Successful Instagram Strategies To Incorporate In Email Marketing

You may have heard that it is possible to incorporate Instagram with email marketing but you may not know the exact strategies to follow to facilitate such integration. Yes, you will need to follow specific Instagram Strategies to incorporate this into email marketing and there are lots of things to explore before you dive in.

Typically, in today’s business landscape it is essential for every brand to know the best possible ways to make the best use of the social media for their business promotion and marketing benefits. The primary focus should be on the email marketing campaigns.

When it comes to Instagram strategies to follow, there are a few specific things that first need to be clarified so that you can choose the most effective strategies to follow. This will ensure that you have a:

  • Better SEO result
  • Higher search engine rankand
  • Much better online presence.

Since marketing for modern business today is much more digitized, business owners should know and use it the most rather than rely on the old school print and paper methods of marketing.

There are several online agencies such as Gramista and channels that will help you to facilitate such a move in your marketing efforts using the most significant and effective social media platform, Instagram.

Do not be skeptical

With over 800 million active monthly followers in Instagram it is undoubtedly the best, most effective and highly potential platform for all types of business owners. You need not be skeptical about its functionality or performance and use it effectively, successfully and confidently to launch any new business or product. If you can use this platform and the opportunities and features that it has on offer in the best possible way then it will be much easier for you to enhance your business prospects, existing or new.

However, the fact that using this platform may be a bit of a mystery for the business owners make them skeptical, especially those business owners who are new to it. Experts say that:

  • There is nothing to be skeptical about Instagram Strategies if any business owner wants to integrate it to their marketing efforts.
  • There is nothing like you have to be a celebrity to be famous on this platform.

This platform is not all that bad as you will have the assurance of more than 70% business brands that have used Instagram for their marketing campaigns and has been successful. Most of them have been successful to make their Instagram followers to become their prospective clients and customers.

The secret of success

All you need to know is the secret of thesuccess of so many business owners which is they did not intend to be famous while using it in their email marketing campaign. It is just that they wanted to build a solid presence on this photo sharing platform.

  • If you too follow this strategy you will find that it is comparatively much easier to engage yourself with your prospective clients and customers in a much better way.
  • The platform will also enable you to connect with your target market and audience almost instantly with an assurance of gaining immediate results in your email marketing campaigns.

Ideally, you should followthe other effective way round just like the other brands to ensure success in your email marketing campaign. 

Use of hashtags

One of the most significant ways in which you can achieve the desired goals and success apart from selecting the best photos is using proper hashtags. This is the most effective Instagram marketing strategy that most of the businesses follow today. This will help you to integrate this platform with your email marketing strategy in the most effective way.

Thehashtagsis the most crucial element of Instagram that will help your posts in ways more than one such as:

  • The captions will signify the story behind the image so that your users can understand easily what you are wanting to say through it
  • It will help you to reach out to a wider audience and to even those who are outside the present periphery of Instagram followers
  • The images along with the captions will also help your posts to show up immediately while users look for your images using these industry specific and most relevant hashtags and
  • It will eliminate the chances of the posts of your competitors to create a stronger and better influence to grow their business or number of followers.

However, when you use these hashtags to create an email list that is better and longer, you will need to focus on choosing best and most effective ones. Normally, there are three main tacticsto choose the best hashtags for your product. These are:

  • Selecting the most popular hashtags as that will provide you with the best opportunities to be found when the users searchfor your product
  • Selecting a less popular hashtag but making sure that these are highly relevant to your product or service that you provide as this will help you to reach out to more targeted audience in spite of the fact that it will drawfewer users to your posts and
  • Selecting hashtags that are most commonly used and thought of as these will enable you to attract more new followers.

No matter whichever process you follow to choose the right type of hashtags for your product, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should to use more than one hashtag for each post.

Well, you can use more than one hashtag for a single post as well. In fact, most of the experst suggest that you use multiple hashtags for your posts to ensure a high level of investment. In fact, it is found in several researches and studies that the level of engagement can be increased by a significant extent even if you use eleven hashtags for one single post!

Remember, when you use proper and relevant hashtagsit will allow you to connect with users whom you may not have met ever otherwise.

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