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8 Points on How can people learn to speak English faster?

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8 Points on How can people learn to speak English faster?

I can Talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English because English is a very Funny Language – Everyone knows this famous dialogue by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan from the movie Namak Halal. English is often considered as a language which is difficult to learn and speak by the non-English speakers. But actually, it is not! Anyone can easily learn English and that too, at a speedy rate if one follows the below 8 listed points. So, let us quickly get over the 8 points on How can people learn to speak English faster?

Here we go – 8 Points on How can people learn to speak English faster?

  1. Make a Schedule

Before reading further, it is important to know that you can learn anything if you plan your day wisely by making a schedule and following it daily, without fail. So, here’s how you can do it- Schedule your day with the total number of hours you will be dedicating towards learning English and how much will be dedicated to learning new things, revising the old one, writing, and speaking. This will help you learn better and faster. Everyday before going to bed, make a schedule for the next day and list in detail all the tasks that you will be working on.

  1. Practice

Learning English quickly can be a whole lot easy when it is practiced regularly until speaking becomes a habit. Practice makes anyone perfect and you can take advantage of this fact. Learn daily, and most importantly – practice all the learned lessons daily without any excuse. Patience is the only key which will help you in winning this war of mastering English faster. Hence, keep patience; try harder; practice daily and you will succeed.

  1. Listen to Audio Books

This is by far, the most exact and fun solution to learning English faster. If you are still wondering How can people learn to speak English faster, then this is the perfect solution. Listening to audiobooks and watching English movies(mainly with sub-titles) can help you in learning and speaking English at home itself. Audio books are a great source of learning and you will learn faster from them. Plus,

they are very knowledgeable and you will get rich insights from audiobooks. You will start seeing the difference once you start doing this activity regularly.

  1. Practice Writing

We are often advised by our parents and elders that writing is the perfect way to remember long answers. Well, it is perfectly true! Writing increases brain usage to 20% and you will start remembering things more accurately. Hence, if you are very serious about learning English and want to remember the Sentence formation, you shoul practice writing for at least half an hour a day. This will improve your Sentence formation skills along with enhancing the vocabulary.

  1. Learn Phrases

The English language is incomplete if you don’t use the phrases. So, one of the most important point on How can people learn to speak English faster is to learn the common Phrases of the language. These phrases are a group of words carrying a special meaning and can be used perfectly when you need to define any particular event or situation. When you learn phrases and understand them well, you can be more confident in speaking which in turn improves het self-esteem and inspires you to learn more.

  1. Speak with people

The most important part of learning is to implement what you have learnt. And when learning a new language, it is important that you try as much as possible to speak it daily. Now, speaking it daily does not mean speaking to your self but it truly means that you start speaking English in front of others. Be with people who have knowledge of English and who you think can genuinely correct you and will not mock you. Learn from them and from your own mistakes but be with the right people who will help you level up. Remember! Self-esteem is very important.

  1. Determination

Well, learning English is not rocket science but it is not that easy as well. Still your sheer Determination can do wonders for you. This is also one of the most important points on How can people learn to speak English faster. Now, that if you have read all the above points properly and have pledged to follow them, then you should consider this one also, very seriously. It is because for doing any single thing and mastering it, a determination is necessary. You can only succeed in learning English faster when you truly determine that whatever

the situation is, you are not going to change your decision of learning as it is what really matters above all the points.

  1. Evaluate

Eavaluate and rate yourself at the end of the day. This will help you in tracking your performance. Evaluation will also help you take a closer look at your weak areas and you can plan accordingly on how to improve them. Remeber – Self-evaluation is the wisest evaluation you could ever do as you are the only one who can understand yourself better. Hence, honestly evaluate yourself and work accordingly.

These were some of the strongest points which, when implemented can make a huge impact while learning and speaking English fluently and confidently. Now, when you know the secret points on How can people learn to speak English faster; then why wait? Start learning English while following these pieces of advice and you will definitely succeed!!

Bhanu Garg

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