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Aerospace Companies in Colorado, solar Companies near me

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Aerospace Companies in Colorado, solar Companies near me

  1. Deepspacesystems

In 2001, Steve Bailey founded Deep Space Systems with the objective of supporting NASA’s human and robotic exploration programs. ​ In 2004, Michelle Bailey became the CEO and grew the company both in terms of expanding engineering services and, in 2015, adding flight hardware to our capabilities.

Services: System engineering services


Mission Formulations

Mission Opertaions

Address: 8100 Shaffer Parkway Littleton, Colorado 80127

 Contact: (303) 933-8210


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  1. Adamworksinc

As a leader in advanced composite material structures, AdamWorks has designed, engineered, and built thousands of structures flying on over twenty different aircraft. From design concept to engineering design and analysis to tooling, part manufacturing, and paint, AdamWorks is a fully vertically integrated structure supplier. Our engineering team has a combined forty plus years of experience in the aerospace world and engineering of structures as well as RF analysis and structural tests. We have expertise in working with a wide range of advanced materials, carbon fiber, fiberglass, quartz, as well as honeycomb foam and aluminum cores. Our state of the art facility boasts over 20,000 sq ft of design, engineering, and manufacturing capability, allowing us to tackle advanced aerospace projects.

Services:  AgilePod

Radomes Intelligence

 Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

 Pods and Other Assets Space

Address: 7367 S. Revere Parkway Building 1A Centennial, CO 80112

 Contact: 303.200.6655


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  1. Lockheedmartin

Every day, our 110,000 employees come to work with one focus – our customers’ missions. Whether it’s protecting citizens or advancing the boundaries of science, these missions are some of the most important and challenging in the world. We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed, and it’s that sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference in the world that drives us every day.

Services:  Advanced Manufacturing







Address:, CO

 Contact: ———-


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  1. Oak-aero

Oakman Aerospace, Inc. was co-founded by Stanley Oakman Kennedy, Jr., Maureen S. O’Brien, and Stanley Oakman Kennedy, Sr. in July 2012. While deciding on the name of the new company, they wanted to honor their family heritage and principles that had provided the opportunity and financial abilities to start the new company. The name “Oakman” has been part of the Kennedy family’s Scottish traditions for over one-hundred years solely in the United States and many hundreds of years throughout the World.

Services:  Advanced Manufacturing







Address:, 9092 S. Ridgeline Boulevard Littleton, CO 80129

Contact: 303.904.6060


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  1. Ruag

We couldn’t be happier! With the signing of the 5th modification of the development and production contract for the #Atlas as well as the #VulcanCentaur rocket programs, @ulalaunch and @RUAGSpace extend and expand

Services:  In space

In land

In air

Address: CO

 Contact: —————-


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  1. Advanced Space

Advanced Space exists to support the sustainable exploration, development, and settlement of space.We respect the past, believe nothing is sacred, and understand that fundamentals change. Our core business is focused on supporting and improving mission planning and operations.


Positioning System

Ballistic Lunar

Address: 1400 W 122nd Ave Suite 200 Westminster, CO, 80234

 Contact: +720 545 9191


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  1. ENSCO

ENSCO has consistently proven its ability to deliver cost-effective mission success throughout the space industry, on launch ranges around the world. Our services include launch safety, satellite control engineering, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), simulation, independent verification and validation, and FAA regulatory.

Services:System Integration and engineering

Track Inspection technologies

Cybersecurity offerings

Avionics software

Address: 121 S. Tejon Street Suite 1000 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

 Contact: +1-719-219-2200


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  1. Primus Aerospace

Primus Aerospace is a leading manufacturing partner to aerospace, defense & space OEMs / Primes & Tier I suppliers worldwide. Established in 1989, Primus Aerospace has grown into a vertically-integrated manufacturing operation that is strategically located in Colorado. The Company also operates a sales & engineering office in Arizona and distribution warehouse in the Netherlands, EU.

Services:System Integration and engineering

Track Inspection technologies

Cybersecurity offerings

Avionics software

Address: 938 Quail St. Lakewood, CO 80215

Contact: 303.235.8944


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  1. Ability Composites

Ability Composites is a small business specializing in carbon fiber and fiberglass composite part manufacturing. Our experienced personnel have a passion for innovation and understand how best to tool up a composite part. We support the medical, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets.

Services:Composite Layup

Composite Engineering

Filament Winding

Composite Tooling

Address: 253 42nd St SW. Unit A Loveland, CO 80537

Contact: 970.624.6030


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  1. SNC Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation was awarded a contract for two additional Multi-Role Enforcement Aircraft by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, the MEA aircraft provide detection, tracking and surveillance operations in regions where terrain, weather and distance pose significant obstacles to border security operations.

Services:National Security and defence

Aircraft Design

Rotary Wing Integration


Stellite solution

Address: 13251 E Control Tower RD Englewood, CO 80112

Contact:(303) 799-8906


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