Top Old age home in Tamilnadu List 2023 Updated

Old age home in TamilnaduOld age home in Tamilnadu

Old age home in Tamilnadu

1.Nandhavanam Assisted Living Old Age Homes

Property Tax Payments, Electricity Payments, Water / Sewerage Charges Payments, House Maintenance Issues, Servant Maid Absence, Festival Celebration Tension, Cooking Job, Washing & Vessel Cleaning Work, Health Followup & Insurance Followups, Cash Handling Issues, Procurement of Provisions and Vegetables, House Gate Keeper Job, etc.

Enjoyment and Peace

Ample Time to Read Your Books, Spend More Time With Neighbors, Spend More Time In Knowledge Hunt and Sharing, Living With Same Age Group People Who Can Understand Your Importance, No Fear of Loneliness, Watch Your Favorite Channels and Movies, Involving In Fitness and Well Being, Food and Beverages in Right Time, Spend More Time on Social Medium with Friends and Relatives, Retain Your Respect, Privacy with Dignity and Pride, Help Others and Experience the Satisfaction in Life.

Contact no.: 097890 12340

Address:Survey No 217/1-4, Keelperamanallur Village, Tamil Nadu 631502


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2.Dindigul Anbalaya Old Age Home

ANBALAYA is the Rest Home for aged people, with view that are growing problems among the urban families in India due to modernization and fast paced livings on present days. Family bonded and love are broken now a days, where the aged parents are left alone by the children and also due to over burden with works of this present day society or due to migration to cities and abroad for works and income generation by this young generation, many of the elder s are left alone with no care for medicine, love and other basic amenities in their rest of life. Hence ANBALAYA is one of the key initiatives of NALANTHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST meant to support the deserving elders in their rest of life, but with a focus on Short Time Stays until their family is counseled and the elders are reinstated back into their regular social life. ANBALAYA campus is situation in an eco-friendly atmosphere, free from pollution. ANBALAYA has very good infrastructure with 50 rooms, well equipped and facilitated with care.





Contact no.:: 098421 77203

Address:Over Bridge, Sellamanthadi, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 624005


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3.Anandam Old Age Home

Many elders waiting patiently in queue to collect their meager pension which would then be taken away by their children waiting outside, a scene which Mrs. Bhageerathy Ramamoorthy, Managing Trustee, became accustomed to almost every day during her tenure at Indian Bank. Her interactions with these elders revealed the bitter fact that many senior citizens seldom had any control over what was rightfully theirs and this had a lasting impact on her. If this was the experience of those with children and some financial security, what would be the plight of those who neither had children nor money! Thus was born a desire to help and serve elders with no children or any source of income.

Address:No 2, Sarangapani St, Secretariat Colony, Vivek Nagar, West Krishnapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053


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4.SREE ILLAM – Senior Citizen Home & Wellness Center

 SREE ILLAM is leading Aged Care center. Our Senior citizen home & Elder care services are designed specifically for elders. You can choose from a wide range of elderly services – from SREE ILLAM. We cater to the elder’s physical and emotional health. Due to changes in the family structure from the multi-generation family under one roof, to the nuclear family many of us are facing challenges in caring for our elderly parents. This challenge increases if the children live in one part of the world, and the parents in another. Distance can make it difficult to assess a parent’s needs and get them the care they deserve. SREE ILLAM is committed to helping you care for the health and well-being of your loved ones. We can be there, when you can’t to help your aging parents and other elderly family members live their golden years. SREE ILLAM is situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 

 SREE ILLAM is a suitable for Retirement life offers care comfort and security along with activities in ever charming eco -friendly environment. Senior citizens are a treasure to our society. They have worked hard all these years for the development of the nation as well as the community. At this age of their life, they need to be taken care of and made to feel special. SREE ILLAM is a good Senior Citizen Home, and is located in the peaceful area, overlooking the nature friendly environment. The Senior Citizen Home has been in operation for over 5 years, and caters for elders of every physical condition. The home has earned a reputation for its excellent food and loving care offered to residents. SREE ILLAM is a long-term residential healthcare providing for each individual’s resident. The Homes provides safe, appropriates environments specifically designed to meet the need of its aged residents.

Contact no.:e: 062381 33290

Address: No :33-1, 1st Phase, Maharani Avenue, Vadavalli, Tamil Nadu 641041


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5.Anaikkum Karangal Muthiyor Illam old age home in coimbatore

Anaikkum Karangal is a Muthiyor Illam started in the 08/03/2018 for the cause of serving the needy and deserving strata of the society. In the year 2018, we started Anaikkum Karangal Trust a free Home for Senior citizens, for elders who have no living children and no source of income.

Our Muthiyor Illam Located In 4 Cities Trichy / Perambalur / Karur & Coimbatore.Now we have 152 elders with us in our own building.

Now we have 152 elders with us in our own building.

Contact no.: 063823 35869

Address:No:87,TRS Highway City,Thaladurai,Pogalur(Po),Annur, Tk, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641697


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6.Brindavanam Old Age Home Chennai

Brindavanam is registered under the Government Charitable Trust . In the year of 2006, we started with four Doctors which are the trust members in this Brindavanam trust, for the purpose of serving the needy people in the society. Initially we began with 5 Elder’s in our oldage home, but now we had nearly 70 Elderly peoples are cared by our brindavanam home.

Contact no.:94447 77925

Address: No. 1/12, Ganga Ave, near Devi Academy school, Alapakkam, Karpaga Vinayagar Colony, Valasaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116


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7.Shelter Old Age Home | senior citizen home, Luxury oldage home

Very good place for elders.they took very good care of my mother with good food and staffs also behaved well

Contact no.:098400 33103

Address: No 20, Palli Vinayagar Koil St, Anna nagar, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600062


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8.Manolayam Old Age Home

Manolayam is a private adult, senior retirement community, exclusively for adults age 55 and over. Manolayam offers a safe and serene living environment surrounded by farmlands, located in the metropolitan area of Chennai, in the state of Tamilnadu, India.

Senior Retirement Home in Chennai


If you are over 55 and you are recently single we welcome you to our facility.

If you are a senior couple, wanting to retire and live in a peaceful community co-living space we welcome you as well.

This facility is good for parents with children living abroad.

Gone are the days of seniors living lonely lives completely dependent on their adult children. We encourage seniors to explore living in our co-living space, enjoy the beautiful farmland surroundings, and spend your senior years happy and content in a safe environment.

Address:Sai Jothi Nagar Road, Sirukalathur, Tamil Nadu 602109


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The home is well maintained and each parent been taken care individually. I strongly recommend this old age home

Contact no.:098419 98480

Address:No-14 Sowbagya street Ragavendra, Ambika Nagar, Guduvanchery, Tamil Nadu 603202


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10.Aravanaippu Old Age Home

About Our Aravanaippu Charitable Trust

Location: 4th Street, Valluvar Colony, Thapalthanthi Nagar, Madurai.

Contact +91 81440 70700,+91 70940 58092


Lifetime Resident Facility

Lovely Caring Facility

Healthy Food for Old Age Peoples

24 Hours Nurseing Facility

Seperate Rooms for Gentes and Ladies

Clean and Secure Toilet Facility

Special Care for Bedridden Old Age People

24 Hours Security

Television and Newspaper are available

Contact no.: 081440 70700

Address:Door no:5,12/25 Annai therasa street, Valluvar Colony 4th St, Thabaal Thanthi Nagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625014


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