How to Become Professional photographer in India

Career as a photographer in india

At present, the craze of selfies is increasing in almost all sections of the people, due to which the attraction of the photo has become more attractive. Photo quality is being improved every day, so the number of pixels in new cameras is being increased, at this time the demand for professional photographers, which have high level pixel camera information, is high, so get the good income by doing photography as a career. It can be done, in this you are telling in detail in this page

Educational Eligibility

You have to pass the Intermediate examination to get this field, to get it as a degree, an optional graduate degree can be obtained under the Fine Arts topic. Some colleges make it as a three year bachelor, and some make it part time.

Special Qualification

In this area, the person should come to find what is special in every moment event. It is also important for the person to have an artistic, connoisseur look and technical knowledge. Hard work and patience are necessary for a successful photographer. The person should come to deal with the client, advertiser, publishing agency and designer easily at the same time.

Area of ​​the photographer

The areas of the photographer are as follows.

Photo journalist

If you like adventures and do not care about the time to do the work, then you are absolutely right in this area. Photo journalists have to give daily news related events and news related to the press.

Feature photographers

Feature photographers have to explain the story through photographs, to make a career in it, you should have a deeper understanding of your subject.

Fashion and Advertising Photography

Under fashion and advertising photography, photographers have to work with fashion houses, designers, or models, for this it is necessary to know latest fashion trends.

Event photography

In this, the photographer gets an opportunity to enjoy the event with good income while doing photography in marriage, sports, family function.

Wild Life Photographers

Under Wildlife Photographers, one needs to do photography in the midst of nature and wildlife; Wild Life Photography is an exciting career option.

Major institute

Jamia Millia Institute of Mass Communication Research Center, New Delhi
Film and Television Institute (FTI) Pune
Asian Academy of Film and Television, Delhi
J.J. School of Applied Arts, Mumbai
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Fergusson College, Pune


In the field of photography, you can open your own studio or work as an assistant with a professional photographer. Your income in the form of a fresher can be between Rs 5,000 and Rs 8000, if you are opening your own studio , Then you can get 100,000 to 500,000 rupees and get 20000 to 35000 rupees per month.

Here, we told you about becoming a professional photographer, if you have any kind of question related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, you can tail it through the comments box, Waiting for feedback and suggestions.

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