Get on with video marketing for better SEO results

Get on with video marketing for better SEO resultsGet on with video marketing for better SEO results

Today videos have become one of the primary elements of content marketing strategies. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and understandably also YouTube. Almost all companies today are focusing on video content for marketing their businesses on the various social media.

Why 2017 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing:

Regardless of what you are selling o whatever it is that your company deals with. If you do not have a proper video marketing strategy to implement in the giant platforms then you are doomed.

So, are you ready to incorporate video marketing into your digital endeavors? You may feel you are, but have you noticed that the major platforms where video content could be shared have greatly changed over the last 18 months or so. Sites like Facebook are getting much higher views everyday than actual video sharing sites like YouTube. The views on Snapchat are reaching billions every day.also Twitter videos have taken the whole ball game of one-to-one branding with proper listening to all new heights.

Why a Digital Video marketing Strategy is Absolutely Necessary

We believe that a sound digital video marketing strategy is absolutely necessary because, it will help businesses dominate their marketing objectives. But you must understand that video marketing is not a silver bullet. Simply making a video will not magically expand your business. You must be prepared to use video with proper strategies to achieve specific business objectives. Only then will you be able to see some serious benefits:

A few examples of why video marketing is the future of search engine optimization are:

  • If you add a video to your website, then the chances of first page Google ranking will be upped by as much as 53 times.
  • In email marketing as well, videos have made their way and have come out with glorious results as they increase click-through rates to the double.
  • More than 70 percent of marketers have now acknowledged that video marketing significantly outperforms conversion rates than most other marketing contents.
  • There is a 10 percent more chance of engagement by the audiences with a video content, be it embedding, sharing, liking or even commenting. The chances of engagement are much higher for such content more than simple text only blogs or social media posts.

Why Video Marketing is the New Darling of the Marketing World:

Content marketing has been growing more and more visual with the passage of time. There is always a catchy image, some infographics or even funny GIFs which offer better engagement results when it comes to social media. This year saw great many changes in video marketing and even in the policies of the various social media network when it comes to video, so it should not come as a surprise to us that the popularity of video will only rise in the upcoming years.

Here are some data to further showcase the growing popularity of video content:

  • Mobile users spend at least 40 minutes every day watching videos on phone
  • It is estimated that by 2019 all more than half of content delivery network traffic will comprise of internet video traffic.
  • YouTube alone has a billion users with growing everyday and this is almost a third of the whole internet population.
  • Even software giants like Adobe have bought TubeMogul for $540 million, to expand its video marketing efforts

The Rise of Video Marketing on Social Media and How It Affects Your Business: understanding video marketing trends for 2017:

Videos have viral potent:

Audiences are more likely to share and reshare and comment video content than any other form of content. So, this is the best place to exhibit your vision and business.

Videos are easy for the brain and pleasing for the eyes:

People are bombarded with information on a daily basis and they can hardly remember it all. So, short informational videos catered to target niches can be like a breath of fresh air for them. Thus, having an impact is much easier.

Can tick off many objectives at one go?

Videos are best ways to entertain, inspire and increase brand awareness along with educating the target audiences all at once.

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