, the brain is likely to swell and this in time may become a complicated and serious problem and at times causing even death. This occurs, especially, if the surgeon is found not to give sufficient and required attention to the needs of the procedure and the patient condition.
  • There is another common mistake that is committed during emergency cases, where surgeons fail to inform the relatives of the patients about the possible risks and complications that are otherwise related to the procedure that is being performed. The fact is that there is always a maximum risk when carrying out the procedure that the patient and the family members need to be aware about before opting for it. This is because, the surgery will be carried out on the human body’s most delicate part.
  • There are few traumatic emergency cases, where experimental surgical procedure might be conducted in the operation theatre. At times it can prove to be useful, but there are times, when it proved to be lethal and even life taking.

There are always the possibilities of the surgeons committing some unwanted and unfortunate mistakes. This is regarded to be an accepted fact that although the surgery goes as planned, there are chances of the patient succumbing to pain right at the operation table itself. Hence, it is the duty of a responsible neurosurgeon to be on alert throughout the procedure, right from start to finish and to perform the very best possible, so as to save a life and help the patient to get back to normalcy. Those seeking neurological medical attention should not compromise on the quality of medication and surgical treatment availed. They should always seek the very best surgeons in the domain like Dr Balamurugan M – Neurosurgeon, who besides having long experience also enjoys good results and happy and satisfied patients.

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