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Dr. Arun Garg, who had brain surgeries in the light of operation theater, was forced to study in the light of lanterns

There was no board in the school nor the table … sitting on the ground only taught-written … the name of the house was just a room, in which seven people lived … there was no electricity in the village, so in the light of the lantern Forced to read … In the path of success, poverty did not come, no rural environment … every hard beat in front of talent and hard work … became a doctor and now people are treating the bad brains of people … Near nineteen thousand ops related to the brain and spine Have to play in Snon important role … your village not but receive no fees … success story minded doctor Arun Garg not take in treating patients from all over the district inspiration

When a child born in a poor family sees the other poor and sick people in their village as agonizing for their treatment, their mind is fatigued. There was a first aid center in the village, but there was no doctor there. If the pain is less or more, the disease is small or big, the villagers have to go to the District Hospital headquarters five kilometers away for treatment. Many people did not have so much money that they went to the district hospital by doing any means. Perhaps poverty was the biggest disease. Many of these children were seen mourning and being killed due to the lack of treatment.

The child was much faster than the brain. It was smart to read and write. He was determined to see the villagers’ helplessness and helplessness that he would become a doctor and treat villagers. The intention was so strong that he left no stone unturned in achieving the goal. Not to poverty, nor to let the rural environment prevail in its goal-oriented practice. In every examination of the school and college, he passed with great marks. He passed the tenth pass Got the state rank. Achieved the eligibility of admission in the state’s most famous college, away from the village, in the big city. He also cleared the entrance examination of the medical college too in the preliminary examination. Completed the MBBS course. Then go to the country’s capital and learn the best methods of neuro surgery from AIIMS. Then came to Hyderabad and started practicing. Today, they are counted among the country’s most famous and skilled neuro surgeons. The impact of poverty on the child was such that he breathed his last after becoming a doctor of the mind.

The child and the doctor who has been here have been renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Arun Garg in India. he was born in Kintali village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Father was a poor farmer. Mother treated her father’s hand in the field of farming-big work as well as managing family responsibilities. There was just one room in the name of the house, in which the parents and all five children lived. The kitchen-house, the comfort-house, the bathrooms were all in one room. his parents – both were uneducated. he had two brothers and two sisters. he was the youngest among five siblings. An elder brother had somehow found to be tenth cross.

In the compartment exam, he had removed his surviving paper. Since there was not enough income in the family that children could be sent to school and necessary penalties for studies, books could be bought, all the dropouts except two children were dropped. he was lucky to be sent to school. He studied at the government school of the village. The condition of the government school was similar to that of his family. He had to be forced to read and write in the school even after sitting on a sunny land. But, He was not like normal children. They were very smart, they were smart. His memory was powerful. Once the master wrote a text on the blackboard of the class-room, then he would have remembered all the text. Master reads or recites anything; He used to remember him. All the teachers in the school were very impressed by He talent. The teachers had predicted He skills, his qualities and his labor, talent and intelligent intelligence, and predicted that the child would become a big man and grow up. Parents and teachers did not listen to the praise of He by teachers and others. Honorable He had raised new hopes in the parents’ mind. Parents had believed that the son would remove the poverty and the grief and pain by becoming a big man.
He left no stone unturned on his part. Having studied with a lot of heart. Have not lost any chance of day and night, study and writing. The village was behind them because of this there was no electricity at home. But even blind could not stop his studies. He studied in light of lanterns. Dr Arun hard earned color Later on, his intelligent intelligence became known to the people of the state. Arun got the third rank in the state-level in the Tenth test. A poor boy from a very backward village came into the headlines. Arun was praised on every side. Because of the state rankers, Arun got admission in the desired college. He selected the Andhra Loyola College of Vijwara to study Intermediate. He said, “When I was in school, I had heard that Andhra Loyola College is the number one college in the state, whoever gets admission in this college, definitely becomes an engineer or a doctor, I also wanted to be a doctor. Found third rank in the state, I opted for Andhra Loyola College and since I wanted to become a doctor I chose biology, physics and chemistry subjects in Intermediate. ” It is also a matter of fact that there was some such effect on Arun Garg in the plight of the poor state of his village and the primary health center of his village that he had decided to become a doctor. In those days the villagers had to go far away for treatment. Even after eating rates, they are still

