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Interactive School Software for Automated Management

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Interactive School Software for Automated Management

Manual scripting of records though maintained with utmost care still doesn’t necessarily guarantee complete perfection and adequacy. Also, in academic institutions, viz. schools, colleges, universities, polytechnics, etc. the information of both the students and the staff should be recorded in an accurate manner where there should be no chances of errors. Maintaining the records of several thousand candidates becomes a real burden and headache for the administration, thus, there becomes a serious need to perform these activities through educational software which not only brings about the smooth functioning of operation but also guarantees error-free report generation.

The School Management System of HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is advanced and innovative ERP information software designed and developed by the expert software professionals. It is an integrated web-based software application designed with the intent to facilitate the paperless administration in the academic institutions and to streamline all the daily processes through automated result generation.

Key Modules of our School Management Software-

  • Students’ Registration and Admission Management
  • Students & Staff Record Maintenance
  • Automated Time-Table Generation
  • Attendance Management
  • Substitution Management
  • Leave Management
  • Salary & Expense Management
  • Examination & Result Management
  • Library Management
  • Transportation Management

Our School Software has been implemented in several reputed educational institutions and has been categorized as a dynamic and user-friendly application due to its advanced multi-functional assistance and developed features. It allows the user to gather all the academic and administrative information through its customizable options and delivers benefits by fulfilling the following objectives –

  • Performs quick calculations
  • Easy generation of MIS reports
  • Updating the parents with their ward’s performance
  • Integrated with SMS and email options
  • Streamlined flow of information
  • Quality and hassle-free management of information

Through our School Software, we aim to provide a helping hand to the school administration, staff, faculties, students and their parents, and to enhance their interaction. Moreover, it plans to make them use the school data in a more structured and efficient manner. The information stored in the database remains secured and can be accessed from any location through the use of the internet.

Advanced Features of our School Management System –

  • Robust and interactive educational solution
  • Well-designed and automated school application
  • Easy to access and operate
  • Avoids repetition and capable of generating faultless answers
  • Delivers better than the expectations
  • Superior customer support service offered

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