Why Twitter is Better than Other Social Media Website

Twitter is better than other social media platformsTwitter is better than other social media platforms

Twitter is better than other social media platforms

Now a days people are more often inclined towards social platforms for more and better interaction with world and trends. It is widely used to get updated with all latest trends in whatever fields whether it is related to fashion or science. Social media and network intervene deeply in all fields of life. As you are already aware of various social media networks one of them trending is twitter, most valuable and useful platform for business and personal use. Lets see more details of twitter with various impact and usability in life.

Introduction to Twitter

First of all let me introduce you with twitter and its element. Twitter is a social networking site which is used to communicate with other registered member through a short post of 140 characters called tweets. Registered users can post and read the tweets but unregistered can only read the tweets.

It is fastest, easy and a concise way to connect with others through a tweets of 140 words and treated as hub for information which can be easily read, followed, re-tweet, and clicked easily.

Why twitter is more important

It is known as real time multiblogging platform where news crack first and it plays a vital role to make a new viral. It is trendy platform used by almost all famous personalities no matter in which field they are working, they are just tweeting about various topics and provide the best platform to interact with their followers and fans. Even a businessman can use this platform to interact with their customers and involve in sharing latest trend in their strategies and products or offers and know the reaction of customers. Customers can also get in touch directly with their favorite brands and follow them for various advantages. It also increases awareness about brands among customers. So twitter not only useful in news field but also serve a commodious platform for business and entertainment.

Why twitter account should be verified

The best and strongest part of twitter is its verification process in order to increase safety and trust among audience and users. A verified twitter account should be used in order to prove you as trust worthy. As many fake accounts are being used and most of these are involved in unwanted activities, so a verified account makes sure about true identity and build a trust relationship with site and with other members.

It also helpful in avoiding as well as tracing terrorist, criminals, hackers, pornography, religious bigots, sexual abuses sites, and other anti-social elements. While verification process location and IP addresses are recorded and involvement of ID card also ensures about your true identity. In context of marketing and business it increases trust on company. A verified account ensures that true company is involved in activities and others can follow it without any issues. Verification of twitter account increases safety and trust issues.

Twitter is better than other social media platforms

Twitter is better social media platform than other because it gives a simple platform to interact with any person and provides safest environment. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter doesn’t charge you for exclusivity which means you can follow every person whether it is your friend or Bill Gates. Twitter’s search algorithm is also better than other social media platforms which helps you to connect with relevant people easily.

Why twitter is better than other social media

Twitter is better social media since it involves in making viral news with fastest speed than any other media. Since twitter is supported by almost every device and platform and also available as mobile app so it can be easily carried anywhere and accessible to anywhere so one can easily get in touch anywhere and anytime.

Why twitter is better than other social media networks

Twitter is a social network where brand and customers can openly communicate and share news on different feeds. They can tweet, follow, share, advertise, and engage on various activities. They can also involve in communication even they don’t know each other without violating any privacy rules and condition. Most appealing fact about twitter is that it can be widely used with or connected to other social networks, emails, and websites as well. It is more effective in dragging traffic and effectively used in serving to customers. As no one has to wait for emails and their response, business as well as customers can openly involve in direct communication via tweets and can find and serve with best solution for problems and any services. Lets see how and why it is better than some other popular social media websites.

Why twitter is better than Facebook

Twitter is better than Facebook because it is more open and asymmetric. Moreover, twitter is more valuable, popular, and better for business use. Lets see how it is better than facebook.

Why twitter is more valuable than Facebook

Twitter is a platform where anyone can tweet a short message and can follow other of same interest or any one rather than a facebook used widely for personal purpose involving in chatting, sharing photos and other medias, contacting with friends and known people, etc. Twitter is a news feed where users can read on latest topics, it is a platform where any topic can get viral in all over the world. This is not only useful to marketers but also good for business. Moreover Facebook has more fake accounts and hence is not trustworthy.

Why twitter is more popular than Facebook

Since involvement of short message and its privacy terms and conditions makes it more popular. The best thing is that anyone can follow a person.

Why twitter is better than Facebook for business

It enhance trust issue by verification process so anyone can trust a person and brand for integrity in tweets, It means you cannot mislead by a tweet whereas many fake account can be easily detected on Facebook which can be easily created and share some unusual and fake news. Twitter gives a place where one can easily connect with favorite brands and marketers can easily attract users by effective tweets for advertisement and increase awareness about brands.

Why twitter is better than LinkedIn

Twitter can help a beginner in marketing to begin a relationship with customers. It is a great platform to interact with people with same interest and activities whereas LinkedIn one can avoid strangers. Although LinkedIn is a professional social sites still twitter is a powerful platform to develop a business relationship.

Why twitter is better than instagram

Twitter is more about news whereas instgram is likely to share pictures and it is all about fun and advertising. Great advantage of twitter is to retweet and ability to insert link in to post to drive traffic directly to your website or blog whereas instagram doesn’t allow for reposting.

Why twitter is better than pinterest

Most of the users are women so it is not an effective way to reach more users and all kind of users and results in low user traffic on website. Whereas twitter is more trendy and widely used by almost all types of users and effectively drag attention towards you and your business if your tweets are effective.

Why twitter is better than tumblr

Although twitter and tumblr, both of them are blogging platform but twitter is more likely to blog with tweets comprises of limited words while tumblr is a platform for photo blogging where pictures are treated as king of blog. Tweets on twitter are unique and you cannot find same tweets again and again instead it is greater probability that a tweets cannot be found again and again. Photo or other media posted by one can be easily followed and reposted by some others which cause repetition in post.

Tumblr is more complex to use because you should exactly know how to post a photo for better customized view. But twitter lets anyone even a novice to tweet in a minute. Its simplicity lets more number of people to use and fall in love with it. So more traffic can be dragged when you tweets about your business on twitter rather than tumblr. Twitter can be widely used on most of the platform whereas tumblr is supported to limited platform and device.

Why twitter is better than Google plus

As we all know that Google plus was created as a social networking site against Facebook. Google plus is similar to Facebook but the biggest disadvantage to Google plus is that one needs to have a Google account to access Google plus. Whereas one can use any E-mail ID to create an account on Twitter. The other disadvantage of Google plus is that a user cannot follow a business on Google plus, only a business can follow a business on it. Because of these, Google plus is not so famous among a number of users hence the reach to customers is less.


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