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Makeup Artist in Dallas Tx, USA List 2023 Updated

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Makeup Artist in Dallas Tx, USA List 2023 Updated

1.Erin Blair Makeup & Hair Design

Address: 5639 Dyer St, Dallas, TX 75206, United States

Phone: +1 214-302-9194

2.BAM | blowouts and makeup 

Address: 3700 McKinney Ave #152, Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Phone: +1 469-729-9101




3.Desiree Phillips Professional Makeup Artist Studio

Address: 921 N Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX 75204, United States

Phone: +1 469-608-0915





4.Paige Anderson Makeup and Hair Artists

Address: 203 W Comstock St, Dallas, TX 75208, United States

Phone: +1 214-448-6438

About us :Paige Anderson is passionate and experienced in all things hair and makeup. For over 16 years, 

this professional makeup artist has named herself in the fashion and beauty industry. From movies and 

documentaries to fashion shows, weddings, and celebrity work, Paige and her team have done it all.

5.Alayza Casey Makeup

Address: 3030 Elizabeth St apt 634, Dallas, TX 75204, United States


6.Dallas Hair and Makeup Artist

AddLine Rd #620, Dallas, TX 75254, ress: 5100 Belt United States





7.Backstage Makeup Professionals North Dallas

Address: Salon 105, 18216 Preston Rd suite B-3, Dallas, TX 75252, United States

Phone: +1 214-727-5410

8.faces by Fiona

Phone: +1 469-981-3021

About us :Faces by Fiona (FbF) is a makeup artistry and beauty professional company that is dedicated to using extreme refinement to capture the desire and beauty of each private client. It’s mission is to understand each client’s vision and deliver synergistic results that incorporates familiarity and new trendy techniques that leaves clients feeling comfortable, informed, pleasantly surprised, and gorgeous.


Address: FM1382, Dallas, TX 75249, United States

Phone: +1 214-228-8860





10.Glam by Cham, LLC

Address: 407 W 10th St Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75208, United States

Phone: +1 469-713-1327


About us : Chamonique Short is a self-taught makeup artist, entrepreneur and the owner of Glam by Cham. Born into a family of talented hairstylists, she always had a penchant for style and beauty. She has spent a near-lifetime cultivating her artistry and skills in makeup application. In 2010, after her son Baylen was born, she began her professional career as a makeup artist. Since then, she has made a name for herself in the beauty industry, where she had always been destined to flourish. With a diverse clientele and broad range of experience, Cham provides makeup for day-to-day beauty, fashion, weddings, red carpet and special events, film and television, editorials, and commercial arts. Whether applying makeup for everyday beauty or a special event, for the runway or the camera, Cham works with one goal in mind: flawless beauty.


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