Neurology Hospital in Lucknow List 2023 Updated

Neurology Hospital in LucknowNeurology Hospital in Lucknow

Neurology Hospital in Lucknow

Neural disorders are the worst form of the problem anyone can have. They make the person vulnerable and dependent on others. The depression and other such mental disorders become common with the neural problems.

The neurology is the branch that can deal with this complicated problem. In lucknow there are quite many hospitals for the neurology. The doctors cares for and diagnose the functioning of the nervous system.

The MRI and CT scan are the ways by which the doctors can diagnose the problem in a better way. The system and the equipments required for the Neural diagnosis is quite different. The hospitals in Lucknow adopts best ways to deal with the problems of the patients.

Some of the best neurology hospitals are mentioned below.

  1. Ajanta Hospital

Ajanta Hospital is well established and has a great infrastructure for neurology.  The availability of the requisite number of beds, fans and other things makes it the best. Also they have a good drinking water supply for the patients. And quite much attention are paid to the sanitation facilities for the patients.


  • High class clinic with well maintained labs for the diagnosis of the patients.
  • New and advanced technologies and tools to diagnose the patient in neurology.


2. Adarsh Hospital

Adarsh Hospital is with all the new and the advanced systems to diagnose the patients and come up with the results. There is a proper availability of drinking water to the patients and due care is taken for the sanitation of the clinic. There is everything to diagnose the patient in a healthy environment for



  • Advanced machines and labs for the diagnosis of the disease.
  • Good and caring staff support for the patients.


B-9 Sector, L. D. A. Colony, Kanpur Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

3. Forrd Hospital

It is with all the relevant new and advanced technologies to deal with the patients’ neurology problem. Also the clinic is fully equipped with the drinking water facilities. Special care is taken for the hygiene and the sanitation across the clinic.


  • Well experienced staff and the doctor in the field for years.
  • Advanced tools and machinery for the better treatment to the problem.
  • Well technical and result oriented approach to solve their problems.


Near Patrakarpuram Crossing, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

4. Ram Krishan Mission

It is with all the new and the advanced tools and machines to diagnose the patients in a better way. It is with a full capacity drinking water facility. It also has the requisite number of rooms and fans for the patients.


  • Well experienced staff and the doctors in the clinic.
  • Years of trust and successful results for neurology.


5. Doeki Hospital

Doeki Hospital  is with the new and the advanced machines to diagnose the patient. It is with a good infrastructure for the number of patients. There is requisite numbers of beds and fans. Also there is a good facility for the drinking water, and sanitation facilities are also quite good.


  • Well trained staff with experienced doctor presiding over.
  • New and advanced equipments for the better diagnosis of the disease.


# 530/63 Ka Ahibaran Pur Sitapur Road, Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


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