It is also a matter of fact that there was some such effect on Arun in the plight of the poor state of his village and the primary health center of his village that he had decided to become a doctor. In those days the villagers had to go far away for treatment. They were not able to get the right treatment after eating rates and rates. The grievances of the villagers had a profound effect on his mind-brain.
In the early days of Andhra Loyola College, He had to face many strange and strange problems. They wanted to read from the English medium, because they had studied till the 10th standard in Telugu medium, they were also kept in the Telugu medium for intermediate. he was a little disappointed but his passion was not reduced. The intentions were the same, be enthusiastic. The goal is not changed. Dr. Garg   number was the highest in Andhra Loyola College in the first year’s examination. In the case of number, Arun had overtaken the English medium children. All of them were now considered to be Garg’s iron.

Another major problem came in front of Arun . In those days, the Naxalite movement was on the whims and it was discussed everywhere. He was from Srikakulam district and at that time it was the bastion of the Naxalite movement. Some mischievous children in Andhra Loyla College used to call them ‘Naxalites of Srikakulam’ and they used to harass. However, He stopped the talk of everyone from his top score in the examination.
Arun Garg used to believe God a lot. There was faith in religion. For this reason, he used to call ‘Namam’ on his forehead. Since the poor family, we used to wear skirts and cotton shirts and pants. Tilak, hawthorn and cotton shirt-pants became his identity only.

He had to stay in the hostel for his studies in Andhra Law College. The city of Vijayawada was very far from his village. In the early days of college, he used to remember his parents, siblings, villagers, villagers – all too much. He started feeling himself alone. They took too much time to adopt urban life. But he was happy that at the hostel he would get food on time. There was good facility of study and writing. The best arrangements and tools of education were. The teacher was also quite a scholar and helpful.

The big thing was that for the intermediate education, they did not let any burden on their parents. Since the third rank was achieved in the tenth examination, he got the National Merit Scholarship. With the amount of scholarship, all his work in the college started to happen. The fees were deposited, the expense of the mess was taken. During the intermediate education, he wrote the admission test for admission to the medical college. According to the expectation, a good ranking was given and they were qualified for admission in medical college. Remembering that day, he becomes very emotional. Tears get out of their eyes. They say, “That day all the village came to my house, all were very happy, the boy of a poor house was going to become a doctor.”

After passing the entrance examination, he enrolled in Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam. Like always, I studied here with a lot of heart. Every year, every exam passes from good numbers. When the time for internship was done during the MBBS course, he took a decision to chase everyone. Arun chose “Neuro Surgery” for training. In those days, very few doctors chose “Neuro Surgery”. Arun Garg said, “In the beginning of the eighties, when I made neuro surgery my main subject, many people made fun of me. Anyway, in those days, it was believed that patients who were sent for neuro surgery were very Neuro surgery was the last attempt to save lives. People used to jok and say that the patient goes straight to Neuro Surgery and goes back to the Operation Theater It comes out, that is, it is alive and it comes back dead. Those days there were no big tools and techniques for neuro surgery as it is today. ” Arun further said, “The patients who were sent for neuro surgery were very bad. If someone’s hands and feet were falling, then someone’s voice would have disappeared, someone’s brain stopped working. It was certain that there were some doctors who used to cure such disorderly and disabled patients, I had decided that I would accept the same challenge.

After completing MBBS studies, he wrote the admission test for admission in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1981. And like every test, this time they also succeeded. Even at the time of admission in ‘AIIMS’, when he told the professors there that he wanted to achieve mastery in neuro surgery, then the head had instructed him to take a month’s time and think with a cold mind. . During this one month, he worked with other students in ‘AIIMS’ with outpatient ward and the other. A month later, when Head asked what the decision was, then Arun said – neuro surgery. The other Gurunts of Ranganatha also asked to reconsider the decision. But, Arun was immovable. They had made up their minds. The intention was sure.

Arun Garg today is one of the most famous neuro surgeons in the country. 61-year-old he has played an important role in the nineteen thousand operations related to the brain and spine. They do not have this number but on the success rate of operation. he says, “God has given me all, the hand of my hand is the same.”

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