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Which company is better – Concentrix or Genpact? ” And why

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Which company is better – Concentrix or Genpact? ” And why

Concentrix was founded in 1991 and CEO is Chris Caldwell. It’s a part of synnex. Since then this company has acquired more than 8 companies under it’s possession. Genpact began in 1997. It’s main purpose was to provide GE’s business to local and global business. Since then Genpact managed to achieve it’s goal and acquired many process in Asia and globally. Pramod Bhasin is the CEO of the organization

Both the companies are the successful outsourcing companies and expertise in their areas and business. However every company has pros and cons and I will focus on that. Let’s go through the pros and cons of both the companies.

Concentrix :

Pros : 1) Good and comfortable environment to work with.
2)Fantastic Growth opportunities . Every month 6-7 positions for ijp’s were fulfilled by deserving candidates. No companies provides such an amazing ijp opportunities every month.
3)Women safety and transport facilities are good. Special helpline and applications were developed by the talented developers of the company.
4)Good learning opportunities for the employees to grow themselves in different fields as well. Recently the organization has tied up with ‘Saksham’ for free certification courses of certified trainers .
5)Good management and they personalise and try to understand your issues and concerns. Also try their best to resolve it.
6) Employee compensation benefits are excellent.

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Cons :

1) Annual increment as compared to other companies is less and no clarity on the salary part.
2)Hierachy and policies are not followed in a professional manner.
3)Hiring process by the HR team is not up to the mark .

Genpact :

Pros :1) Good and friendly environment to work with.
2) Free certification courses were provided for the benefits of the employees.
3)Employee centric management.
4)Good team bonding.

Cons :1) less growth opportunities.
2)Less compensation benefits for employees.
3)Average salary.

Lastly, I would say that every company has its pros and cons . Change is the only constant in every person’s life. After all, every person work for a decent salary , growth opportunities and a good compensation. All these benefits were provided by Concentrix as compared to Genpact. I would say Concentrix is better than Genpact.. I work with Concentrix and with my personal experience this is the best company I have ever worked with.

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