After Narendra Modi, Who is The Most Capable Person to Become the Prime Minister?

bee in our bonnet, right? We still haven’t got over the ‘demonetization’ phase. And oh yes, how can I forget the nasty ‘GST’ which lurks upon us uptil now and has an avowed intent to be there along with us in future as well! And did I just mention about the foreign direct investments which have seen a surge since the time BJP came to power? Well, there are a multitude of changes that have taken place but still the question remains: who is the most capable person to become the next Prime Minister?

Of course all of you are beaming with different names, different strokes for different folks! But here I have a name in my mind, which I’m sure you all will agree with. So are you ready to know who am I talking about? So let me throw some hints then!

She is the second women to hold the office after Indira Gandhi and a posture of indomitable power, possessing the ability to crack the whip. Any guesses? Oh, so you need a few more hints! She was called as India’s ‘Best-loved Politician’ by the US Daily Wall Street Journal. I’m sure this must be enough for you to jump on the bandwagon! Well, now not beating about the bush anymore, let me disclose the name. Well, she is none other than Sushma Swaraj, the lady of great magnificence and pride, standing tall as a former Supreme Court Lawyer and currently serving as the Minister of External Affairs of India.

Sushma Swaraj, representing the women persona, has been elected seven times to the throne of the ‘Member of Parliament’. Not only this, she also carries with her the title of being elected as the Member of Legislative Assembly thrice. And there’s one more secret that I’m going to let out of the bag here. Well, there’s something more which adds a feather to her cap. At a tender age of just 25 years, Sushma Swaraj stood as the youngest Cabinet Minister of the north Indian state of Haryana. I know this must have knock your socks off.

With so many achievements in her kitty, she stands as a prospective candidate for the post of the Prime Minister. Are you with me on this thought? There’s something more which allows her to cut a dash. We generally come across politicians and leaders who aren’t qualified enough to shoulder the responsibilities of a great leader. But here we have Sushma Swaraj, a highly qualified lady, who pursued here higher education from Punjab University has a natural aura of being a leader.

Well, for sure, every government has its pitfalls and high points, but what makes a leader different from others is that he is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. And Sushma Swaraj is a fitting testament to this fact. Do you agree?

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