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What Top 10 Qualities a Human Resource Should Have?

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What Top 10 Qualities a Human Resource Should Have?

Every job requires great skills and potential to do it and hr is one among them . It’s a job which needs a very unique set of skills and top 10 you can find below-

1-Great Communication Skills

While Hr team are the only people who first connect to employees, who will be joining or have already joined and they are obliged to make a great communication within an organisation as well. Having a great communication skills of hr can help the organisation to make good ecosystem and relationship within the organisation.Good communication skills doesn’t mean that the person should only know how to blaber but it should be formal and upto all corporate standards which also includes few tricky lines.So, if anyone wants to be an hr need to work on their good formal communication skills.

2-People Skills– 

Many people don’t know about this very crucial skill which is important for being an hr. Now what does this means?? People skills means that when a person can talk to any person without any hesitation and judgements.This skill is not very common don’t worry if you think you don’t have as this comes after you can have a sense of equality within your mindset.Some people are lucky to have this skill but being an hr if you think you don’t have you need to develop it as this will help you in improving your workings.


As an hr you need to learn multitasking because one side you will be talking to the employees on the other hand you have to handle your boss call with that you will be receiving an urgent mail which you need to revert within 5 min and many more.Hash! Thinking this scenario making you feel like you are in a mess!! If it feels like a mess you can never be an hr. Multitasking is a very must skill every hr professional should possess to reach on the top in your career and truly critical.

4-No ego baggage-

Train yourself to take nothing personally, especially when you are an hr you need to have this quality or skill of not carry any ego baggage which can lead you or any person down. Carrying ego means you are destroying the relationship between you and the employee. Human resources now a days don’t understand that if they will take everything personally then they will be destroying their peace of mind not of others.So, hrs take a chill pill and don’t take anything personally but don’t let bad employees treat you in a bad way.

  5-Presence of mind-

This skill is also most important to become an hr. Imagine you are taking an interview of a candidate and candidate is not able to answer any of the questions but you can see that he/she has the potential to do the job and he/she is the right candidate for the job as the experience is relevant and it’s worth giving a try.So,here you need a good presence of mind to make a candidate comfortable first and now the question arises that how? so the answer is presence of mind that will help you for picking those questions according to the candidate interest or comfort zone.You need to figure out candidates comfort zone and make them feel that yes he/she can do it if they have that potential to do it.


Presentable doesn’t mean wearing luxury clothes,shoes,jewellery and other luxury items. Presenting yourself formally means sophistication, groundness, etiquette and how you are treating others. As an hr if you are presentable enough then you could be most valued person all in all.

7- Bold-

Hr should be bold enough but boldness doesn’t means rudeness. Rudeness and boldness are very different terms with highly different means. Some hr think if they are loud and rude they are bold but being an hr boldness is important because hrs have to deal with good as well as worst situation, they need to terminate employee or need to give the appraisal. So, when they need to explain tell their opinion and they need to prove their valid point that why the thing has happened with an employee.

8-Technical Skills-

Nowadays the generation is moving into an era of digitization and every work is going to be digitized as well. Earlier the resumes were filtered,shortlisted and rejected manually by human resource team but now there are different types of software which can make Hrs work easy. So, to use those softwares the human resource people should have some basic technical knowledge so that they can take benefits from this digital era.  

9-Listening and Understanding-

In Hr profile there are many roles and responsibilities and solving or taking care of employees grievances,issues and problems and everyone expects to resolve it in less time is a part of it. So, to solve the issues/ problems first hr should understand the problem of employee and for understanding it they need to listen to it carefully.Listening and understanding will help to resolve it very easily and in less time.

10-Writing Skills-

As an hr you not only need to communicate through words but you also need to communicate through mail and other written modes. So, for that you need to have good writing skills and you need to know all those tricky lines which can convey your message with motivating words.For example when you need to tell the candidates that they have not been selected and if you know how to convey in an appropriate manner you will be able to do it without demotivating them.

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