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Natural Gas Companies in Augusta GA, solar Companies near me

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Natural Gas Companies in Augusta GA, solar Companies near me

  1. Piedmont Propane Services LLC

Piedmont Propane is committed to providing safe and dependable propane (or LP Gas) service for your home or business. Our Georgia and South Carolina propane customers are extremely important to us.  If you have a propane service need, please give us an opportunity to provide with the best propane service you have ever had.  We provide many types of propane services, including residential delivery and propane tank installations, agriculture and industrial propane services and commercial propane reseller stations  in Georgia and South Carolina.

Services: Propane Delivery

Propane Tank Installation

Propane Tank Repair

Gas System Repair

Gas System Maintenance

Hot Water Heaters

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Address: 24 W Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA 30673, United States

Contact No.: +17066786111


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  1. Palmetto Propane, Fuels, & Ice

With a corporate philosophy geared to providing comprehensive services that reflect the highest industry standards, Palmetto Propane, Fuels, & Ice is committed to maintaining the personalized service that has set the company apart from all others. Havird Oil Co. was established in 1959 by Paul and Janelle Havird. Palmetto Propane, Inc. was established in 1964 to provide ice, propane gas, gas equipment and outdoor cooking equipment to the Midlands of South Carolina. Serving our customers for over 50 years, we are a family-owned gas specialty store. We have found offering quality and service paramount to our success.

Products: Gas Logs

Tankless Water Heaters


Space Heaters



Cast Iron Stoves

Outdoor Living

Address: 133 Davis Rd, Augusta, GA 30907, United States

Contact No.: +18002331882


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  1. Ferrellgas

At Ferrellgas, we are in the business of providing meaningful moments, memories full of warmth, dependability you can trust, and outcomes you had only dreamed possible. Whatever your day has in store, we’re here to fuel what matters to you. Our company was founded in 1939 by a hard-working family in Atchison, Kansas. In 1939 a loaf of bread cost eight cents, Lou Gehrig announced his retirement from the New York Yankees, and the film The Wizard of Oz had just made its box office debut. Although a lot has changed since then, the values and work ethic that propelled a small company forward after the Great Depression still persist today. Throughout almost a century of innovation and treating customers with respect, we’ve grown to become one of the nation’s largest employee-owned propane leaders. Our story is a testament to the livelihood of the American dream, and we are proud to fuel the lives of customers all over America.

Services: Home Delivery

Business Delivery

Propane Fueling Station

Forklift Cylinder Service

Grill Cylinder Refill

Parts & Fittings Sales

Cylinder Recertification

Appliance Sales

Address: 1806 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA 30906, United States

Contact No.: +17067387782


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  1. Wilhoit Gas Co Inc

In the summer of 1946 two brothers,  recently honorably discharged after serving our country in World War II, started the first exclusively propane company in the state of Georgia.  Operating out of a front room in their parent’s house on the city square in Warrenton, GA, Wirt and Judson Wilhoit began their new careers with one truck and one customer, ………their father!  The two brothers worked tirelessly to grow their business supplying Propane to the residents of Warren and neighboring counties.  Judson could be found in the office dealing with the day to day issues while Wirt was out in the field dirtying his hands setting tanks and crawling under houses. 

Products:  Above Ground Lease Tanks

Under Ground Tank Purchase

Gas Grills

Gas Fire Logs

Water Heaters

Fire Pits

Gas Appliances

Gas Lights

Appliance Service & Repair

Address: 1178 Lincolnton Rd, Washington, GA 30673, United States

Contact No.: +17066784999


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  1. EnergyUnited Propane

EnergyUnited has roots that date back to the late 1930s by way of two smaller community-based providers: Crescent EMC and Davidson EMC. These two co-ops would later consolidate, forming the co-op we know and love today. Since then, our co-op has grown significantly—serving nearly 130,000 metering points across our 19-county service area. Though much has changed, our commitment to delivering reliable energy services at competitive prices and improving the quality of life of our members and communities has remained steadfast.







Address: 2850 Columbia Hwy N, Aiken, SC 29805, United States

Contact No.: +18036497090


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  1. Halco Lubricants

HALCO distributes products you need to effectively operate a fast lube, car dealer, service repair shop, tire shop, commercial fleet shop, grocery distributor, c-store distributor, auto parts wholesaler, retailer, or heavy duty industrial and machinery. HALCO features all the top brands of lubricants including Castrol, Chevron, Havoline, Shell and Sunoco. HALCO also supplies air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters, wiper blades, anti-freeze, Freon, and shop supplies.

Products: Lubricants



Specialty Lubricants

Automotive Chemicals


Address: 4286 Belair Frontage Rd, Augusta, GA 30909, United States

Contact No.: +17063963440


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  1. AmeriGas Propane

Our AmeriGas propane office located at 945 South Main in New Ellenton no longer provides walk-in service, however AmeriGas customer service lines are available anytime, anywhere with 24/7 service. We are working hard to drive value for our customers through expanded digital tools, stronger service capabilities, and efficient resolutions for your energy needs. For convenient ways to connect with AmeriGas, check out our most frequently asked questions by clicking the Support & FAQs tab in the navigation.

Services: Commercial Delivery 

Tank Recertification

Temporary Heating 

Propane Tank Installation 

Residential Delivery 

Forklift Services

Address: New Ellenton, SC 29809, United States

Contact No.: +18036522621


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  1. Thompson Gas & Oil

The ThompsonGas family of companies founded the Green Gas Initiative to educate communities on clean energy, and reduce their carbon footprint. A low-carbon future is something we can all agree is good for our planet and propane is one solution. Its low-carbon, high-energy output makes it a perfect fuel for vehicle fleets, agriculture, shipping, industrial work and landscape management, just to name a few.

Services: 24/7 Emergency Service

Message Center

How to Read a Tank Gauge

Delivery Options

Payment Programs

Payment Methods

Online Services

Energy Assistance

Address: 115 Garland Ave, Washington, GA 30673, United States

Contact No.: +17066782522


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  1. nexAir

When R.Q. McEniry purchased Standard Welders Supply in 1950, the vision of full-service, family-built gas supplier was born. In 1996, Standard Welders merged with Mid-South Oxygen to form nexAir. Two generations later, the company still upholds McEniry’s original values and ideals. Now, with chemists, engineers, welding analysts, cryogenic technicians, and medical equipment specialists, the knowledge base and expertise at nexAir is unprecedented. But we’re not content with what we already know. We measure and track all complaints and issues, take corrective action, and share our results directly with our customers. All nexAir gases are produced at our FDA-compliant, ISO 17025-certified plants. They operate 24/7 to produce precise, consistent, and reliable gases so you can focus on what’s truly importan

Services: Bulk Gas


Welding Supplies

Medical Gas System Certification

Smart Ship

Welding Rental

Equipment Repairs

Address: 1829 Wilkinson Rd, Augusta, GA 30904, United States

Contact No.: +17068602041


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  1. Dixie LP Gas Inc

Contact Dixie LP-Gas for top-quality fuel delivery services, installations, and more from qualified and licensed professionals in the Hillsboro, Texas area. We’re committed to our customers’ residential and commercial fueling needs. Call today for high-quality fuel delivery or service. Our fuel delivery includes propane, diesel, gasoline, and petroleum. We also sell naphtha and kerosene. Contact us for affordable fuel in the Greater Hillsboro area! Fuel delivery isn’t all we do here at Dixie LP-Gas. If you need tank installations or equipment services, get in touch with our team of qualified technicians today.








Address: 3711 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30907, United States

Contact No.: +17068631811


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