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Which company is better, Accenture or Genpact? – Lets Know Truth

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Which company is better, Accenture or Genpact? – Lets Know Truth

If you are reading this post, it means: either you are offered a job in Accenture/Genpact or you are about to apply for jobs in these two firms. Well of course your concern is genuine as you have certain expectations from the company you wish to grow with. No matter what set goal you have; but the journey will depend on the company you work and how fit you are for the same.

Let’s talk about certain factors that you must consider while you are on the judgment of choosing between Genpact and Accenture.

Question: Which company offers better work life balance?

Work life balance is a major essential on deciding whether you want to work in the company or not. Considering what profile you choose along with the work timing: it will be easier to evaluate. If you are working in the night shift of any of the company; of course you will struggle majorly with the work life.

Not only will you struggle with proper sleep but also with your health conditions too. Nonetheless, if both the firm offers you exact same timing schedule, I would prefer you to join Accenture. With flexible hours and better office environment, you will be feel optimistic, positive and worthy of your presence in the office. And hence, your work life balance will be sustained properly when you mid is focused on your achievements.

Answer: Accenture

Question: Where am I going to learn more?

If you do not learn anything from your work place, but rather just follow a routine of typing and clicking numbers is bringing nothing good to you. Is it acceptable for you to work on a similar designation for years, with no absolute idea if you are going to be appreciated for your work or not. If you have an answer in your head as to if you will be learning from this company or not: you must decide accordingly.

I know, I won’t work for such a company at all where I learning nothing but asked to complete monotonous work. I mean really? Even If I am paid good money but I learn nothing: I suppose that’s the biggest failure for me. Considering the similar situation: Accenture offers better learning platform!

Answer: Accenture

Question: Where am I going to get paid more?

Whenever we join a company, our highest scale of expectation is from the salary we are offered. However, many employees are hired at lower salary but get appreciated in terms of hike in salary in no time. Well of course, it completely mandates on your performance; but which company offers a better pay scale and growth in terms of monetary?

My answer will be Accenture. Accenture has always pressed as a stable brand where employees are paid what they really deserve. People are inspired to work better and prove their caliber and potential in Accenture. Not only they are appreciated in terms of work they do, but also get motivated to perform better for a better pay scale.

Answer: Accenture

Question: Do the company follow proper work ethics?

Many times while looking for a job, there are certain questions related that a candidate juggle around with. For an instance:

  • I hope it’s not some LALA Company
  • I hope people actually wear formals and respect the attire
  • I hope people are punctual about their timings
  • I hope I will be provided with a proper cubical/cabin to work
  • I hope people are friendly and open to learning

And well, all these questions come under the category of work ethics. Employers are very deeply responsible for the better growth and learning of the employees. If not guided with proper work ethics, the iteration rate of the company rises up and employees look for just one single opportunity to leave the firm any minute. And believe me: if the employees are too frustrated with work ethics, thy might not even serve the notice period.

Considering work ethics as a major factor of judgment, Genpact offers better work ethics than Accenture.

Answer: Genpact

Question: How are the seniors/managers in the firm?

Quite honestly, it is difficult to raise a judgment on this condition as we do not know the manager personally. But I suppose you can always browse the managers and seniors you will be working under and understand their profile. Platforms like LinkedIn can help you with better understanding of their role and how many people follow such leaders.

You have every right to know about your bosses you are going to work for. You need to make sure that you work for leaders and not bosses. A leader will lead you to better opportunity and learning, and a boss will put you down and an opportunity arises. So make sure you are thorough about the leaders you are going to work with.

Answer: Do your own research

I suppose these questions need to be answered thoroughly in your head. Your friends or other bloggers, for that matter, might have different opinion, but it is you to decide. However, you might think of many other factors to be considered, but at the end you will have to decide whether you are perfect fit for the company or not as well. Many candidates think of best about themselves, but the reality proves out to be something else.

You need to stand out worthy as well for the firm to hire you. And once you have: you will have these companies offering you positions that you well deserve. So work upon transforming yourself as a well deserving and worthy employee, the company will become worthy itself. Do think about it!

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