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Most Common Challenges during App Development

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Most Common Challenges during App Development

In the last few years, the world of mobile apps has undoubtedly experienced momentous growth. Even though smartphones, tablets and other smart devices came about just a few years ago, millions of apps have already been created by developers across the world.

However, creating apps and pushing them in the market is more complex than many developers imagine and there are a lot of consideration to be made when developing an app for your business. Let us look at the common challenges that developers face during app development.

Mobile App Development Challenges

  1. Overcrowded market

The number of mobile apps submitted to the leading app stores crossed the one million mark a long time ago. That is no secret. Nearly every day, a developer and an app design agency creates new applications, so coming up with an app that can clearly stand out from millions of others has become a major challenge regarding the competition. Someone may create an app, but the main challenge is how the mobile application would penetrate the overcrowded market.

To surmount this challenge, a developer should align himself/ herself with the prospective users’ needs and expectations. What do users need? Will the app help to solve certain problems? Will they recommend it to other users? Once a developer has gained access to the target market using the most suitable language, overcoming this challenge and ascending to the top can be very easy.

  1. Performance versus battery life

Making sure that mobile applications perform well without quickly draining batteries is one of the challenges of app development. Creating apps that run smoothly without crashing or manifestation of irritating bugs is not as easy as many developers think.

To overcome this challenge, developers ought to ensure that the overall design works well on all mobile devices. For instance, they should not strictly target users of iPhones or other high-end devices since many prospective users cannot afford to purchase them.

Additionally, developers should come up with apps that can be used on older versions of Android, Windows and iOS operating systems since thousands of people still make use of old devices.

  1. Funding

Obtaining finances is one of the most common challenges of app development. This especially applies to individuals and businesses that are still new in the game. Creating a usable application and reaching out to prospective users can cost anything between US$ 2,000 and US$ 200,000. This is the precarious point where most mobile app developers get stuck, especially those with exceptional ideas but with little or no money to propel their dreams forward.

To surmount this challenge, developers ought to have a good strategy for obtaining app funding. They can approach angel investors or friends, explain the dynamics and also make clear how they stand to benefit from the venture.

  1. Market penetration

An app created by a little-known company, organization or person can be compared to a small fish in a very large lake. Pushing a mobile application in the market is not as easy as many people imagine. Since the market is already dominated by app developers with extensive market experience and very large budgets, competition can be extremely stiff. Without a proper strategy, getting lost in the expansive market is very easy, regardless of how good an app is.

To overcome this challenge, developers must consult experts who have successfully marketed other mobile apps before. Lots of resources should be channeled towards marketing. Developers can also make use of online platforms which market mobile applications and consider the benefits of a localization strategy to access the global market.

  1. Device compatibility

The digital world is moving at very high speed, and inventors come up with new mobile devices every other year. Can the application fit across all handheld devices? Ensuring that an app works on all phablets, smartphones and tablets is among the challenges that developers have to overcome. For this reason, they must pay close attention to varying screen resolutions and operating system (OS) requirements, among other factors.

To surmount this challenge, developers ought to focus on one important area-responsive design. The OS requirements for Android and Apple devices significantly differ. By concentrating on responsive design, adjusting to all the platforms can be extremely easy. Additionally, created apps should undergo testing to make sure that they reach potential users in their best possible form.

  1. Navigability

Things that appear simple to mobile app developers may turn out to be very complicated for users. For instance, an interface that looks straightforward to a developer may prove to be extremely complex to users. As a result, very few people will download the app due to negative reviews.

The solution is to ensure there is clarity and simplicity. Instructions and tutorials should be provided to ensure a friendly and simple experience for users. Developers can consider using the user interface (UI) patterns that are already integrated in Apple, Android and Windows devices, given that many people have already acquainted themselves with the devices. For instance, the addition of thumbnails and icons can play a significant role in enhancing navigation ability and the overall users’ experience.


The above listed factors are some of the most common challenges of app development, but as you read them carefully you can see how they become solutions to said challenges. Developers should not just focus on what they should do during app development. For their apps to be successful and get downloaded by millions of people, developers should also focus on what they should not do. That is why it’s important to evaluate all the do’s and don’ts in order to avoid mistakes and work hard on what is needed, so a great app emerges and users are satisfied.


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