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How much money can be earned from Blogging 2021 Updated

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How much money can be earned from Blogging 2021 Updated

How much money can be earned from Blogging. When we create a blog, we share good information on it. People come to our blog to read that information, which we call visitors. These visitors are our source of income and decide how much money we will be able to earn from our blog or website.

Google Adsense is the source of the main income of more than 80% of bloggers out of all the bloggers in this world. And whenever someone starts his new blog, he can also earn money through this in the beginning. Google Adsense shows its ads on your website.

When people click on those ads, you get paid. This means that the more people who come to your website, the more “Clicks” there will be. And the more “Clicks” you have, the more money you will be able to earn. So what we mean to say is that the earning of your blog will depend on your traffic.

Before answering how much money you can earn from blog, we want to explain some things to you. Just as earning in blogging depends on traffic, in the same way there are many other factors which are important, on which earnings depend. Like Blog’s Niche, Language, CPC and Country etc.

Let’s take you a little deeper. First of all know how “Niche” affects the Earning of Blog. Google Adsense gives different CPC for different Niche. For example, suppose your website is of “Hindi Stories”, then Adsense gives you 0.01 to 0.03 $ for 1 click.

Accordingly, if you get 100 clicks in a day, then you will earn between 1 to 3 dollars in one day. On the other hand, if your niche is “Health”, that is, your website is on health and fitness, then Google Adsense gives you a very good CPC, ranging from 0.03 to 0.12 $ Per Click.

This means that if you have got 100 clicks in a day, then your one day earning will be between 3 to 12 dollars. Do you understand the difference? This is what we want to explain to you that how much money you get from blog depends on many things. So it is a bit difficult to guess its exact.

In the same way, language also matters a lot. CPC in Blogging is very low, from 0.01 to 0.12 $. Whereas if you do English blogging then you can earn a lot of money. Because English Blogs get very high CPC. From 0.10 to 0.50 $ Per Click.

If you get 100 Clicks everyday then your earning will be from 10$ to 50$ per day. There is not much difference between Hindi and English blogging. In the same way, the country from which you get Clicks also matters a lot in your earnings.

On getting Clicks from other countries, very high CPC is available as compared to India. So here you know that earning in blogging depends on Traffic, Niche, Language and CPC. That’s why nothing can be said about how much money can be earned from blogging. But we have to come to the conclusion.


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