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Free Download School Management App for your school

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Free Download School Management App for your school

Amazing App to Accentuate Academics

With the wave of digitalization hitting the country in all sectors, how and why should academics stay out of it? Academics or learning is the building block of one’s life and in this fast-paced, competitive life, it is of all the more importance. The world is continuously developing and the education system needs to do the same so as to produce more efficient wards.
The parents of these pupils are entangled in their own busy life; hence an effective app would ease their concern. Considering all these factors and to update the learning procedure, a school management app is on the loose from the house of Veraxe which is based on SAAS.

Helpful Features to Ease Tension

The management software is laden with numerous interesting features that help to make the app a superb hit.

  • Data Collection

The software promotes seamless integration of detailed information of each and every student. All kinds of important information like attendance, medical history, class performance, and basic details can be maintained and managed through this app effortlessly.

  • Application Initiation

For a better understanding of the student’s progress and implementing solutions, the applications of the teacher are the best. With this the teacher can track the participation and progress of the students, inform about upcoming events and assign projects and homework. This initiates the chance of discussion between students and teachers all leading to a much organized and fruitful outcome.

  • Communication Build-up

The app acts as a platform where one can know about the weakness and work on the same. The discussion not only includes teacher-student combination but also welcomes the parents. This access to the parents not only increases their responsibility and participation but also keeps them aware of all the activities.

The basic idea of all the features is to ensure a flawless system that includes all and tracks each movement.

Important Activities

Managing a school is not really an easy job but with the inception of technology, it has become a bit less tedious. The right kind of app gives you access to a variety of functions that you can manage sitting in your comfort zone with a few clicks.
If your school has multiple branches, then you can manage all those from a single point. You can also decide on the fees, refunds, rewards and track the payment of all those. You can manage attendance with a fail and give and check assignments online. Other administrative tasks can be easily addressed through this app and its efficient software. Allocating classes, recruiting staffs, creating events, managing transportation routes, and buses, and registering and admitting students all can be done using the app without much trouble.
Thus, the app is like a one-stop solution for all school related works

Advantages of the app

An app when thoughtfully designed and executed accordingly is bound to have certain benefits for its users and here also, this holds true. The Veraxe school management app:

  • Improves the communication between all the concerned people thereby offering more care, concern, and support.  
  • It reduces the work pressure on the teachers and offers them the space to provide focused guidance.
  • Exchanging the information, discussing projects became easier and less time-consuming.
  • Parents become a part of the system and gain better insight at managing their kids.
  • You can get instant alerts or SMS regarding fees, exams, events, performance reports etc.


When the internet is coming to your rescue with all its services and advantages, you must make a point to grab the opportunities. Thus, go for this learning enhancing app and see how it helps you to build a brighter future!

Download Veraxe for Ios here is link :

Download Veraxe for Android here is link :

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