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What should Indians stop doing immediately?

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What should Indians stop doing immediately?

1. First of all, the printing of the wedding cards should be stopped. It is absolutely worthless.

2- Give mobile to your children should stop completely. Their unknowable future is being ruined. We are a civilization whose children have gone to America to hang flags like Sundar Pichai. Did they get mobile in childhood?

3- In weddings, instead of wasting food, the remaining food should be packed and kept near the counters and take it for 2-3. Accordingly, should be kept in the compartments of the distribution.

4 – A humble request to the heavy men living in India, explain to yourself and your friends that at any time, you should stop speaking abusive words to any woman or politician online. An IT cell can hold a big blot on the character for the lifetime of its hold.

5- Indian women should understand that in the small clothes posted on your Facebook wall, almost naked posts in small clothes make two families feel disrespectful. Your in-laws start treating you as a slut, even your maternal uncle has to be embarrassed somewhere. Apart from that, how many men come to your posts to masturbate at night. Stay modest, stay restrained.

7 – Fruits or flowers for worship without asking others’ gardens. In India, Indians are seen with extremely disgusting eyes because of this dirty act.

7 – Do not teach your women and girls the use of panty liners. This is also very important. Indian girls are often stinky because they don’t know why their panties smell bad. No, they are taught the wisdom of applying deodorant. Whether to clean armpit hair, or to avoid becoming stinky, all of them should be taught not only in the schools but also their parents.

4-Threading waxing or using expensive razor instead of razor to keep face and body clean. Angelina Jolie, who is Hollywood’s famous heroin, also shaves her face daily. But in India, women like twisting it with a deformed face by making it a hua. If you want to see you, you may feel disgusted.

7 – We have a close in the mind of Indians that not a little was said that they ran at the doctor. Whereas people abroad hold power only at the doctor only when there is a lot of emergency. Some Fitoor has sat in mind, come here to the doctor. Hey all of you are being robbed Use a good little expensive toothpaste, such as Sensodine, then you will end your journey for three months. Take a walk in the morning, meet people and go for a lot of walking. But without talking to the doctor, do not drop here. Take care of yourself

Other than that –

1. Some crazy photographers have started making porn videos in the name of pre-wedding shooting on the lines of foreign countries. It has started with South India society. From about two years ago. Before marriage, the boy is shown kissing the girl or carrying her in bed. Tell is a shooting dead, you are posting it on social media too .. The family and society are watching. Do whatever you want to do at home. But no, children nowadays have to show everything to everyone. This practice should stop.

2- The drama of baking cake and designer cakes covered with layers of sugar has started. The population is increasing, the spectacles are increasing in the same medium category. In Mumbai and Delhi, many schools have now put on the cover covered with a fan.

3- Every man and woman is running here without doctors, nowadays. People have started believing more in eating medicines instead of being healthy. While medicine shops abroad are lying vacant.

4 – Children should be taught the housework of scolding. Especially for boys The girls, who are getting married in foreign countries, cry throughout the world that mother did not teach work. Many times, because of this little mindlessness, boys suffer a lot of grief in the condition of becoming their mother. Servants are not available, mother or mother-in-law cannot come from India and husband goes to work.

5- Tell the children to get the engineering done from private college. Later, the child feels cheated because he does not get a job. Then they take the degrees and sit in the shops. They keep abusing the parents and the education system.

7- Teach the old parents alone not to keep their servant with love. The children themselves go out for a job, but the old parents take out their brain freshenings every day on the servants and drive them away. New people come and take advantage of them.

7 – To do evil to relatives in front of children. Children then think negatively for all their lives.

7 – Do not teach your children the rules of walking on the road and parking properly.

7 – To beat or tease other pets or stray animals without talking.

10 – Do not steal other children’s things in school.

11- The boys or boys who are inciting them for useless things should bea taught to ignore their children.

12- Use your vote properly and if any political candidate feels that it is not right to come out without voting.

Bhanu Garg

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