It can be frustrating, spending time, effort, and money on a campaign without its expected returns. Even more frustrating when you see the customers come into your funnel and still do not take the expected action. 

It is nice to get a few clicks, and your prerogative is to facilitate the customers to take action. If that is not happening, then there is a big problem. In a bid to determine whether you are losing money on your ad campaigns, measuring return on ad spend. 

Think of ROAS as digital advertising return on investment, and it is the returns businesses get from spending money on digital ads. As much as you want visibility, your business deserves patronage. 

Optimization is the key to becoming more visible and reaching the audience that desperately needs your products and services. No matter the quality you are offering, you still will not get sales if you are selling it to the wrong market. This is the essence of optimization in the digital space to promote businesses to those who need it.

In a bid to optimize your ROAS and improve your business revenues, you can employ a few tactics. Since many businesses set google ad campaigns, these tactics are tailor-made for the search engine. 

Refine the Keywords

The importance of keywords in expanding your business online cannot be overemphasized. Audience engagement and patronage rely heavily on the way you structure your keywords while setting your google ads

You have to be more specific in the keywords you add to the campaign. For example, if you are into an automobile business. It would be best if you gave a detailed description of what you are offering. Instead of adding just Toyota, you can go one better by adding, 2007 Black Toyota Camry. This eliminates people who ate not interested in this kind of car. Also, use long-tail keywords for all product pages. 

Check out keyword tools to analyze what people are searching for in your niche. Since there is fierce competition in many fields online, you need to tap into interested customers’ searches. It is also essential that as the google ad campaign goes on, you should keep refining those keywords. Humans beings are dynamic; hence their searches may change over time. 

Negative Words

Adding words that are not related to your business is a smart strategy. It won’t make sense to pay when someone clicks on a not related to your business. The best option is to hide your ads from people that are not likely to convert—thereby saving money for other aspects of the google ad campaign.

Merge your Landing pages to your ads

You want to be able to give the users a seamless experience when accessing your website. Part of that experience is in the transition from the click to the landing page. No one wants to click on an ad for new shoes and go to a page showcasing sportswear. People want ease; hence set up your Google ads to take the user directly to the landing page they are looking for.

Improve your services

Although having just clicks is futile based on the amount of money you must have spent on the ads. It is still an opportunity for you to market your services.  When an online shopper clicks, you have an opportunity to market to that person. 

Make sure your services are fast, reliable, and secure. Many shoppers abandon their carts, so you can offer a deal and incorporate a live chat. Let them know you are available to them.

Product Listing Ads

Product listing is in the similitude of photos that appear at the top of the search engine and, in this case, Google. These photos contain the links to where the products can be purchased. Hence adding product listing ads is a great way to optimize your ROAs.

Quality Scores

Google rewards ads, keywords, and landing pages with a quality score that allows you to get a reduced price. But far beyond the discounted price, you can get better ad positioning on google. The quality scores are determined by the clickthrough rate, user experience on landing pages, and your ads’ relevance. 

Optimize for Phones

Pay attention to the web traffic on mobile phones for you to expand and get more people to convert.  You have to optimize your website for mobile. Since more than half of the global web traffic is from mobile phones, you have to pay attention to the user experience on mobile phone and make sure that customers can access all parts of the website from anywhere. This will improve your ROAs.

Location is Key

Ensure you only target people in locations that are guaranteed to access your services and buy your products. You do not have to pay for advertising for places you do not ship your products to or areas where your services do not cater. 

Bid for Ads on Different Platforms

Using google analytics, you can deduce which platform people use the most to access your services. With this knowledge, you can channel your bids and the places that will take the highest priority. It will be wasteful to set bids in places with low traffic, but maximizing the knowledge you have in setting bids will be more strategic. Using a digital ad platform is excellent for mobile phone users.

Go with the season

You may not need to pay for advertising if the clamor for that service and product is slow during that time of the year. Focus your google ads on specific times of the year, thereby setting up relevant ads that go with the season. 


Avoiding some minor blimps while setting up your Google ads can be the difference-maker in your business. You need to consider the smallest of details so that you utilize the money for the right purposes. This time strategically those ads to improve your ROAS – leave no stone unturned. 

Author:  The dire need for digital marketing in today’s world has made me share some amazing trends everyone must need to know. I, Sarah, have been in the business for years and have been writing professionally as well. My articles are promising enough to serve you with everything that delivers what digital marketing is and what SEO steps can make you win the game. Stay tuned and grab the best. 



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