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Main reasons why a lot of bloggers choose to blog anonymously

Main reasons why a lot of bloggers choose to blog anonymously

In today’s world, accessing information is one of the easiest things. It could be the information through the internet, or it can also be hacking the information on personal details related to a user. With the advancement in technology, along with the pros, there are cons as well. Writing is one of the greatest weapons, and a lot of people make use of this skill in a negative manner as well.

Instead of providing accurate information to the readers, they might end forming their own opinions and assumptions that can trigger the readers negatively. There are also possibilities for a blogger to come up with credible information and data.

At times, the data that is given by the blogger may not be accepted by a lot of people or for a particular group. During such times, the blogger may have to face a lot of challenges in terms of maintaining social respect and identity.

Keeping all these challenges and perspectives in the minds, most of the bloggers these days prefer to write about certain topics and concepts anonymously. In this narrative driven article, we are focusing on some of the main reasons as to why a lot of bloggers choose to maintain their identity in an anonymous manner.

  • To avoid access to personal information

As already mentioned, there are a lot of hackers waiting to steal the personal data of the users. When a blogger starts writing about a certain topic, it is difficult to understand the kinds of people who be visiting their blogs.  

Getting a count on the number of people is quite possible with the tools that are available. But, getting to know the individual details is highly impossible. A situation like this gives a lot of scope for the hackers to come and access the personal information of the blogger and post inappropriate things about them on various other channels and mediums. This can be done in order to defame the blogger or in order to oppose the topic that they have written. In either case, it becomes extremely challenging for a blogger how to handle a situation like this. Therefore, using anonymous identity to blog is one of the best alternative techniques to save their personal information.

  • Avoid unnecessary controversies

Not all readers visit a blog in order to gain information. There are a lot of readers in the disguise of critics. Positive criticism is always in great things to happen for a blogger in order to improve their writing ability. Positive criticism is also going to help the blogger to think from the reader’s perspective as well.

But the critics that you generally find on the blog like Huffpost pages are the ones who are trying to create unnecessary controversies on the topics that you have posted. Some of the readers might not be in favor of the subject that the bloggers have tried to come up with. In such cases, they do not mind going a step ahead to defame the blogger by leading them into unwanted controversies.

  • Some bloggers want to be anonymous

Like there are a lot of famous authors hidden behind their anonymous identities, a few bloggers also choose to stay away from public attention. According to these bloggers, it is important to produce effective content that is going to help the society in one way or the other.

They are not there to gain any sort of attention, and they want to write blogs because of the passion they have towards writing. Bloggers like these will always adapt to the anonymous blogging style.

  • Unique and fresh content

Anonymous bloggers can blog about anything. Blogging about topics that are unique in nature and that are highly controversial can happen when a writer chooses to hide their identities.

A lot of political bloggers generally hide their identities and blog under anonymous names in order to safeguard their life and also their social status. Bloggers like these are likely to attract unwanted attention from people who can turn out to threaten them.

  • It’s a safe play technique

Some of the blockers adapt to the anonymous style of writing because they feel safe hiding their identities. They consider it to be a safe play technique. It gives the opportunity to write their perspectives and opinions without any fear of shame or being judged.

Also, with the shield acting as a protection layer, they do not have to worry about any social shame, bullying or harassment that are likely to happen with the writers and bloggers who reveal their identity.

These are the main reasons as to why a lot of bloggers choose to write under anonymous names or tags. There are a lot of benefits that a blogger can achieve when they understand the rules of writing anonymously.



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