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The latest medical treatments are available in India at extremely cheap prices

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The latest medical treatments are available in India at extremely cheap prices

The latest medical technology that meets international standards, qualified specialists, an individual approach to each patient in combination with reasonable prices for treatment are available in the best clinics in India. These benefits attract thousands of foreign patients to India each year.

Today, India is considered one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism, accepting patients from 120 countries for the treatment of the most complicated diseases. In 2018 India was visited by more than 500 thousand patients from abroad, including from the EU, the USA, and Russia.

The effectiveness of treatment in medical institutions in India meets international standards. For example, the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is one of the largest cardiology centers in the world and has one of the best treatment outcomes of the effectiveness of cardiovascular disease treatment.

Treatment in India is attractive for many patients due to the price-quality ratio since medical tourists are provided with the highest level of medical care at a lower price than in leading western clinics.

Benefits of Treatment in India

In hospitals in India, high ethical standards are generally observed. Compliance with such standards, together with the availability of innovative treatment methods, state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified specialists, makes India one of the best countries in which you can get quality treatment.

  • Medical assistance is provided in full.
  • The patient is provided with detailed and reliable information about his state of health, about the chosen treatment tactics and about the prognosis of the course of the disease.
  • The staff of Indian clinics comprehensively cares about the interests of the patient.
  • Financial relationships with clinics are absolutely transparent.

Advanced Diagnosis in India

Major medical centers are well equipped technically. They have all the necessary medical equipment for laboratory tests and surgery. Ultramodern diagnostic tools made by well-known manufacturers such as Philips, Toshiba, and Siemens are available everywhere which places Indian hospitals on a par with leading clinics in America and Europe.

Diagnostic laboratories and operating rooms are equipped with the latest medical equipment –

  • laparoscopic technique
  • magnetic resonance and computer tomography
  • radiosurgical equipment (cyber knife and gamma knife)
  • robotic surgery
  • ultrasound machines
  • endoscopes.

The availability of ultra-modern technology allows doctors to conduct an accurate examination of the patient’s body as soon as possible.

Newest treatments in India

Modern Indian medicine provides for comprehensive treatment of the patient and adheres to the principle of the importance of treating not the disease itself, but the patient. Often, in the treatment of many diseases, consultations of specialists from related fields of medicine, joint work of doctors of different specializations, consultations, due to which doctors make collective decisions on therapeutic tactics, are needed.

The strength of Indian medicine is the teamwork of specialists and the involvement of many doctors and nurses in the struggle for the patient’s life, which significantly improves the quality of medical services and the responsibility of doctors for the effectiveness of treatment, and also minimizes the possibility of medical errors.

Diseases that are successfully treated in India

Indian medical institutions provide assistance to patients with all sorts of conditions.

The most popular destinations among medical tourists staying in this country for treatment are:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Cardiology and heart surgery
  • Infertility treatment and IVF
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Urology
  • Maxillofacial and spinal surgery

Doctors in India – highly qualified specialists

Practically all the doctors working in medical centers of the country, studied in western universities, have a long experience in leading clinics of America and Europe, received academic degrees from well-known international medical organizations. Indian doctors hone their skills and get tremendous expertise due to the massive flow of patients.

How much does treatment in India cost?

Prices for Medical treatment in India are much lower than in leading clinics in the USA and Western Europe. Often, the cost of treatment here is 70-80% less than in other countries. But the quality of service here is consistent with international standards.

The low cost of treatment is also affected by the availability of medical drugs, thanks to the well-developed pharmaceutical industry, since India is considered one of the leaders in the production of original drugs that are supplied to almost all countries.

The excellent quality of treatment combined with its affordability attracts medical tourists from all over the world for treatment in India.

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