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App Store Optimization Cost – How To Decide?

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App Store Optimization Cost – How To Decide?

When there is millions of app in the major app store, it is quite challenging to get your app discovered. It is important that you understand the methods of marketing your app in major app stores.

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. Through ASO you try to get your app rank higher in the search results on major app stores. When your app ranks higher then automatically the visibility of your app among your potential customers increases. This translates into more traffic to your app’s page across app stores.

ASO app store optimization cost

You want your app to rank higher at the same time you also want to incur optimum if not minimum cost for it. However the success of ASO depends on following factors:

  1. Title: You need to include the keyword in the title which has the heaviest search traffic. So you need to spend time to research about keyword to include in your title. Because changing your title often to include different keywords is quite crucial. Even the app store optimization cost depends on this in one way.
  2. Keyword: You need to research about the relevant keyword because they play major role in improving your app’s search rankings. These keywords must be those which are most often by your target audience.
  3. Downloads: You need to know number of downloads of your app. However you cannot have a full control on number of downloads.
  4. Ratings and reviews: This acts as a catalyst for your app. More good ratings and reviews by your customers can lead to more new customers downloading your app.

Spending on mobile app advertising is increasing every year and thus you should choose an agency which offers the best App Store Optimization Cost.

Choose the best ASO agency

You can save your time and money by choosing the best ASO agency for you. But to choose the best you do need to spend some time. Once you choose the best you can plan the best ASO strategy for your app and in quick time you will see visible results.

Ask for the best package and past performance of the agency while choosing your ASO partner. Breakup of the ASO cost gives you insight into how and where the money will be spent. You must keep in mind one thing that reaching top 50 or even 100 apps on the store has become quite expensive as the apps in the top 50 are already spending heavy amounts. Once you succeed in getting your app downloaded from customers then also effective activation and retention is yet another important thing which incurs cost. Ask your agency before finalizing them about these things.

Get your app store optimization cost right

You need to allocate appropriately on ASO as part of your total marketing cost. You can achieve a substantial result by choosing a good plan offered by a good ASO agency like us in the market. Thus you can set your App Store Optimization Cost right.

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