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Top 10 Startups in GurgaonTop 10 Startups in Gurgaon

Top 10 Startups in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is also known as Gurugram is popular as a financial and technological hub of India. In recent years the city has emerged as a startup hub in India as it consist one of the most successful startups that are providing great services to its customers and also contributing in India’s economy.  In this article we will discuss about some of the best and most successful startups in Gurgaon that are providing services to its customers. Some of the startups are providing services in only Gurgaon while some of them provide their services in India and foreign countries as well. Before discussing about the best startups in Gurgaon you must know about startup and aspects related to startups. This article is all about what is startup, difference between startup and business, etc.

What does startup mean?

All of us are aware about with the word “startup” that has come into existence after PM Modi’s scheme “make in India”. After the scheme introduce in the country many entrepreneurs have founded their startups. Basically, a startup is a new company that is founded by one or more people that launches unique product or service that is required by the new generation of India. The startup works on a reputable and scalable business model. Its main aim is to acquire market in short period of time. Startup contributes a big amount in the economy of the country. Initially to start its operations it has low funding so that it has to raise funding from other sources like friends, family or other capital ventures in exchange of some part of shares. In India there are many entrepreneurs who have successfully executed their innovative ideas and are providing great services and products also employment to its customers.

Why startup is different from business

Startup is far different from business as the motives of both the business and startups are different. There are many things which make you clear the difference between both of them. Here are some points which show you the difference between startup and business.

  • Risk factor – Risk factor is one of the basic elements to differentiate startup from business. Although risk is involve everywhere without taking risk nothing can be done but the difference is the amount of risk like in Startup there is very high risk as entrepreneur develop new product without knowing about the customer mood there are more chances of failure. But in business there is very less chances of failure that also in its prior stage.
  • Business model – Both startup and business’s model are different from each other. Startup work on an unstable business model as it keep on changing its business model until or unless it reaches to its goal and satisfy its customers. Whereas business works on stable business model as it follows the traditional business model followed by other businesses.
  • Growth
    – Startup is growth oriented company it desires to reach to the goal and beat its competitors as earlier as possible. It serving purpose is for short term and gets success in short period. Whereas business doesn’t wholly focus on getting successful early it wants to serves its customers and be in the market as long as possible.
  • Funding – The ways of taking funds in business and startup are different from each other. Startup rises funding from sources like friends, family and other capital ventures it exchange some amount of its equity share for funding whereas business raises fund from bank loans or sell assets but it doesn’t give its share to other people.
  • Product – Startup develops new and innovative product or service. It manufactures those products which are not available in market and bring their innovative ideas. Whereas business develops existence product or service which are already available in the market and selling by other businessmen.

Is there any type of startup?

Yes, there are six kinds of startups that are different from each other on the basis of their motives and nature. The types of startups are:

  • Lifestyle startup
  • Small business startups
  • Large scale startups
  • Social startups
  • Scalable startups
  • Buyable startups

Before initiating any startup people examine the purpose of their startup and choose one of the above startup.

What are the best startups in Gurgaon?

Although there are lot of startups in Gurgaon that have grounded their roots successfully but we have got together the best and most successful startups of Gurgaon that are successfully providing their products and services to its users and clients. In this article you will get to know about top 20 startups in Gurgaon. So without any delay let’s get started.

Top 20 startups in Gurgaon are:


Silversparo is a startup in Gurgaon founded by Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Ankit Agarwal and Ravikant Bhargav. It has come out with Sparrosense that is an an AI-powered supervisor for manufacturing and heavy industry. Its video analytics forum helps its clients to examine CCTV footage for monitoring people. The company has raised funding of 365K USD in two rounds. For general enquiries you can send mail on or you can call on number +91 7876759999.


UrbanClap is one of the most successful startup based in Gurgaon. It is the finest company that provides great services to its customers. It has the most satisfied customers about 1 million. The startup was founded by Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra and Abhiraj Bhal. It provides a great platform where people can find various experts to get their work done without any trouble. People can search for professionals whether a lawyer or wedding planner, it has about 100+ categories of professionals. Currently, the company is providing its services in about 10 different cities of India and also available in Dubai. You can contact to UrbanClap and ask general queries on or you can ask queries related to media on


Rivigo is one of the best startups in Gurgaon that was founded by Gazal Kalra and Deepak Garg in 2014. The company aims to create logistics human, quicker and safer also inexpensive. It provides services to several industries but not restricted to FMCG, automotive and e-commerce. The company has received funding of $216 million in six funding rounds. You can ask queries through calling on number +91 124 4354300 or 1800-121-8966. You can also send message on whatsapp number +91 7428584513 or you may also send mail on mail id


