Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs in India List 2023 Updated

What is a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are a kind of organization or institution involved in providing facilities to other people. The latter are in need and pursue a fantastic idea with full potential to solve the problem of community. These types of organizations put their efforts to create awareness among other people of society and bring some positive changes in society through their initiatives. These institutes can take a risk at a particular time.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with creative ideas to solve social problems. They are ambitious and full-powered to tackle major social issues. And offer them their new ideas for changes in a society at a broader scale. In other words, a social entrepreneur is a person who establishes an enterprise intending to understand public problems and involving in social changes.

The main aim of these organizations is not to earn profit but to implement widespread awareness among other people in a society. So that it can improve in a better way; however, it is still an issue to succeed in the cases. Social entrepreneurs are mostly engaged in the development of society in many instances like health, sanitation, education, welfare, environment and so on.

Features of a social entrepreneur:-

1. To built long term strategies and frameworks for NGOs, CSR, and philosophy etc.

2. To create professionalism and better facilities in social sectors.

3. To solve the most challenging and urgent social problems with their sustainable ideas.

4.To aware them about social issues poorly handled by the government.

5. To provide help in many ways like medical facilities, education, sanitation, etc.

6. To fulfil basic needs like nutrition, livelihoods, transportation, education, communication, financially, entertainment, and so on.

7. To keep the focus on unserved components.

8. Profit earning is not the only motive.

Here are the top 10 social entrepreneurs who have decided to change the lives and their destinies. And these are as follows:-

Social Entrepreneurs in India

1.Sharad Vivek Sagar

Sharad Vivek Sagar is born Patna, Bihar. He is 26-year-oldmen. This handsome hung is well educated. He has achieved so many things in his life like U.S. PresidentBarack Obama has invited him in his White House for the inaugural ceremony. Also, the Rockefeller foundation enrolled him in the list of 100 people for the next innovators. At the age of 16, he has founded Mastery global. His mission is to connect with kids who belong to slum areas and provide them with his best opportunities. With his work, he has also offered several opportunities to more than 1 million students. Because he believes that the upcoming generation of leaders are sitting in the classrooms right now and if best opportunities are provided to these students, they can change the overall world. By this, he has also faced many failures in his life like he has been rejected from Harvard University for further studies.

2. Urvashi Sahni 

Urvashi Sahni is one of the best entrepreneurs in India. She is the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Study Hall Education Foundation. This organization is devoted to those girls who could not get education for some reasons throughout in India. Many girls were able to gain knowledge through the help of this organization. She has changed the lives of a thousand girls. She was also honoured by the “Social Entrepreneur of The Year” award in 2017 for her noble act.

3. Harish Hande

Harish Hande is born on 1 March 1967, in Udupi Taluk. He was the organizer of Selco. He was honoured by Raman Magsaysay award in 2011 for his expedient attempt in reaching the solar power technology to the poor. You can find harish on twiter @harishhande 

4. Jeroo Bilimoria

Jeroo Bilimoria social entrepreneur of India who is the originator of several International NGO’s for the improvement of society. Her work has been highlighted in many books. She launched the “Childline” which is basically for street children, that provide health care facility and police protection. She was honoured by Skoll award.

5. Anshu Gupta

Anshu Gupta took birth in a middle-class family. He is the originator of “Goonj”. He is a community worker who runs an NGO which provide clothes to those who can’t afford to buy clothes or are need it. He was also honoured by Raman Magsaysay award in 2015.

6. Santosh Parulekar

Santosh Parulekar is a founder of ‘Pipal Tree’. He is involved in the generation of jobs for the jobless youth in rural India. The main organization focus is to provide the necessary training to the youngsters and provide them with the respected posts widely in the nation.

7. Olivia Deka

Olivia Deka is an originator of “She For Change”. It is a foundation for those girls who are not well treated by their families and societies and making them led down. So this organization helps in promoting their dreams and fulfil their desires. Her main intention behind the “She For Change”, is women empowerment.

8. Piyush Ghosh

Piyush Ghosh is an administrator of India’s first-ever merely positive newspaper- The Optimist Citizen. The press only prints the positive and inspiring stories of those unhonoured individuals which are not recognized by anyone for their best works. For this, he was honoured by the Manthan award in 2015, and he was the person who achieved it at a very young age. His main objective is to extend the exciting news throughout the country as many as possible.

9. Chetan Gowda

Chetan was born on 11 February 2000. He belongs to Banglore. He is the youngest social entrepreneur who establishes an organization named “Khoon”. The main reason behind the “Khoon” is, a tragic incident took place in his life when he was 16 years old, his respected teacher died because of the deficit of blood in blood banks. Hence, he decided that whatever he had faced, it will not be met by anyone. So, he began “Khoon”, a corporation which provides blood in an hour to a needy person all over India.

10. Aarushi Batra

Aarushi Batra is the head of Robin Hood Army. She created this NGO for those thousands of people who don’t get food to eat. She, together with her three friends, started working as Robin Hood Army. The volunteers assemble a meal from a wedding or restaurants and deliver to the needy people.

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