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Top 10 Seo Companies In Kolkata List 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Seo Companies In Kolkata List 2023 Updated

Did you know that your very own city, Kolkata is known as ‘the city of joy’? Yes! You heard it absolutely right. This is no figment of your imagination. Home to the beautiful Howrah Bridge, anyone can be astonished by its splendid beauty. Well, if this city has so much to give that it can be named as the city of joys, then, of course, it can make you a happy camper with its wide range of SEO companies.

Well, I know how you must be wondering what SEO actually means. This thought must have been a bee in your bonnet for quite some time now, right? Well, to start with, SEO is search engine optimization. It makes your website appear on the very first page of any search engine and that too on the top! How does it feel to attain rank one in the exams? Feels like you’ve got all the wings to fly? Well, similar is the feeling when your website comes on the top. Eager to know what are the essential ingredients to attain the best SEO strategies? Well, these SEO companies will provide you with all what you need! Just check them out!

  1. Expro Lab Infotech Pvt Ltd

This is one of the most prominent IT companies, which boasts of having an array of skilled and well-tested strategies to obtain great results for SEO. With the avowed intent to get your website on the first page of any web browser, this company believes in bringing virtual ideas alive and works day in and day out relentlessly to fulfill their promise of providing you with the most optimal SEO strategies. Well, grab this opportunity and check out their website!

MOB: +91 9831300550

Address:  3rd Floor, Mondal House, Noapara, Chinar park.
Kolkata- 700157
Landmark : Beside of Trends.



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Well, did you ever know that SEO is not just a standalone, it has lot many branches attached to it? Want to know the name of those branches? Well, SEO services, SEO pricing, local SEO, these are just a few to name. There are many more fruits which are attached to these branches. If you want to get hold of a sweet flavored fruit from the branches of SEO, then what are you waiting for? Quickly check out this company’s website!

Address: Shaila Towers,2nd Floor, J1/16 EP & GP Block, Electronics Complex, Sector V, Saltlake Kolkata – 700091.

MOB: +91-33-46003378 / +91 9830481699




 Ever imagined how machines work? It’s too daunting a task for us to work persistently, day in and day out. But look at machines! They don’t need any food or water for their sustenance. They work relentlessly and never get tired. Similar is the work of this company. Striving towards excellence each day, they work tirelessly to provide you with the best SEO techniques so that you can see your website on the very first page of the browser. Eager to know more about this company? Check them out!

Address: 10F, S. P. Mukherjee Road Near Purna Cinema, Bhowanipore Kolkata – 700025, West Bengal

MOB:  +91-33-4062 0783 (ENQUIRY)

+91-33-40636030 (HR)



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This company began its journey in the hot summers of June 2009 and hence boasts of a 9-year experience. It is generally said that the older you get, the wiser you become and this company is a testament to this face. With an array of most useful techniques to optimize your SEO, this company has already gained a lot of expertise in the SEO field and is on a crest of a wave. there’s a lot more about this company, unrevealed. Wonders will never cease! They have offices in various other locations as well like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and also in abroad like in London, Singapore. Don’t believe me? This out their website!

Address: 2nd Floor, SDF Building,
Saltlake Electronic Complex,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

MOB:  +91-8017111535




There are surely a number of ingredients that must be added to make seo a real success. Guessing what those ingredients are? Well, digital marketing, web development, web designing, content marketing are some of the most essential ones! Want to know more? Well, I won’t let the cat out of the bag here. To know more about those ingredients, check out this company’s website, which assists you with every small problem that you encounter on your way to optimal SEO and hence make your website a success story!

Address: 210B/1B Kali Charan Ghosh Road, Kolkata – 700 050
West Bengal, India.

MOB: +91 9874232797, +91 9804 424 048, +91 7890 537 055,+91 9804 424 048



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Can you define what a pixel is? Yes, of course, it is the smallest addressable unit in a picture. Much similar to its name, this company looks for even the most minute flaws that tend to occur in SEO. Hence, they believe in the complete optimization of your website. Needless to say, anything more, if you want to take into account the every minute detail of optimizing your website, then just quickly visit their website!

Address:: HL Sarkar Road, Kolkata, India

MOB: +91 336 4444 615




 A friend in need is a friend indeed, it is said. So, what if your website could be friends with SEO? Well, then, of course, seo would favor your website and paddle your canoe through hot waters. So ranging from organic SEO services to first-page ranking to finally making your website SEO friendly, this company has all the tricks in its kitty. Check them out soon!

Address: New Sonali Park
Naktala, Garia
Kolkata – 700084
West Bengal,

MOB: + 91 9051 834150 82400 86889



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If you wish to have an access an unparalleled quality in the fields of web designing and web development and not to forget the SEO, with the very full coverage of digital marketing and content writing, then this website is a one-stop destination for you! So what are you waiting for? Just grab hold of this opportunity before you lose it!


Address: 105/35A 2nd Floor, Dum Dum Road, Seal Colony, P.O. – Motijheel, P.S. – Dum Dum, Kolkata- 700074, West Bengal, India.

MOB: 9836642543 /8697308474



  1. Extensive ideas

 The founders of this company are from the prestigious institute that is, IIM (Indian Institute Of Management). When you visit their website, you’ll surely enter into the world of SEO. This company takes you on a journey of seo with different stoppages like digital marketing, PPC, content marketing and not to forget video marketing! They believe that video marketing can become the future’s most widely used marketing strategy. So if you wish to know more about their thought-out research process, their ‘extensive’ ideas and garner expertise in SEO strategies and make you’re your website on the first page, then what are you waiting for? Quickly contact them!

