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Why Instagram Is the Future of All E-commerce Stores

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Why Instagram Is the Future of All E-commerce Stores

When you think of Instagram’s remarkable features over the last couple of years, it is the introduction of shoppable media that comes first on our mind. The one-off product will take your e-commerce store to the next level. The photo-sharing site introduced shoppable posts, an outstanding feature helping brands to tag their merchandise within a post. Today, buyers can move from your post to the site’s “Add to Cart”segment with three simple clicks. 

According to an article published on,you can tag products to make them easily shoppable for your prospective buyers. Tagging your online products lets you include a proper call-to-action, thus simplifying the buying process of your customers. Read on to learn why Instagram is the future of all e-commerce business. 

The use of shoppable stories stickers 

It is one of the best Instagram features for e-commerce,whichlets your customers buy their favorite items right from stories. Therefore, you see that the photo-sharing site is playing a significant role in the e-commerce world as Instagram launched the shoppable feature or shoppable posts, but yet to build a separate app for shopping. It is working to develop a shoppable app out-and-out for e-commerce shopping.

The new shopping feature of Instagram shortens the buyer journey. All customers need is to click twice to move from the photo-sharing site to the desired product page on an e-commerce website. The feature helped US e-commerce businesses to boost sales significantly with the inception of IG Shopping. The new feature would also help you gain genuine Instagram followers in no time. 

Instagram benefits to startups and small e-commerce stores 

Instagram would benefit small e-commerce businesses provided they use unique and quality content. Post simple yet attractive photos and videos related to your brand your targeted customers love to see. Besides visuals, thought-provoking or humorous captions speaking particularly to your audience will help you build your brand. The use of relevant hashtags that your ideal customers use will drive greater engagement. Keep the hashtags limited to 4-5 and not more than that. 

It will grow your community and once you achieve the goal, introduce some shoppable posts into your Instagram feed. It will help in increasing your fan following and sales. 

Become a top brand on Instagram 

Instagram’s new and innovative features will help you become a top brand on the photo-sharing social site. Then, you need to see what clicks with your targeted buyers. Make sure that you use Instagram Stories creatively to create the maximum impact on your targeted audience. You can collaborate with a few micro-influencers, experiment with a couple of video content as well as create a few vertical video contents on IGTV. 

If you learn to experiment with each Instagram feature, it can help you to grow your e-commerce business and earn revenues. The top brands that experimented are Casper and Away. If they can succeed, so can you provided you know the rules of the game. 


Therefore, you see that Instagram is the game-changer for the e-commerce world. Use the right marketing strategies and leverage the best Instagram features to make your mark. 

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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