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Top 10 Latest Link Building Trends in 2021

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Top 10 Latest Link Building Trends in 2021

The impact of quality link building efforts in search engine results is no secret even to the new digital marketers and brand owners in Australia. So, if you feel 2018 wasn’t a great year for your backlink efforts, then it’s time you revise your practices once by learning about where you must have gone wrong and where you see a scope of improvement. To help you in your task, some of the linking practices that are better to avoid and others that are best to adopt in 2019 get a quick mention here in the article. Check them and see how you can create a difference or benefit from the trends.

Things that can work in your favour

Even top SEO agencies stress the need to have a good number of quality backlinks to break through the high ranks in the search engine result pages. For this, you may have to push the envelope a bit more. Here are the practices that most agencies and businesses are implementing to experience a positive change this year.

Guest blogs

Writing a guest blog for other sites can give you more exposure in front of the larger audience group while you also get a chance to promote your property without any cost. And it is indeed one of the sound backlinking initiatives. Make sure you don’t pick up any random website for this. It has to be authoritative because if it doesn’t occupy top spots in the rankings, then you will not benefit much. Your writing time will also go waste. 

Testimonials and reviews

It may not be a widespread practice, but you can attempt this unique method of backlinking. What you need to do is get permission from the company whose product you have used for posting a positive review or testimony there in place of leaving your website link. Google can give value to this, particularly if the product company enjoys top rankings in the searches. Ensure you don’t overuse this technique as you may end up being spammy.

Broken link building

You can inform a blogger or website owner about the broken links (if any) on those pages you are eyeing, and request them to replace those dead links with your content. They may not mind in obliging you as you brought their attention to the issue that could affect their reputation. For detection, you may need to use Check My Links extension on your Google browser.

Relevant top-ranking pages

Explore the first top 10 pages in the search engine and check who’ve got the backlinks there. You can use Moz or some other backlink analysis tool to get help in this matter. You have to add all the URLs in the tool. Use this opportunity to build your links with your content.


Although long-form content has Google’s preference, not every user would like to read a lengthy article. Many of them would probably filter through it fast and move on to the next. For grabbing their attention, you can create infographics. These informative pieces of content are share-worthy. However, these need to maintain accuracy and have relevance with your brand.

Social media links

It is perhaps one of the easiest ways of linking back. You can use website links on your social profiles to get traffic from there. However, before you add your links, always check these are active and take users back to your product or service website. Having spelling mistakes or some such issues in the URLs can spoil the opportunity.

Influencer’s name

Influencer marketing is another exciting backlinking technique that may work to your advantage. You don’t exactly have to involve them directly in your work. Just use their names in the content. It can be a good confidence booster for readers. This strategy will quickly win their trust for you and help you gain some authority. 

Additionally, when you mention influencer names in your blog, you increase the chances of coming to their notice. For example, if you are a cosmetic brand, when you tag a local makeup influencer in your content, you may draw that person’s attention quickly. And he or she may end up sharing it on their platform, making your backlinking endeavours easy and productive.

Link roundup

Among other things, link roundup activities can also contribute significantly to your backlinking strategies. In this process, your content link finds its place in a specific topic written by an expert for being a vital resource. You can use this technique once in a day, week, or month, depending on your needs. However, you have to search for these options continuously. One of the ways to ensure this happens is that send emails to the concerned bloggers informing them about your new piece of content and recommend them to incorporate it in their next topic.

Things to avoid

While some activities can be productive in backlinking, others can be hurtful too. So, being aware of both sides is critical. Here are a few things that are better not to practice or avoid,increasing chances of linking back. 

Buying backlinks

Some SEO companies and website owners buy links from others for faster improvement in their search engine rankings. Google doesn’t know this. However, it is still recommendable to stay away from this practice because the same company can sell its links to others also. One or a few links will not alert Google, but if there are too many doubtful links, you can end up facing Google penalty.

Using the same content

Writing fresh content and then sharing or posting it across different platforms is the right way of linking back. But some companies use the same content everywhere landing up in the trouble of spamming or duplication. Never forget this can call for a penalty from Google.

Using the home page only

Another essential thing is that you should not link back your home page everywhere. Instead, link different pages of your website to not appear as a spammer. You don’t need to worry when someone else mentions your home page link in their articles.

So, as you can see, there are things that can be good, while others can be bad for your site’s reputation. Getting a qualified SEO agency, such as Joel House SEO Sydney, can be helpful in this area if you don’t want to risk the chances of mistakes.

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