Fleetx is a startup in Gurgaon founded by Vineet Sharma, Abhay Jeet Gupta, Praveen Kataria, Udbhav Rai and Vishal Mishra in 2017. The company is based on web and mobile app fleet management solution. It offers features such as real time tracking, fleet safety, mileage management, geofencing, predictive diagnostics, automated billing, MIS reporting, etc. It also provide employee transportation management solution. Fleetx also offer customize real time email and SMS alert services for safety of drivers. The company has received funding of 4M USD till now. You can contact to Fleetx through calling on number +91-8076014730 or you can also send mail on email address

My Health Care

My Health Care is a startup in Gurgaon founded by Divya Laroyia, Aneesh Nair and Shyatto Raha in 2017. It is an AI-based app that link patients with doctors in emergency situations. This app consist patients medical history record for doctors in emergency circumstances. It also has a panic button that calls ambulance for patients. The company has raised funding of 5M USD till now.


INDWealth is a startup in Gurgaon founded by Ashish Kashyap in 32018. The company is based on wealth management platform. It provides features like future projections, goal based financial management, tax analytics, tax-saving strategies and personalized guidance of investment products. It offers financial services to its customers. The company has received funding of 57M USD. You can contact to INDWealth through sending mail on


Paperboat is another startup in Gurgaon which is founded by Neeraj Biyani, James Nutall, Suhas Misra and Neeraj Kakkar. It is one of the fastest growing consumer brands that sells different Indian foods and drinks like chikki, jaljeera, etc. It provides single use packaging. In August 2019, the company has came together with Tetra pack to initiate holographic packaging for its product Pomegranate juice and Alphonso Aamras. The new packaging makes the look attractive and also gives good holding so that customer can get the comfortable drinking experience. Narayan Murthy is one of the investor of Paperboat and the company has received funding of $38.2 million. You can call them on 1860-425-4425 or you may also send mail on email id


Lybrate is one of the popular startup in Gurgaon founded by Rahul Narang and Sauraubh Arora. It is a platform which provides ease to the patients to consult doctors online. It also allows on-call session to get advices from medical specialists. The main intention of the startup is to provide a platform to doctors where they can enhance their practice and reach to more patients in the country. The doctors throughout the country can give good advice and suggestions to the patient regarding their problem without visiting to the hospitals.


Shiprocket, initially known as Kartrocket is a DIY ecommerce solution startup in Gurgaon founded by Sahil Goel, Vishesh Khurana and Gautam Kapoor in 2012. It is a platform that allows people to build their ecommerce website in less than 10 minutes. It also provides ecommerce solution to run your business efficiently. It also provides features like free payment gateway interaction, mobile app to direct store and automated shipping solutions. The company has received funding of $14.2 million in five funding rounds. You can contact to Shiprocket through sending mail on email address or you can also call on +91-11-41171832 or +91-9266623006.

Online Tyari

Online Tyari is one of the most popular startup in Gurgaon developed by Bhola Meena, Vipin Agarwal and Udai Meena. Basically, it is a mobile app and web platform that provides solution to students who are preparing for different competitive exams through online mode. It offers best study material and latest study materials provided by coaching institutes, publishers and independent tutors. The company has received funding of $2 million through two funding rounds. You can contact to Online Tyari through call on number 0124-424-9186 or you can also send mail on email address

Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon is a startup in Gurgaon established by Prateek Ruhail, Naina Ruhail and Sahil Shrestha. It provides a platform for the customers to purchase organic products related to beauty and personal care. It ensures that the beaut and personal care products available in the platform are natural, chemical free, cruelty free, toxic free and harmless. You can contact to Vanity Wagon through call on number 093191 06051 or you can also send mail on


CoHo is a star5tup in Gurgaon founded by Uday Lakkar and Amber Sajid. CoHo presents comfortable houses. It is India’s first chain of “co-living” space. It provides a fully-funished rental place with utility services where people with same heads live at the same place. And if you want to invest in your property, the company will assist in furnishing your property and helps you in attracting customers. It is providing services in Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore and Delhi. You can contact to CoHo through sending mail on email address or you can also call on number 9555-095-095.


MakeMy Trip is one of the most successful startup in Gurgaon founded by Deep Kalra in 2000. It is the best online travel company in India. It provides online travel services such as hotel reservations, domestic and international holidsay packages, book flight tickets, rail and bus tickets. It has its offices in foreign countries like Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York and Phuket. You can contact to Make my trip through calling on 0124-4628747 or 0124-2898000.


