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Top 10 reasons why mobile app marketing is future of digital marketing in 2017-2018

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Top 10 reasons why mobile app marketing is future of digital marketing in 2017-2018

why mobile app marketing is future of digital marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020

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What is future of mobile app marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020…………?

Mobile app marketing is a complex process which takes a long durable effort of marketers for an effective result. It is a part of mobile marketing and an extension in digital marketing strategies. Since people are investing their most of the time on mobile for various activities, they are also involved in marketing activities through mobile. In this context mobile app is of great use and importance. Mobile is a very powerful platform for marketers to be connected with their customers. It does not guarantee your success but success can achieved by consistent effort, perfect planning and execution.

There are two types of mobile app marketing which are widely accepted by marketer in order to serve their customers:

  1. Advertisement of business or mobile app through third party mobile app. It involves the activities of advertisement of a product, service, business or mobile app in between some other app like in between a games. Actually only developing an app doesn’t determine your success but its proper execution with well-planned strategies take you towards success. In this process advertisement is of great importance. And, advertisement in between an app is really an effective way to interact with people.
  2. Execution of marketing activities like selling and purchasing conducted through mobile app. It includes development of user friendly mobile app for different platform.

What is the future of mobile app marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020?

Main attention is not focused only to attract attention of people but to encourage them to stay here or make them to come back. Although it need some effort to achieve success but it is a key for great success and it is the demand of recent as well as future marketing. Let’s discuss about various reasons why mobile app marketing is future of digital marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020.

  1. Mobile becomes an indispensable part of life.

According research it is found that mobile is being tremendously used by people these days. They keep interaction with mobile consistently. One survey proved that most of the people will read a message on phone within minutes. Fast and excess use of mobile led to reason why mobile app becomes so popular.

  1. Mobile app can be used anywhere, anytime, and great user experience.

Easy to access from anywhere and anytime enhances popularity of mobile app. Also it is friendlier to user on mobile devices instead of mobile site. Light weight mobile with attractive interface are an aided features of mobile app.

  1. Mobile app is a slimmed version of website.

Mobile app is a slimmed version of a website it means it contains all information of a desktop website but friendly to mobile devices. So that user can enjoy their while marketing and can use all features whatever they are getting on desktop version.

  1. Mobile app enhance user’s marketing experience and increase engagement.

Small, integrated, and commodious app usually involves a user to keep using and encourage them to use it again and again. A better app experience will make users happy and they want to keep using it for further use. Marketers should also be involved in developing a perfect commodious app by keeping in mind the target audience and mobile platform.

  1. Apps are developed to fulfil user’s expectation with enhanced experience.

Mobile app are so created so that it can enhance user’s experience. It is based on specific features and targeted to a mass of audience. Research based development will surely walk to success point. Marketers should keep in mind user’s convenience before developing an app and its services.

  1. Good experience encourage and involve user in consistent visiting.

Some marketers organize marketing app strategies in such a way that they become popular among users and user wants to visit their app on regular basis. For example, easy and comfort features of Uber app makes them popular among their users. Its features with attracting offers and good customer support service results in its popularity.

  1. Greatly helpful for small business.

People are searching their daily basis needs on mobile, like food ordering and many other services. People want every services at door step and so app will help them greatly. Even small business can provide services via app on local basis as well as globally. For example, now it’s become easy to get almost all our needs at door step like: you can order fresh vegetables with all groceries, get advantages of saloon at your home via mobile app, and many more.

  1. App instantly notifies for any changes, offers, special services, etc.

Whether it is a matter of any changes in services, price, etc.; or special offers and discount availability, mobile app instantly notifies you. And ofcourse, user can find it on mobile devices timely and can take advantages of these service. Infact notification is so instant that user doesn’t need to check mail or message box.

  1. App is based on automation rather than manual entry.

Mobile app reduces human efforts, like it is accepting automation and can fill most of the data itself. You don’t have to write your name, address, contact information, etc., again and again. App knows you and can able to fill these information automatically. Great examples are Google map, it will tell you many information of your location just by searching your pin location in a single tap only.

  1. Easy to marketing and share on social media.

A user can easily use mobile app to search required services. Most of the user wants to share these experience with their friends and they can use sharing features. Most of the mobile app have option to sync with their social media profile, like you can use an app through your facebook profile as well. This aided features doesn’t required a customize profile on app. Users can enjoy mobile app by using some other social media profile as well and can share on them also.

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