Why Is it difficult to live life without making a physical relationship and without marriage?

Even this life is not difficult if you are determined, but if you are confused then it is very difficult. You ask yourself whether you can live without physical relations or marriage is a matter of the latter.

Everyone needs a physical relationship at an age, so it is very difficult to live without having a physical relationship. In this world, humans, animals, birds and animals all make sexual relations. Many people will get married saying that I do not want to get married, that is a different matter, even after a few years, they do it and those who are not able to do it for a very long time, they either do not have it or mismatches To spoil someone else’s or their life. Many people who do not get married in youth, they will find you saying that when you are young, life without marriage is a waste.

Because –The fabric of the society has been made in such a way that you always need a life partner, who will be with you in happiness and sorrow, know everything you can not tell anyone else and you do not feel lonely. Your parents will also leave you one day and other families will also settle their families. What then? How will you spend time alone? After an age, there is a desire to have children, then when there is no marriage, the desire of their children will remain incomplete. You can love the children of others, such as brothers, sisters, children etc. But the real connection with the child can only be from one’s own children, from whom you can expect to be cared for in the future. There is an unprecedented feeling of married life that can only be realized after marriage.

Most people feel a sense of purity and intimacy in themselves after marriage. Getting up to sleep together, waiting for each other, taking care of each other if you are sick, and if you are unhappy, someone is going to take care of your heart, meaning you have a world, and if you have children, the joy of this world is not less than heaven. . If you are not married then your relatives will not be happy to see you here because if you are apart from the crowd of married people then everyone will look at you from a slightly different perspective, which will not make you feel good as if you are a male, then your friends’ wives will be with you.

You will keep the distance and your friends will expect the same from you. If you are a woman, friends will not feel happy to introduce you to your husband. Even among your relatives, you will be recognized as a bachelor / virgin and if a girl is a bachelor, it is felt like a curse. If you do not get married and want to stay like this with the family, then it will become more difficult because the family will be behind you, you may have to listen to the satire about your marriage and also in the society.

Let’s face it all as you grow old, you will need support for important tasks which can be met by anyone provided that you have money but will not get the trust that only your own family can give. Not everyone has a lot of money, so of course you are poor, but your family spouse will definitely stand up for you at every step with confidence.

Even according to religion, the husband and wife couple have been described as holy and marriage is told as a necessity. In Hinduism, there is no mention of freedom from this world without marriage. Marriage and post-marriage life is also a different and unprecedented feeling. After marriage, your respect increases in society because you have realized a responsibility and you have taken responsibility. There are some restrictions, but to keep the society running smoothly, bonds are also necessary, otherwise what will be the difference between us and animals. Now one has to remain alone as to what to do in free time, for whom you should laugh or cry, no partner is needed at all.

Now there is some compulsion (which only the person can know) that the person is troubled by his own internal dilemma that he does not feel good in having a physical relationship by getting married or becomes unhappy with the idea of ​​marriage due to something that If they cannot tell, then believe in yourself and with courage take the decision that you feel is right. If you are strong in your mind and do not bother thinking about tomorrow, then do your mind. There are many in this world who have not married and are living successfully, but only those who have decided strongly and who have no regrets of their decision and have no qualms about staying away from home family. Whatever decision a person takes in future, the circumstances become the same.

It is hard to live life without making a physical relationship and without marriage

You become comfortable when you have a physical connection with your partner.

And the feelings that come to mind also become very positive. Sex is a beautiful relationship. At that moment you forget all your sorrow or grievance and become just one.

1. Connection

Lovemaking creates a deeper connection with your partner. Physical connection is the highest level of intimacy. Having a physical relationship with someone makes a mental connection with him and this connection affects not only the bedroom but the entire life. Sexual relations bring newness to the relationship and keep it alive. It does not diminish over time, if the same love always remains between you two. You do not hesitate in the connection made by having sex, but love.

2. Stress free

Lovemaking relieves you of stress. Never notice that after sex you have a happy feeling and anxiety and confusion runs away. Lovemaking with partners is an important part of life, which is also the secret to being stress free. If you feel burdensome in a relationship, lovemaking is one solution. It brings new energy to your relationship and provides strength.

3. Communicating way

Lovemaking is also a way of conversation. It breaks the silence in your relationship and adds new colors to it. Many times when you are unable to share your words or fantasy, then sex is the means by which you share your things with your partner. This is how the bonding of secret talk becomes between you two. In this process, with the meeting of two bodies, two minds or say two souls also meet. It is a way to fulfill desires.

4. Helpful to sleep

Sex is a good exercise in which many calories are burned suddenly, as well as you are tension free and refreshed due to which you get good sleep. Sleep after sex is very deep. This is due to the release of oxytone in the body, which brings positiveness around you and you feel calm.

5. to please

Sex makes you happy. Couples who have sex two to three times a week are more happy than other couples. You can see that glow in his face and personality as well.

6. Helps balance of hormones

Having sex keeps your hormones balanced. By being sexually active, your body remains calm and relaxed. At the same time, happy hormones also come out in the body. Depression, tension and tension are also removed by doing this. Also, the problem of fertility is also overcome.

Many times your late period comes due to having sex. You make yourself feel happy and motivated. Every human needs it after an age so that they can maintain their physical and mental health. It is a natural process in which there is no such thing as shame or disgust. Social tabu means that people do not like to talk about it openly due to social bonds. But it is necessary for body and mind.

‘People feel deep connected to each other after sex’

University of Chicago scientist Stephanie explains this. She says, “Sometimes after sex, people feel a deep bond with each other. The meaning is clear. You cannot feel the love of someone with whom you do not have a physical connection with you. “

The interesting thing is that when a part of the brain is fascinated by the feeling of love. Then, that part stops working, which makes us intelligent. Thinking gives you the power to understand. Now I understand why people become crazy in love. Because, as soon as love is realized, the power to understand their thinking, to take the right decision, is weak. Intelligence stops working. This is called being madly in love.


Bhanu Garg: