Fashion Bloggers in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

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Fashion has become the lifeline for the Indian people’s as style keeps them up to date and beautiful, charming and young by heart. Style attracts people towards it, and because of this fashion, people started keeping maintained themselves. 

Fashion has usually performed by the fashion industry, model, and Bollywood actor and actress. And this fashion is made by fashion designers. People can also live up to date by hiring a personal fashion designer, but it is not possible for all so that they can follow the fashion blogger for getting ready with trendy attire. 

Being glamour’s has become the trendy dream of everyone. Indian is showing their talent in the fashion industry, and these fashions become a trend. This fashion industry is spreading rapidly. There are so many people’s who are working as a fashion influencer, fashion designer and many people gives there opinion on fashion and became a fashion blogger.

Best fashion blogs in india 

  1. Santoshi Shetty – Known as fashion and lifestyle blogger with a million fan followers on social media. She has awarded as “Blogger of the year” in 2016 by Elle and cosmopolitan. She won an award as “Palladium Spotlight’s” 2017 with the title of fashion blogger of the year.

Her blog name is :

She was an architecture student who loves to do designing she loves to play with the trend and being trendy. Her love is colours, patterns and texture. Her blog name is

2. KritikaKhurana– ThebohogirlkritikaKhurana She is a well known Indian fashion blogger, stylist. She is popular among fashion lovers with 420,000 Instagram followers. She also taught about fashion with her YouTube channel and helped the people for being trendy.

Her blog name is :

3. Purushu Arie– Purushu Arie “R V Purusothaman” He promotes gender-neutral fashion in India. He is doing fashion blogging since 2009. He did his studies in the way designing in New Delhi. He also works for as a means wear designer in Delhi in the year 2013.

Blog Name :

4. Shalini Chopra – Shalini Chopra and her blog are related to fashion, travel. She is a fashionholic and style icon. She also sells the stuff of her wardrobe to her readers. Shalini belongs to Bangalore. Shalini’s fashion blog name is ‘Stylish by nature.” Shalini loves to be fashionable from her childhood. Shalini’s blog, stylish by nature, is not much costly. People can afford the trend in their budget with the help of Shalini.

Her blog name is :

5. Masoom Minawala– Masoomminawala is is an entrepreneur and a blogger who loves to tell her fashion style to everyone. Miss style fiesta is her fashion portal. She has such a significant fan following of social media and being and loved by everyone. 

She is from Mumbai and done a diplomatic course in arts in her studies.

Her blog name is :

6. Aashana Sharoff– Aashanashroff is the girl who made herself what she is today. She is also known as social media celebrity because she has a ton of followers. She is well known for her YouTube beauty and fashion channel “The Snob General” She has a collection of beauty tips and trick on her channel and most popular on her Instagram account.

Her blog name is :

7. Gia Kashyap – She is very passive and passionate about her work. She is so workaholic, and She is a travel blogger beauty influencer and more than millions of fam on Instagram. She worked as a graphic designer at the age of 15. And the very early age she started her own t-shirt business and then after she became a fashion columnist.

Her blog name is :

8. Akansha Redhu – She is known as “personal Styler” She earns a lot with her YouTube channel. She gives her best in providing quality content, and she covers a lot of materials over technology, hospitality, fashion, travel, beauty, events for her followers. AkanshaRedu is Delhi based lady. Akansha has worked with so many big companies. She is such a photoholic and always shares her trendy photographer with her social media fans.

Her blog name is :

9. Parimita Chakravorty – Paramita, the founder of Mumbai gloss. She is a multi-talented lady, a great writer, author, blogger and communication specialist. She has given much accessible content for the websites related to fashion beauty and attire. Her written book “Look stunning at any size” got many reviews and liked by her fans so much. She also has given an interview by the mint for food channel. In future, she is planning for another blog that we taught the people about style and will provide e-book platform to her readers.

Her blog name is :

10. Tanya Virmani– Tanya Virmani the well known Indian blogger who tells about fashion and lifestyle to the people with the help of the online platform. She is also a travel blogger who used to travel and shares the experience and photos on social media and always remains highlighted with her fashion attire. Tanya has done with fashion course from NIFT Delhi. Her blog name is Let’s expresso. 

She always focuses on the latest trending trends. She also promotes vegetarian food from all over India on her travel blog.

Her blog name is :

India has many talented bloggers who help other people to be in trend. Fashion blogger work is to cover all the fashion-related things and should be very trendy. Fashion is in our mind all is that we have to follow that trend. Fashion blogger writers article for the people and also clicks photos by wearing trendy attire and trendy look. It has said that beauty lays in the eyes of the person, but this fashion blogger creates vision. 

Fashion blogger plays the role of a good creator, stylist, journalist, model and a friend who techs you about fashion and about being fashionable. The trend is what makes you feel beautiful at every age and stage of life. Fashion keeps changing day to day, so we have also to alter us with fashion as people always wanted to be with the positive and up to date people. Fashion can keep you trendy and young.  As new is still glamour’s and only fashion creates that glam. Fashion is an art, and fashion blogger is an artist.

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