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Top 10 Ngo in Kolkata List 2023 Updated For Women, Child Education

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Top 10 Ngo in Kolkata List 2023 Updated For Women, Child Education

List of Ngo in Kolkata

  1. Hope Child

The Hope Kolkata Foundation strives – with the help of partner organization – to create a just and equitable society where people can live a quality life with dignity. The Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF) was established in Febraury 1999 for the protection and development of children on the street and in difficult circumstances.

Our Services

Girl2B Education Support


HEALTH – Community Health Care


CHILD WATCH – Nabaasha

Contact No:- 33 24742904 / 24542007


Address:- 39, Panditiya Place, Kolkata – 700029 West Bengal, India

  1. Calcutta Rescue

Although India is a rising power today, the harsh reality of poverty and deprivation cannot be ignored. India met its target in the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty by half by 2015, yet it is still home to a quarter of the world’s poorest people. And in Kolkata, some reports estimate that one-third of the population lives in the city’s bustees.

Our Services

Health Program

Education Project

Handicrafts Projects

Safe Drinking Water

Contact No:- +91 9836271771


Address:- Supervisor 4 Tara Shankar Sarani, Kolkata – 700 037,West side of Talapark.

  1. Smile NGO

Situational Management & Inter Learning Establishment Society” popularly known as SMILE Society /SMILE NGO was established in 31st Aug 2003 & later Registered under Indian Society Act in 2004 .SMILE Was founded by a volunteer social activist named Mr.Debabrata Chakraborty with the support of his entire family & friends who really wanted to bring smile around through Volunteer initiative.It is now a big platform for International & Local youth who wish to volunteer in India and Abroad for noble causes.

Our Services

  • International Voluntary WorkCamps
  • Student Group Volunteering
  • International volunteering
  • Students Voluntary Work

Email:- info(at)

Address:- Dr Ambedkar Sarani Rd, 9 Rail Gate, West Udayrajpur, Guda Gaspur, Madhyamgram, Kolkata, West Bengal 700130

  1. Aim india

Aim India Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable and non-religious organization, creating long lasting positive change in the lives of the poorest and vulnerable citizens of India. AIM India Foundation was established on 3rd March, 2016 by a group of Indian Development Professionals.

Our Services

Education Initiative

Healthcare Initiative

Environment Initiative

Relief to the poor Women Empowerment

Swachh Bharat

Awareness Programmes

Contact No:- (+91) 983-005-2963


Address:- 41, Ballygaunge Terrace, India – 700029, West Bengal, Kolkata

  1. Prayasam

Prayasam in its 23rd year has adopted 10 new communities and along with its 5 old ones has started a new programme, COMMUNITY AMBASSADORS. From Child Area Health Minders to Community Youth Minders, Prayasam has always focused on organizing the children and the youth of the Communities to take onus of their own lives and thereby, taking onus of their communities. Prayasam’s process of work has been documented by various agencies, the most prominent amongst them is The Revolutionary Optimists, a film made by Stanford University to capture the work process of our organization.

Our Services

Contact No:- +91 33 23343919 / +91 33 40045956

Address:- Salt Lake City Prayasam CG 65 , Sector 2 , Salt Lake City Kolkata 700091


BHARATIYA JANA SEVA MISSION is a Govt. Registered Social Service and development organization envisages a society wherein common people will reign supreme in shaping their own future. People will be unleashing their latent potential in creating a just and all round sustainable society with their whole-hearted and utmost participation.

Our Services


Contact No:- 033-2552-2244 , Mob: 8697223015


Address:- 36, K.N.C. Road, Udyachal , Barasat, Kolkata-700124, West Bengal India.

  1. The Hope Foundation

Since its creation in 1999, The Hope Foundation (HOPE) has restored lost childhoods and ensured human rights to hundreds of thousands of street and slum dwellers throughout Kolkata, India. HOPE continues to work with recognized local partner organisations to tackle the root causes of abject poverty, whilst encouraging communities to shape their own sustainable futures.

Our Services

  • Protection
  •  Education
  •  Health Care
  •  Livelihood
  •  Capacity Building

Contact No:- +91 33 4064 5851


Address:- C-533 Lake Garden Near – S.B.I Lake Garden Branch Kolkata – 700045

  1. Nutri Right

Nutriright is an attempt at crowdsourcing meaningful nutritious donations by providing a single platform through which potential donors can get information about various NGOs and get access to a nutrition list that in turn informs meaningful donations. By acting as an efficient mediator we hope to bridge the gap between the donor and the recipient.

Our Services

  • Nutritional Food
  • Health
  • Education
  • Women Enpowerment

Contact No:- 9007912539


Address:- 219B, Lake Terrace Rd, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

  1. Swayam

Swayam is a feminist organization committed to advancing women’s rights and ending discrimination and violence against women and girls, based in Kolkata. It was registered as a public charitable trust in 1995.

Our Services

  • Skill Enhancement Programmes
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Public Awareness & Education Programmes

Contact No:- 91 33 2486 3367/3368/3357


Address:- Swayam, 9/2B Deodar Street Kolkata 700019 West Bengal India

  1. Seedin

These lines of Mother Teresa, an epitome of love and care acted as inspiration for some renowned professionals of South Kolkata (West Bengal), who had a spark to serve the society in all possible way. Their journey started with the fight for land rights of a group of Oraon tribes living in Naktala area of South Kolkata. In the process, these enthusiastic minds formed a small organisation named “Naktala Centre for Socio-Economic Reform and Environmental Conservation” that will work for people, with the people and by the people. Developmental consultants and renowned social workers joined hands and thus the organisation was registered in 1996 under the West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961.

Our Services

  • Nutritional Food
  • Health
  • Education
  • Women Enpowerment

Contact No:- +917980964138


Address:- 17 A, Naktala Road, Gopa Villa, Ground Floor, Kolkata – 700047.

  1. Maya Foundation

MAYA FOUNDATION is a non-government and non profitable organization committed to work for all the weaker sections and out-casts of the society. Poverty, racism, castism, sexism, and overall shortage of resources divide the society into many feuding factions. In today’s society where value is losing it’s ground rapidly even the elderly people, pregnant woman, Parentless children are refused to be given proper care they need just like all other social outcasts.

Our Services

Contact No:- +91 98302 47250 / +91 92308 10206 / +91 90070 95806


Address:- 15,Adhar Chandra Das Lane; Kolkata – 700067 West Bengal. India.



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