Address: Birati, near Kolkata Airport, Kolkata, West Bengal

MOB: +91-9836375842



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 They provide everything that you need to make your website a great success. Be it the exemplary digital marketing strategies, content writing, web designing or SEO strategies, this company has all these in its kitty. They give efficient content writing services with zero level of plagiarism and highly standardized content. Well, if you feel this is just what your website needs, then go check out its contact details soon!

Address: 141A/2P/1 South Sinthee
Road Kolkata-700050

MOB: +91 9477460317




 Do you want more lead? Do you want better branding? Then visit this company! Whether you want to seek help in digital marketing, content writing or branding, this company can fulfill all your needs with just a click! With its full stack marketing solutions, this company believes in turning dreams into reality. So being on the first page of Google or Bing or Yahoo, is not a dream anymore! They’ll turn this into reality! Still wondering these seven boats exactly are? Don’t bother yourself much and quickly figure it out by visiting this company soon!

Address: Unit #304, Diamond Arcade, 1/72, Cal Jessore Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700055, India

MOB:  :+91 801 7049 042 / +91 9674 937 499 / +91 33 4064 7085



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 It is rightly said, that money often costs too much. Indeed! But this website has set clear crystal prices as to how much it’ll cost for making your website a topper. They don’t make you rely on just ballpark figures! With minimal rates to make your website come to the top, this company does every possible thing to brand your website! So what are you waiting for? Quickly contact them!


MOB: +919804554246




If you are looking for a perfect blend of creativity, branding, and successful results, then here I                                introduce you to a company which is a one stop destination for all these. be it digital marketing, creative graphic web design, online marketing via seo/sem/smo, this website knows all the ingredients to make a perfect website dish with great seo features. If you want your website to bask in the glory of success, then quickly visit this company!

Address:  1st Floor, Plot-3, Sonarpur Station Road, Netaji Sports Complex Greenpark (beside BOI),, Kamalgazi, Narendrapur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700103

MOB: +91 80135 10101 / +91 9874491079



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 If you wish to acquire solutions regarding your seo problems, which are innovative and out of the box, then check out this website! It gives you no hare-brained ideas. Just real stuff is what you’ll find here. So if you have ever seen that dream of having your website on the first page of the browser, then this website will make your dream come true and you’ll see your website pass the seo test with flying colors! So what are you waiting for? Quickly visit them!

Address: 2C, Kalicharan Ghosh Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata, 700050

MOB:  91-9330160431



  1. GetTraffic

I know the traffic on roads is one of the most awful sites that we ever come across. But what about the traffic on your website? Seems like heaven? Of course, yes! So if you wish to divert all the online traffic onto your website, then this company is giving you exactly what you need. So quickly visit this website and grab hold of all the traffic before it gets too late. Here are the details:

Address: 96, Beltala Road, 3rd Floor,
Kolkata-700026, India

MOB: +91 8100926033



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  1. SEOXperts INDIA

 Well, how many of us look for that ‘X’ factor whenever we do any task? Oh, I can see an array of hands! That’s such an overwhelming response, I must say. This company, does not just have that ‘X’ factor in its name, but also in its work. Striving towards excellence, this company has a great team of experts in every arena related to seo. Be it digital marketing, seo techniques, they top all the fields. Surely they can set your website on the crest of a wave! so what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity!

Address: Salt Lake, Sector – 1, Sector 1,
Kolkata-700064, West Bengal, India

MOB: 91-33-40043941



How does it feel to be on cloud nine? Well, I am sure it knocks you down with the feather. But here is a company which has so much in store for you that it can knock your socks off! Located not just in Kolkata, but this company has its wings in the USA and New Zealand as well. Any doubts you have regarding web development, and this site is exactly what you need to scout for! It surely adheres to its name, taking people on cloud nine with the increased traffic on the website. It’s surely a must try!

Address: DN2, Signet Tower, Salt Lake City, Sector V, Kolkata – 700091

MOB: +91 33 4062-4140


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 With the aim of turning imagination into reality, they boast of high-end technologies which can lead to the increased branding of your website and not to forget, it can increase the traffic on your website by leaps and bounds. An expert in SEO, it can deal with probably every problem that you encounter in SEO. Still wondering what ‘TS’ stands for? Check out their website then!

Address:  Allahabad Bank Building (3rd Floor), Sodepur Road, Madhyamgram, Kolkata: 700129, India

MOB: 91-9836720921




 Rightly said,

“ Temporary solutions might often lead to permanent problems”

This company surely believes in this concept and therefore, it is here to help you find the best solutions to your web-related problems. If you wish to jump-start your career in IT and looking for a platform that could perfectly suit your needs and help you design a website, then this what you exactly need! Not to forget, this company has its roots in Australia and UK as well! So kick start!

Address: AJ-60, Salt lake city, Kolkata 700091

MOB: (033)40001406



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This is one of the premier SEO companies of  Kolkata. Yes, you heard it right! It blends the finest SEO strategies together from the around the world and prepares the best techniques to garner traffic on to your website. Now tell me, what makes a meal? Surely some ingredients are required, but it takes great skills to mix these ingredients in the right amount and this company surely does that! So grab this opportunity and visit this company in Kolkata!

ADD:  Sova Infotech Pvt Ltd, Anuj Complex, H1/16, S.L.Sarani(VIP Road), Kolkata 700 059, India

MOB: 91-9830874569



If You want to add your company in this then you send your company details at this email id:

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