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Why Instagram more popular than Facebook? Is Instagram replacing Facebook?

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Why Instagram more popular than Facebook? Is Instagram replacing Facebook?

Why Instagram more popular than Facebook
Why Instagram more popular than Facebook

Facebook was invented in 2004 and at that time the average 19s born people were teens and in 2010 when Instagram was invented average 19s people came into their adulthood and new age people became teens. Why this has been written in the starting because everyone thinks that why Instagram have over power facebook. So, this scenario you read above is the biggest reason why Instagram is on the minds of today’s people or on new generation.

But there are many other different reasons that you can read below and can decide what is overpowering what?? 

1- Changing Trend-

When ever something new launches in a market everyone gets excited and try it once in a while. When facebook was invented and it became the world’s most popular social media platform and yes every 19s kid were using it. Why! Because it was very new for them and Facebook was the trend at that time. But now as the generation is changing and in 2010 when Instagram invented it became trend among young youth because at that time according to the statistic population was young and active towards new social media apps.

2- Exposure –

Facebook give full social media exposure to the users as it gives liberty to the users to put many things like pictures, text and other personal details if they want. on the other hand, Instagram has limited amount of social media exposure as it only gives liberty to the users to put pictures with some amount of text and there is a limit to put personal information less than Facebook.

3- Millennials App-

 Nowadays if there’s a difference of even 1 year of age people say there is a generation gap when it comes in terms of thinking or other things and facebook and instagram have 5-6 years of generation gap.So, we can say facebook is older than instagram and it has always been said that millennials rule the world more actively than the older generation that’s why people are thinking that instagram is overpowering the facebook but they didn’t know that millennials may rule but old is always gold.

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4- Trust issue-

People can resolve all the issues except trust issues if they explore in anything.From facebook when people found that their images where leaked after putting high privacy also,they started having trust issues with facebook and as trust is never gained back so easily they left the platform and started exploring something new. When they were exploring new platform they found instagram and it gave them that trust which they lost from facebook. As in instagram there is a feature that doesn’t allow anyone to view anyone’s profile due to which they got the sense of trust they lost.

5- Active users-

As the phase says old is gold, in context to this when the comparison was made in the active users of facebook and instagram so till now after all the assumptions about generation gap, millanional tool and all other things we found that there are still 1.2 billions active users of Facebook and Instagram have 1 billion. Till now the users are more on Facebook than Instagram, ya there is no such difference but yes Facebook is still on the top.

6- Mobile friendly-

Phones became smart upto so much of extend that they have super upgraded their technology and because of that we can browse everything on our smart phone which we earlier use to browse on computer or laptop. But according to the earlier situation when phones were not so smart up to that extent Facebook when invented we could only use it on browser which use to work only on computer or laptop or if on phones then those kind of phones were very few which means that Facebook didn’t have its own app earlier so it was not much mobile friendly and after a few years they made the Facebook application but till then when Instagram was launched they directly launched the application and they named it as Instagram.

They understood that era have been changed and everyone started browsing everything on their phones Instead of laptop or computer and keeping this in mind they made it convitent on a first go only .Therefore Instagram played smart and they captured the 1billion active users in a very short span of time.

7- View Content choice-

Facebook has a feature when anyone like share or comment on any post then their friends can also view their activity willingly or unwillingly and this could lead to a frustrating thing for some and entertainment thing for other but it also includes the fact that their are people who don’t want to show their activities to anyone so for them Facebook became a second choice because Instagram has a feature of full privacy and no one can view your activities without your will and people will only see that content which they willingly wanted to view.So,here the choice of viewing the content comes and on Instagram you will view only that content which page you will follow and its limited to your followed pages but Facebook doesn’t have this privacy feature.

8-Blog post-

Specifically for bloggers Facebook was and is the best platform for writing detailed blog because there is no character limit for writing anything but Instagram have character limit of 380 words. So, it becomes difficult for bloggers to share their feelings but it is good for short blogging if anyone wants to opt for it. 

Now it’s your time to decide what you wanted to use and what not because in the end what you like the most will only be cup of your tea..

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