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Tik Tok v/s PubG Which Can Be More Harmful for Youngsters and Why

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Tik Tok v/s PubG Which Can Be More Harmful for Youngsters and Why

Before we discuss the above point, lets first have an introduction with Tik Tok and PUBg both. Since both are created for a different purpose, hence a comparison in any ways is not right. While Tik Tok is a video-based app and PUBg is a gaming app.

India is a country famous for following the crowd blindly. Things get viral so speedily in India. Same way, the trend of using these two applications have also developed like in one night. The youngsters are main participants to use these two apps.

PUBg is the app carrying fighting game content, where in 2 participants can fight by choosing two players. And other side, Tik Tok is the app to upload your personal recorded videos. PUBg requires a good inbuilt smartphone has proper hardware. However, the Tik Tok can run on any ordinary smart phone as well.

Now let’s understand, how these apps are harmful comparatively to each other or may be harmful is not a right word to use for comparison: –

There is a very old statement “Excess to anything is harmful”. Which means, any apps come to the market are basically to enjoy or to learn something. Similarly, PUBg came to enjoy some paired fighting games, but it was so shocking when many teenagers applied the fighting sequences to harm someone in real. As per a survey, kids who have used this gaming app so frequently have developed violent nature, which was showing in their day to day dealing with others. Many parents were struggling to take their children out from this game habit. The Indian govt. had to come forward to ban this app from many states.

Similarly, Tik Tok was introduced to make some light funny videos and share with other to make the laugh, but it went all the way differently when the youngsters started showing theory body show over this app as well as some the videos were captured showing cruelty with young children’s as well as the animals. Girls had started exposing over th1e app to impress some film makers or other media institutions just to be in lime light. Whether a small village or a big city, this app has captured everyone with no age bar. Again, the govt. realised the negative impact of this app and decided to ban it. May people came forward to protest the ban, many court petitions were filed by the company, and recently from Tamil Nadu state the band has been lifted.

Since both the apps have been originated from other countries, bit its impact to Indian society and culture is creating of question on, whether such apps should be tested from all the corners before these are available in the play stores.

Mobile phones are like toy for everyone, school kids have also started using mobile phone from junior classes. This makes so accessible for kids to come across with such apps and being victim of it.

So, which app is more harmful, both apps are not at all harmful until a substantial control is put in place. Parents need to be so careful while giving mobile phones to their teenager kids. Or, if they give the mobile phone then make sure they keep a watch on their children and give them consoling time to time to make them understand about excess of using any games app or even social media sites.

Obviously, we can’t stop the technology to grow and can’t let future generation to be away from gadgets and apps. But at least we can do a better counselling and explain the worst impacts of misusing the apps or adapting the acts of such apps in daily life.

Many parents seek help from child psychologist to get their kids back on the track and avoid the habit, but parents forget the fact of who provided mobile phone to their kids. A five years old kid can open the phone download the app and starts using it, which means some thing is so advanced in grooming world but at the same time, the worst impacts are much higher than technology enhancements.

Apps are not harmful if a proper controlling and counselling is there. Wake up parents!!!!


Eshant Dhingra

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