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Top 10 Worst Things Happening In India Nowadays? Check Please

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Top 10 Worst Things Happening In India Nowadays? Check Please

What Is the Top 10 Worst Things Happening in India Nowadays?

World’s biggest democracy, India is taking giant steps towards achieving its goal in a few decades. Interestingly, the economy of the country is also soaring high as well. However, there are some issues still prevailing in the country due to which India still lags at the global stage. Such problems not only deteriorate socio-economic aspects but also affects its youth and overall growth. Presently, these issues have amplified and have become a primary concern of the country and thus needs to be checked. So, here are top 10 worst things currently happening in India:

  1. Women’s safety

According to a survey, India is included in the list of the ten most dangerous countries in the world. Undoubtedly, with the rapid increase in rapes, sexual harassment, and other crimes, women are not safe in India. Even though this issue has been constantly raised, the government fails to take serious actions on culprits. The country that symbolizes women as Goddess sadly fails to safeguard its women.

  1. Educational Business

Sadly, the India that you live in today is largely affected by the education business. Meaning, people have started to see education as a business. In fact, there are so many education institutions being opened that emphasize on making money than providing quality education. Surprisingly, you will find schools charging surplus money from parents even for primary schools. So, you can imagine what the condition is at higher levels.

  1. Unemployment

As per data, the unemployment rate in India has elevated to about 3,53 percent in the year 2018. Previously, it was a bit lower with 3.52 percent in the year 2017. It has become rather common nowadays as far as the youth of India is concerned. There are many circumstances where an abled person struggles and still fails to get a job in this highly competitive arena. In fact, there are very fewer job opportunities available for a fresher and even for experienced ones also.

  1. HealthCare

It is a growing concern regarding the poor healthcare system of India. It is because IT, infrastructure, and agriculture are primary attention drawers. As per matter of fact, rural India lacks healthcare resources. As a result, about 50 percent of total villagers do not receive healthcare access. Regrettably, the mortality rate of infants is found to be 34 out of 100 births. Similarly, about 50 percent of infants suffer from malnutrition, and 36 percent of people do not have toilets.

  1. Huge Money Spent on Statues Instead of Public

Erecting monuments and statues are good to remember the history and the contribution of some great personalities. And, the government spends huge lumps of money on constructing such monuments despite the fact that India is still fighting with poverty. Imagine, if that money could be spent on rural areas and for public welfare, what India would look like? In order to eradicate poverty, must be spent wisely. According to statistics, about 80 percent of poor reside in villages in India. Also, at present 22 percent population still lives below poverty-line in India.

  1. Trolling Trends

It has become common to troll a person based on looks, dressing, or speaking is another worst thing that is happening in India. No one can justify this at all, because at the end of the day, its people who get to choose their lives, not others. Cyber-bully has affected many lives so far and those who do it, do not even realize that their words can harm a person to a great extent. However, the government of India has some laws and regulations on trolls, and the number still rises exponentially.

  1. Worshipping Some Humans as God

In India, some people put their faith in some humans and consider them as God. You can find many such people who divert common citizens. But, finally, the major factor that these fraudsters flourish is due to the blind faith of people on them. The day people stop putting their faith on them, they would not stand any longer. Besides, the people who claim themselves as God, you must never trust them as God will never say like that.

  1. Pollution

Environmental and pollution is another worst thing that is increasing day by day in India. People continuously dump waste in the rivers and open areas. As a result, it depletes the environment, reduces biodiversity and natural resources. At present, the rivers, The Ganga, along with the Yamuna, are the two most polluted ones in the country. In addition to it, vehicle traffic and rapid increase in construction have also contributed to pollution at a greater length.

  1. Blindly Following Some Trends

There is absolutely no clue where the younger generations are going on these days. To follow a trend is ok, but going deep into it that one can get lost, is no good. The youth nowadays has been distracted so widely that they follow a blink of their eye. It becomes really annoying sometimes for others. And, at the same time, those youths spoil their time in making some random videos or kinds of stuff that makes no sense at all. If they invest that time in shaping their future, imagine how positively the country can change.

  1. Giving So Much to A Sport While Ignoring Others

Cricket is a sport which is much celebrated in India. It is good, but other sports must also be given importance. Conversely, people here give a lot of importance to one sport while neglect other sport like hockey, football, etc. Not to forget, hockey is the national sport of India but not as famous as a cricket here in India. It is really disappointing to see the Olympic medal list where India stands very low. If people start respecting and giving importance to other sports, the rank can be improved certainly.


Hence, those were the top worst things happening in India nowadays. They are doing no good to the country and must be eradicated soon. However, India is still a developing country, making considerable efforts in making things right. But some things need to be changed as soon as possible so that the nation comes in the category of developed countries. And, it is only possible when the government and people contribute towards making a sustainable future.

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