Parkzap is a popular startup in Gurgaon founded by Pranay Sharma. It is a big headache to park vehicle while going to shopping malls, restaurants or other places. Parkzap is a solution for that parking problem through parkzap you can find nearest vacant parking spot by paying for online ticket and get the parking place easily. You can contact to Parkzap through sending mail on email address or you can also call on +91-9319745939.


Tripoto is one of the popular startups in Gurgaon founded by Michael Pargal Lyngdoh and Anirudh Gupta. Many of the people are there who goes for other people experiences, reviews and suggestions before visiting to the place to get the idea of traveling. Tripoto is a right platform for such people who want to take advice from other people who have already visited the place so that they can make their traveling easy after deducting the circumstances faced by others. You can also become travel expert or meet travelers and also publish your own trip experience in Tripoto. You can contact to Tripoto through sending mail on


Cityfurnish is a startup in Gurgaon founded by Neerav Jain and Saurabh Gupta. The company provides great products of furniture, consumer appliances, fitness equipment and furnishings on rental subscription. The company also offer services to hospitality and commercial segments. Currently, it is offering services in cities such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and now planning to initiate in Hyderabad and Chennai. The company has received funding of $600,000 from Times Group-owned brand capital and other companies as well. It has also received funding of $150,000 from Y-combinator against 7% equity stake. You can contact to CityFurnish through sending mail on email address or you may also call on 080-66084700.


Redcarpetup is a startup founded by Sandeep Srinivasa, Abhay Tamaria and Kartik Venkataraman. The company provides a platform for lending facilities to customers for online purchasing of travel, e-commerce, etc related items. Because of the insufficiency of data most of the finance and credit companies do not provide their services to the customers. Redcarpetup helps in that situation it consist all the data that permit to provide service to those customers who have never taken loan online. The company has received funding of $2.5 million in three funding rounds. You can contact to RedcarpetUp through sending mail on


Axtria is one of the popular startup in Gurgaon established by Jaswinder Chadha and Navi Chadha in 2010. It is a big data analytics company that joints domain knowledge, analytics and technology to provide solutions to its customers make data-driven decisions for customer relations, profit, marketing, sales, suppy chain management, etc. You can contact to Axtria by calling on number +1-877-929-8742 or you can ask queries by sending mail on email address and if you want to ask queries related to career then you can send mail on

Geine Technologies

Geine Technologies is one of the best startup in Gurgaon based on software industry. It delivers great solutions for all modes of communication. It provides seamless experience to its users through mobile or web, in several industries in the following domains:

  • Social networking
  • Partnership relationship management
  • Business process re-engineering

Geine Technologies act as a management consultancy patner for its customers to provide innovative ideas to direct their business goals and problems. You can contact to Geine Technologies by calling on number +91-124-40044192 or +91-124-6182626. You can also send mail on email address


Crepe-fe is a startup founded by Shourrya Sachdeva in 2017 in Gurgaon. The company delivers original desserts of all over the world. It sells various kinds of desserts such as French Crepes, American Bagels, Italian Gelato and Belgium Waffles. The startup is desiring to launch 50+ retail shops through 2022 in India and three retail stores in foreign countries. You can get in touch with Crepe-fe through calling on number +91 84679 11911.

In this article we have presented some of the most successful startups in Gurgaon that is contributing in India’s development and you must know about.

FAQs: Top 10 Startups in Gurgaon

1. What is the startup scene like in Gurgaon?

Discover the vibrant startup ecosystem in Gurgaon, featuring a mix of tech, service, and product-based companies driving innovation and growth.

2. How can I stay informed about Gurgaon’s startup trends?

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Gurgaon’s startup world through our regularly updated blog. Gain insights into emerging business ideas and strategies.

3. Are there any tech startups listed in your blog?

Absolutely, our blog covers a wide array of startups, including tech-based ventures, shaping Gurgaon’s reputation as a tech hub.

4. Can I find information about successful Gurgaon startups here?

Yes, we showcase both emerging and successful startups, giving you a comprehensive view of the startup landscape and its success stories.

5. What industries do the startups in Gurgaon represent?

Gurgaon’s startups span various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, food, and more. Explore the diversity of entrepreneurial endeavors.

6. Is the list of startups regularly updated on your blog?

Yes, our blog is regularly updated to include new and noteworthy startups, ensuring you have access to the latest information.

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Startups can gain visibility and recognition by being featured on our blog, connecting them with potential clients, investors, and partners.

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10. How does the startup ecosystem contribute to Gurgaon’s growth?

The thriving startup ecosystem in Gurgaon plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and fostering innovation in the region.

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