Top 20 Startups in Ahmedabad List 2023 Updated

Top 10 Startups in AhmedabadTop 10 Startups in Ahmedabad

Top 10 Startups in Ahmedabad

Best startups in Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad is also known as the “Business state” and now emerging as a startup hub of India. It has well educated and well-skilled people who are using their skills to develop the best startups. And with their talent and the city’s acceptable environment for startups entrepreneurs are successfully doing their work and running their companies very well with great success. Although there are numerous startups in Ahmedabad we have gathered the top 20 startups of Ahmedabad which are unbeatable and providing great services to its customers.

Here is the list of some successful startups in Ahemadabad that are founded by one of the best entrepreneurs that have come with innovative ideas and executed them very well and also got funding from best companies.

20 top startups in Ahmedabad are:


Hubilo is one of the most successful startup based in Ahemadabad. The startup is a closed based event management forum. The startup was founded by Vaibhav Jain. The company has successfully powered more than 500 events. The main motive of the startup is to provide one of the best platforms for organizing events such as conference, workshop, conference and any other. It makes your event successful with having more than hundreds of event organizers. The company has earned more than rs.10,40,000 till now. You can contact Hubilo by calling on number 9978941672 or you can also send mail on

Chemical Shoppe 

Chemical Shoppe is one of the popular startups in Ahemadabad that was founded by Ritesh and Nilesh Kuma. The reason behind establishing this startup is to provide facilities to the traders and manufactures of chemical to make their products more visible and reach to more customers. basically, it has provides an online platform for chemical and industrial customers like glassware, filter ware, instruments other products. The company has earned revenue of more than Rs.6,20,00,000. You can contact Chemical Shoppe through email or call on number 7567896968.

Purple Docs 

Purple Docs is a popular startup in Ahmedabad that is based on a health record management company. The startup was developed by Deepak Gupta to provide convenience to the customers to retrieve records, reports, MRI, X-rays, scans and various other reports related to health. The company consist of electronics as well as physical records related to patient records and hospital operations. It has generated revenue of more than Rs. 6,15,00,000 till now. You can contact to Purple Docs through sending mail on and call on 9726797567.


Labouradda is one of the best startups in Ahemadabad that was developed by Indu Bhushan Asthana and Siddharth Asthana. It is a great platform that helps in providing employment opportunities to unskilled or semi-skilled labours. The platform connects labours that do odd jobs with the private customers through GPS, mobile app and call centre. It has earned about rs.12,00,000 and generated 20 jobs. You can contact to the Labouradda through sending mail on or you can call on number 9727545445.


Mechmatics is one of the popular startups in Ahmedabad developed by Dewang Modi and Ketan Mistry. The main motive of establishing the company is to create and sell personalized tools for laboratory and research purposes. It has created its huge customer base in India and also it has two international clients based in the USA and Ecuador. The company has created revenue of more than 2,15,000 and generated 14 jobs. You can contact to Mechmatics through sending mail on or call on 9724749118.


Legal Wiz is a successful startup in Ahemadabad founded by Naman Pipara and Shrijay Sheth based on a legal tech company. The main motive of the startup is to help startups with taxation, legal compliance and business professional services. It offers them several services like intellectual property registrations, government & tax registrations and filings, custom legal document drafting, new business registration and several other services. It helps in saving time and resources that can be used by entrepreneurs for further business operations.

My Class Campus 

My Class Campus is one of the startups in Ahmedabad that is based on the education technology industry. The startup was founded by Rachit Dave, Raj Kothari and Rutvij Vora in 2015. The motive of the startup is to offer ERP for educational institutions, it is a cloud-based ERP forum. It helps in connecting teachers, students, management, parents and other stakeholders of an educational institution. Basically, the company provides three subscription packages; basic, advance and premium. The company has also developed an app for educational institutes and also provide website designing platform for the institutes. Almost 2000 institutes and 600000 users are registered with the platform and are available in 10 different countries. My Class Campus has received funding of 1.5 crores from the private investor group.


Lendingkart is a startup in Ahmedabad that was founded by Harshvardhan Lunia and Mukul Sachan in 2014. The startup is based on the financial technology industry. The intention behind creating Lendingkart is to make an online forum through they can lend working capital and loans to startups and entrepreneurs. The basis of lending money is to consider business growth and present year revenue. Currently, 640 employees are working in Lendingkart and have established its offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. It has created revenue of more than $13.1M and raised funding of $161.4M.


Praxnfo is a popular startup in Ahmedabad founded by Umang Kathiyara and Naitik Patel. The motive of establishing the startup is to provide best services to its global customers related to mobile and web application development. All the developers that are working in the Praxinfo have experience of more than 12 years. It provides services like web designing, front end development, cloud-based computing solutions, SWIFT, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, S, SQL Server 2008, Silverlight, C++, Cocoa, PHP Frameworks, Android app development, objective C, Java, etc.

Love For Salad 

Love For Salad is a successful startup in Ahmedabad developed by Vidhya Rana and Ashish Vyas based on the healthy food industry. It is a platform where you can get the best tips and tricks to create a wonderful meal. Its online store has everything which every customer is looking for. The company also consist of several blogs based on cooking several types of food items written by experts.

