The 6 Places that Require Janitorial Cleaning Services

The 6 Places that Require Janitorial Cleaning ServicesThe 6 Places that Require Janitorial Cleaning Services

The 6 Places that Require Janitorial Cleaning Services

Our society has come a long way in maintaining cleanliness since soap was invented in 2800 BC. Since then, we have been revolutionizing the way we clean, keeping up with cleanliness standards around our homes, schools, and workplaces. 

So adamant our society is about cleanliness, that we have specific industries centered around professional cleaning and disinfection. Custodial services are not for everybody, as the grime janitors deal with everyday are difficult to stomach. Nevertheless, our custodians are the backbone of our society, that without them, we cannot maintain our cleanliness.

Here are the 6 places that absolutely require the janitorial services due to the nature of their use, the people that use them, and the cleaning standards and protocols these places need to adhere to:


Today’s young students are the leaders of tomorrow. We consistently pass down our knowledge and survival to the younger generations, in hopes that they can continue the society our ancestors have created. Schools are learning places, and learning is much easier done in a clean environment rather than a filthy one.

Custodial services are often availed by schools, universities, and learning institutions so that teachers and students can focus on their lessons. Younger kids who have yet to understand the concept of cleanliness can be messy, and custodial service crews ensure these kids study in a clean, healthy environment that promotes learning.


Food draws people together, and our eating habits have evolved into more than just for survival – we tend to enjoy good food with our friends and family, in a nice, clean restaurant. Food is also a sensitive issue when it comes to cleanliness, as sullied food can harbour germs that can make people sick, as well as spread diseases from person to person.

Oftentimes, you wouldn’t notice custodial services in restaurants, as the service crew do most of the general cleaning. However, janitorial services are usually done after hours, where the custodial cleaning crew won’t be in the way of daily operations, and the restaurant can be prepared for the next day’s service.

3.Corporate Offices

Corporate offices don’t seem like they would track dirt easily, but germs, bacteria, and viruses invisible to the naked eye swarm around high traffic areas such as offices and commercial spaces. As there are multiple people in one office, germs can spread quickly in the enclosed space.

Janitorial cleaning services don’t only provide the necessary cleaning and organization, they also sanitize corporate offices to ensure that the company continues to operate with a healthy workforce. Think about the last time you had to dump out your office wastebasket. Chances are that the custodians have done so for you so you can focus on your own tasks unhindered.


Hospitals are well-known for being filled with germs, which makes sense considering people only go to hospitals in times of severe diseases or accidents. Blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids plague hospitals, which is why healthcare facilities require their own custodial services that are trained to properly handle and clean the area.

No regular cleaning crew can clean just any hospital. Specially-trained janitorial cleaning service crews are hired in healthcare facilities to handle medical-grade cleaning solutions, and to properly dispose of medical waste such as used needles, tissues, gauze, and bodily waste.

5.Hotels and Motels

You may have stayed in a reputable hotel or motel during one of your travels or business trips, and noticed that the room looks spick and span despite countless other people stayed there before you. The cleanliness of your room is all thanks to the custodial cleaning crew of the hotel or motel, as they clean, laundered, replaced, and sanitized the hotel room for you. 

While some motels get a bad reputation when it comes to cleanliness, getting a janitorial cleaning service from a reputable cleaning company is a surefire way to ensure each room is as clean as a whistle, and ready for the next occupant!


People love malls. There’s much activity going on, and you can always find what you need from the stores and eateries in the mall! However, due to the number of people that visit malls daily, the mall isn’t exactly the cleanest place to be – not without custodial cleaning services, at least.

Malls are typically large areas where stores, kiosks, and restaurants make up the majority of spaces in the area. As such, they are prone to dust, dirt, and germs brought in by unsuspecting mall visitors. Still, malls always look clean, this is due to the large cleaning crew hired by the mall to ensure everything is orderly, and that the mall looks presentable to anyone visiting.

The Cleanliness Issue

Our definition of cleanliness is based on what we see, but with janitorial cleaning services, cleanliness also means organization, sanitation, and ensuring the overall look and health of the environment they are cleaning. 

Custodial services often go unnoticed, but they are essential in our society as we are in a constant, ongoing battle against pathogens that are trying to make us sick.

Bhanu Garg: