Why Private Hospitals has become like invitation to trouble for Common Man

Treatment in Indian Private Hospitals in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore has become like invitation to trouble for a common man. The whole system of the hospital is made such that where the patient is a customer, and from the doctor to the nurse, the staff is engaged in making money from him. How to get more money in these hospitals, know

Private hospitals now work on a business model. This is the reason why having treatment in these private hospitals has become an invitation to trouble for a common man. The whole system of the hospital is made such that where the patient is a customer, and from the doctor to the nurse, the staff is engaged in making money from him. How do these hospitals get more money, know …?

In one way the patient’s family does not discharge unless the clothes are removed.

A doctor who was a director in a hospital told that all the games are played under the supervision of the doctors. The patient is advised and discharged only after the doctor’s instructions. If a patient can be discharged in 4 days, he is stopped for 5 days just to increase the bill. No pressure is made on this. Thousands of patients are added to the bill in one day’s affair.

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How do hunt

– The hospital determines how many days the patient will be staying in a hospital.

– After doing the patient’s checkup, the doctors give complete updates. After this the system is able to understand how to keep the patient for a long time. Doctors help them in this.

– If it is necessary for a patient to keep it from four to five days, it is kept from five to six days and its information is not provided. This is done just for the bill.

If the patient gets more admission for two days then the cost of everything from room rent to 40-50 thousand rupees is reached in two days.

Without reason and expensive test

In private hospitals, it is commonly seen that every test is very expensive out of the lab or other hospitals. It has a commission set of doctors along with hospitals. Doctors are under pressure to get as many tests as possible. In such cases, patients do not have any option. They have to make the tests by the doctor or lab at the behest of a doctor or lab.

How do hunt

– A sugar test usually occurs in 100 labs in any lab, but the same sugar is examined in big hospitals at 200 rupees. Profits in the investigation were already earning but there are more than 100 rupees here.

– Doctors working in commission-based work have the pressure to write CT scan, MRI to every patient. When there is no disease in the patient after the examination, the patient is happy to know this but they do not know that 10,000 rupees were taken from him for the investigation which was not needed. Similarly, every patient is earned with different types of tests.

Use of small things over the limit

 A doctor who worked with private hospital, said that a syringe is available in two wholesale in the wholesale, but the hospital charges every Syringe of Rs 10. This is an example. The hospital grows the highest on using these things. Many times, it is charged ten times more. A Doctor  said that this cannot stop because treatment is a technical topic. As doctors say, patients do the same thing, this is a matter related to life, but it is also true that the earnings of the hospital through cotton, syringe, sensitization, gloves, masks are very high.

Package of surgery

A man working as a marketing man in the hospital said that there are two hospitals but the package bypassing both places is different. Someone has ten days’ stay and there are three to four types of other facilities. The second hospital has 7 days stay but there are only two types of facilities. The patient does not have much time to compare the hospital rate, he gets admission, but even after getting admission, every patient’s budget increases from 10 to 20%. When the patient questions this, the doctor says that there was another disease with you, so that happened. Then, the patient makes the payment and goes.

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Commission based doctor

Doctor said that there are only 8 to 10% of the hospitals in the country where the doctors are on their salaries and the rest are on the commission. Commission is associated with every doctor’s patient. The doctor receives the commission from OPD to the examination. So, it is not easy to stop it. A doctor said that where the charitable hospitals are now, all of them have ended and the corporate hospital has replaced them. According to the orders of the CEO, patients are treated as well. Therefore, as long as the regulatory body is not formed, such treatment will continue and the patient will continue to be trapped.




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