Sales handy 

Sales handy is one of the most successful startups in Ahemadabad that was developed by Dhruv Patel and Piyush Patel. The company is based on an information technology industry. The main aim of the company is to increase the efficiency of the sales team of a company. It has a team of highly educated and dedicated members that are working hard to give suggestions to the sales team to improve their work and make the process of sales easy. It provides a basic version that is free of cost so you can enjoy several exclusive features. Sales Handy has worked with several businesses in Ahemadabad and also worked with international companies such as Oracle, Uber, Microsoft, and many more.


Tatvic is a successful startup in Ahemdabad based on a digital analytics industry. It is developed by Ravi Pathak to provide digital analytics consulting services to companies on website analytics, conversion rate optimization and mobile app analytics. It consists of a team of professionals that can guide and provide consultancy services to the clients that are facing problems in Data analytics.

Invent India

Invent India is one of the successful startups in Ahmedabad developed by Jyothi Sudhir. The company is based on the design industry. The motive of the company is to create unique and innovative designs and produce incredible products for its customers to create growth. It has gained several awards for its marvellous service in developing great designs for their clients. Its clients include Havells, Kohler, Godrej, Reliance, etc.

Iba Halal Care 

Iba Halal Care is a startup which is running successfully in Ahmedabad and developed by Mauli Teli and Grishma Teli. The startup aims to produce halal and vegan cosmetic brands. It produces more than 60 cosmetic products such as face washes, kajal, hair oil, shampoos, lotions, creams, colour cosmetics, conditioners, lipsticks, perfumes, etc. all are made of vegan products. The company has raised funding of $3 million from Addvantis enterprises.

Let’s Recycle 

Let’s Recycle is a startup which is developed by Sandeep Patel in Ahmedabad. This is a platform which helps in connecting waste collectors to the recyclers. Basically, it collects only dry waste when customer call them it collects dry waste and sends it to the recyclers. It is one of the largest waste management solutions in the country. It charges money to provide its services. The company is providing its services to government bodies, retail sector, hospitals, townships, individual households, industry, etc. It has raised funding of 2 million from Aavishkar.


AlmaMapper is one of the startups in Ahmedabad that provides a platform where it promotes peer to peer learning. It is like a friend and companion that guide other people by telling them all about his/her life. The startup was founded by Pankaj Kaul and Chandra Mauli Sharma.

Jolly Food Fellow 

Jolly Food Fellow is a food-based startup in Ahemadabad that was founded by Rajiv, Khusboo and Niraj. The main reason for establishing the startup is to provide the best quality food to the food lovers. It is a partner with the food entrepreneurs who are willing to make food for the customers to make them satisfy. The company is acquired by the TECHRECO solutions private limited.

All events in City 

All events in the city are one of the successful startups in Ahmedabad that is founded by Amit Panchal And Ruchit Patel in 2011. The startup is based in an event management company. The main intention of creating a startup is to make aware the people about the events happening in their areas. Almost 9 million users are using the platform to search for the events. This platform is useful for the event promoters who are in seek of audiences for their events and people who are in search of events happening around them.


Axio is one of the startups in Ahmedabad based on the medical technology industry. The company was founded by Leo Mavely. It is the first company in India that produces, designs and commercialize haemostatic emergency dressing. The startup intention is to create and develop medical devices based on biomaterials, wound care and hemostats. The company has received funding of $7.4M from Ratan Tata’s RNT capital. Also, Accel Partners and IDG Ventures are partners with it.

White Panda 

White Panda is a writing & editing based startup in Ahmedabad. The company was developed by Roshan Agarwal. It provides a platform where businesses can contact the freelance writers. Nowadays, content writing has emerged as one of the best job and companies require to get quality and informative contents to increase their online presence and expand customer base. It offers high-quality articles in 5 business days.

These are some of the best and successful startups in Ahmedabad that you must know.

Q: Why should I explore the list of startups in Ahmedabad?

A: By exploring the list of startups in Ahmedabad, you can discover emerging trends, investment opportunities, and potential collaborations. It’s a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in the dynamic startup ecosystem of Ahmedabad.

Q: How can I benefit from the startups listed?

A: The startups listed provide a range of opportunities, including employment, internships, partnerships, and investment prospects. You can connect with these innovative ventures, participate in their growth, or even explore potential synergies for your own business.

Q: Are there specific industries covered in the list?

A: Yes, the list encompasses startups from various industries such as technology, healthcare, e-commerce, finance, sustainability, and more. It offers a diverse array of startups, catering to different sectors and interests.

Q: How frequently is the list updated?

A: The list of startups in Ahmedabad is regularly updated to ensure relevance and accuracy. New startups are added, and existing ones are updated with the latest information to provide users with the most up-to-date insights.

Q: Can I submit my startup to be included in the list?

A: Absolutely! If you have a startup based in Ahmedabad or know of one that should be featured, you can submit it for consideration. We aim to showcase the vibrant startup community, so your submission is welcome.

Q: Is the list exclusive to Ahmedabad-based startups?

A: Yes, the focus of this list is on startups operating in Ahmedabad. It serves as a centralized resource for individuals interested specifically in the startup ecosystem of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Q: How can I access the list of startups in Ahmedabad?

A: The list is easily accessible on this page. Simply scroll through and browse the startups to learn more about their innovative solutions, founders, and achievements.

Q: Are there any success stories among the startups listed?

A: Absolutely! Many startups from Ahmedabad have achieved significant milestones, gained national and international recognition, and made a positive impact in their respective industries. The list showcases these success stories, inspiring others in the entrepreneurial community.

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