How to select the Best Preschools in Mumbai

India has a wealth of traditional practices in early childhood care and education that date back almost 5000 years. It was the changing social context, over the years which laid the seeds for the introduction of the concept of early childhood education or preschool education in the country. Till India became independent of the British rule in 1947, the need for early childhood education particularly in the form of preschool education was primarily fulfilled by voluntary agencies and private institutions. This initiative in India has been documented formally in the later half of the nineteenth century. The value of this education lies in the recognition and acceptance of it as vital for the developmental need of all children, and that every child has a right to preschool education of equitable quality. The field of early education has considerably expanded over last two decades as reflected in shifting usage of the term from Early Childhood Education (ECE), Early Childhood Development (ECD) to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). It refers not only to what is happening within the child but also to the care that child requires in order to thrive. There are several best playschools in Mumbai

are –

  1. Prangan nursery and day care preschool

Prangan Playschool is considered to be one of the best in Mumbai which provides an environment dedicated to the personal development and excellence of your child. Their soul goal is to create a balance between your child’s academic, social, emotional, physical, creative and developmental needs. Prangan, is a Sanskrit word which means a courtyard. Acknowledging the idea and concept of a ‘Prangan’, this preschool was created in a warm environment. Owing to the immense experience that Prangan has collected over all these years has helped them to create a niche and offers best facilities for the children. 

  1. Horizon preschool

The early years are the most important for a child’s developmental growth. Horizons Preschool provides a specialized program rich with opportunities in order  to encourage the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of young children. Horizons Preschool, Inc. is licensed in the State of Ohio through the Department of Jobs and Family Services. Horizons Preschool meets and exceeds state standards in teacher-student ratios, smaller group sizes, teacher credentials, student progress conferences, and curriculum based on the Ohio Department of Education Standards. 

3. Podar jumbo kids plus international preschool 

The Podar Education Network legacy is too long and enduring. It is important for this first encounter to be a constructive experience for children and their family, establishing a sense of trust and confidence that will accompany them from preschool throughout the whole school system. They learn social morals and acceptable behavior patterns; they also develop sensitivity, awareness and empathy as well as moral values and social integrity. Through their diverse experiences the children become acquainted with the world and their natural curiosity leads them to investigate further, solve problems and realize their potential in a variety of subjects. Young children are prompted to play in a wide range of playing experiences: symbolic games, role playing (social-dramatic games) as well as structured’ rule based games.

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