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What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in 2019

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What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in 2019

What is the Future of Social Media Marketing in Upcoming Years 2017-2018

Introduction: Social Media marketing is a way of product or web page advertisement through social media websites. Generally Social media websites like facebook, twitter, etc are used by different ecommerce marketers to increase user traffic on their websites. So any marketing activities on social media websites are related to social media marketing. For example facebook is a very popular social media website where you can easily see advertisements of various products, educational institutes and many more.

Brought changes in marketing strategies with respect to marketers and users: Social media marketing is really becoming an important part of marketing strategy. Rapid increase in interaction of users on social media websites leads to interaction with products and businesses. Also, this is a platform where marketers can contact, talk, discusses, resolves issues and complains of their customers directly. Customers also get an easy way to find reviews on products and services. Here customers can talk with marketers as well as other customers too.

All these activities brought a transparency in marketing and helps customers to decide on a product. It’s really helpful to user and marketers as well. Marketers can understand customer’s view, needs and nature and accordingly they can improve their products and services. On the other hand, same happens with customers, they can easily find best suitable products and services by reviews and discussions from customers who have already purchased or availed a service.

It is the fastest grown sector and obviously a great platform for marketing like selling, purchasing, and advertising. It is an easily accessible platform, where anyone can comment, share, and present their views. It is an open platform where marketers and other customers can talk or you could say discuss about marketing products and services.

SMO (social media optimization): A key components for social media marketing

Like SEO technique it is also a strategy for conducting social media marketing It optimizes a social media post in order to increase user traffic on website. There are two types of available SMOs. First can be defined as regular activities of updating, sharing, commenting, tweeting and liking a post. Second is one in which smo post is linked through a URL or RSS or a sharing button. SMO post also needs to be carefully composed in order to attract a user easily. It should be short but catchy to a people’s eye so that everyone can stop by to view your website.

Since these days, people are using social media like crazy and dedicatedly trying to update, share and comment activities. This craziness are increasing day by day and obviously in coming years SMM will become a favourite activity on social websites.

Since mobile users are increasing day by day it is obvious that it has become an integral part of the human population. Portability and easy to use features of mobile devices enables them be a powerful platform for smo and smm. People are always connected with social media through mobile. This no time boundation on the use of mobile devices which will lead to a great future of SMM in coming years. Consistent use of social media is responsible for a transparent and direct interaction between customers and marketers.

Future aspect: It has been observed that even social media platform is a great platform for marketing. Day by day it becomes a favourite place of marketers and customers for an online get together, where they can discuss their ideas, requirements, etc. SMM has sounding effect on establishment of small growing organizations. Many new companies promote their products and services on facebook, twitter, and other social media websites. Now it’s not hard to make your ecommerce business visible to customers. It can be easily sensed for a great and bright future for SMM in nearby future, because of many reasons, some of which can be listed as:

  • Popularity of social media websites.
  • Increasing use of mobile in daily life.
  • Easy to access and use a social media websites.
  • Anyone can post on these platforms through their account.
  • Availability of incredible free and paid services as well for posting a blog or article.
  • Easy to comment, share, and like any post which helps in promoting a brand, product, and any services.

All these thoughts results in conclusion that SMM will be in great demand and most usable marketing strategies now and in future as well.



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