How to motivate your son to get a job ?

In India parents can feed their children till their last breath. But as the world is changing now parents want their child to be independent on themself not on their parents.So they motivate their children to get a good job .In this blog you will find how parents can motivate their sons to get a good job-

1-Child’s goal and ambition-

Some parents try to motivate their child but forget about their passion and their wants. Parents should always find what their child wants and then should make efforts or then should help them to follow it. Without a child’s want or wish he or she won’t be able to be a successful person even if they try hard to achieve it. First and the formore step is to find what is a child’s passion as this will help parents and child to both to have a goal or aim to reach.


Parents should know what is the great motivation for their child to reach his set goal. There are two types of motivation, one is self motivation and other is external motivation which parents can give to their son. Self motivation comes within the heart, if a child is following his or her passion then the son doesn’t need any external motivation. But if he or she is following something which a child doesn’t like then he will need motivation from external sources. And as a parent in the early stage of their child’s career they need to find out what the external sources child wants to be successful in life and once they are on the right track no one can stop your son to reach heights.

3- Let your son meet the professionals in advance-

If you want your son to get a good job then you have to prepare him beforehand that is why you can make your meet the people who are already of the same field or same career.This would make him clear about the confusion about the field he wanted to pursue.People from same career or field can also guid in a better way comparatively from others.This can help them to make solidify contacts and also will help them to understand the working environment.

4-Prepare him for interview-

If you want your child to be best out of rest then you can help him in interview scheduling as well as you have to prepare him for the interview.As a parent it’s your responsibility to teach him how to speak on what points and what would be right for parents can share their experience with them and can guide them with right direction.

5-Resume Building-

Resume is the most important thing anyone will need while applying for the job. Parents should help their son to build a strong and good resume so that he should get a call from an interested organization.Try to mention all the activities in which he has participated so that he can make a true resume and can explain it in the right way. Writing wrong or fake details in the resume will not fetch anything to your son at the time of face to face round.

6- Don’t try to approach- 

This would be a huge mistake as a parent if you would approach someone to let your son do a job with or under them.That job which you will give your son after approach will not give any experience to him and if he will get some experience then it will not of his struggle and will take it for granted which will never fetch him anything in life.I am not denying the fact that parents who approach for their kids is a wrong way but they should struggle themselves for what they want at certain stage of their life as what a child will get after his struggle will keep it for a longer period of time by putting extra efforts to it.

7- Experience matters-

You should teach your son that degree is only a page with the name written until and unless you know the exact value of education and you are able to implement it in the right way. Experience is very important for growing because skills speak more than educational degrees as the person with relevant skills is always demanded in the market. I am not denying the fact that degree is important but skills are always high in demand which come after gaining experience.

8-Applying for internship-

Parents tell their son to gain experience and also tell them the importance of experience but forget to tell how to gain it. Parents should review the resume and internship details in the early stage of their son’s career because this will help him to follow the right path of choosing internships for his career to achieve his goal

9- Don’t help too much financially-

Indian parents especially help their sons financially up to the extreme extend.They forget the age of their son sometimes and they keep on helping him.At certain point of time parents should teach their children about financial independence and should stop giving them money especially after completion of their studies. If your son is at home doing nothing and you are supporting him financially then you are digging a deep ditch for him for his future.

10- Get involved with your child-

Getting involved states that you should take your child to every event where he can create his network as networking is a very important part of career growth which should be done by the child himself. And not only his network but also parents start interacting with each other. They also create their own network which helps them to use innovative ideas to guide their son in the right direction.

Hence, making children’s career is a very important part of the parents life whether it be their son or daughter parents play an important role.So, parents should understand their child’s  ability and should work on them according to their potential which will help their child to reach their desired goal.

Bhanu Garg: