Directory Submission Sites in India List August 2023 Updated

Directory Submission Site IndiaDirectory Submission Site India

Directory Submission Site India

In this digital world, people are using directory submission sites to improve the ranking of the websites and get traffic so that it can rank high on the SERPs. There are various other benefits of using directory submission sites people are using it to list their websites and business in several categories to promote their business online. There are numerous of directory submission sites are available online which provides a lot of advantages to its users.

What is Directory submission sites?

Directory submission means submitting a website URL and its characteristics on the web under a specific category. It is one of the best ways to improve your link building. It is one of the best ways to promote your business online.

Directory submission sites are the websites in which we can promote our businesses by adding their information. It is like a phonebook directory as the phonebook directory contains the various numbers by searching its name. So the business submission sites also contain information about various businesses.

You can select the best directory submission site to submit website information like link, name and description of your website. It helps in increasing your domain authority and get more traffic from Google and other popular search engines. Submitting your directory submission sites helps in generating more traffic and improves the search engine rankings.

Advantages of using the Directory submission site

There are various advantages of using directory submission sites, some of them are:

  • It helps in generating high-quality backlinks
  • It is one of the easier ways to build links for your website
  • Submitting your business in directory submission sites will help in attracting a lot of customers
  • It increases your online visibility and provides you with great exposure among the customers
  • It also helps you in leading in the search engines. If you use better keywords for your submission, it will make your directory listing will be list on search engines
  • It helps in creating high traffic to your website and boosts your rankings

Best directory submission sites are:

If you are in search of some best directory submission sites in India then you at the right platform. Here is the list of some best directory submission site which helps you in getting backlinks from several sources. Through these sites, you can enhance your SEO and improve the link popularity of your websites. It also helps you improve the rank of your site.

The top 50 directory submission sites are:

  1. Digital marketing deal

Digital marketing deal is one of the leading directory submission sites in India where business owners list their business to increase online visibility. The site is very trustable and helps in increasing local SEO and creates a backlink to your site that helps in improving ranking in the search results. Digital marketing deal is the right platform to promote your business it provides better visibility. It has listings of about 100000+ businesses under 4000+ categories. It helps in connecting with the right service providers.

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Seeka host is a business directory submission site where businesses can get listed and reach to the potential customers easily. It helps you in promoting your business and provides you with solutions for online marketing. It is a platform which brings customers and business together to fulfil their requirements.

It provides various categories in which you can list your business such as accounting firm, administrative attorney, agriculture service, alliance repair service, child health care centre, hotel, telemarketing service, web hosting company, website designer, etc.

Marketing Internet Directory

A marketing Internet directory is one of the best directory submission sites in India where business can promote themselves and reach to potential customers through online visibility. Most of the business owners have submitted their websites for marketing purposes.

It offers various categories so that business owners can list their websites in the appropriate category. These categories are art & humanities, health, business & economy, computers & internet, education, entertainment, news & media, recreation & sports, reference, science & technology, shopping, blogs and society.


Dizila is the best platform and directory submission site where people can list their business for promoting them online and reaches to the targeted audiences.

It presents various categories and sections to list your websites, some of them are:

  • Business & economy – economics, history,
  • Recreation & sports – fitness, hobbies,
  • Shopping – vehicle hire, auctions,
  • Reference – codes, FAQs,
  • Society, future, crime, etc.


USGEO is one of the prominent directory submission sites in India where business owners can list their business into various categories to promote their business and increase online visibility.

Some of the popular categories are:

  • Arts & humanities – institutes, cultures & groups,
  • Business & economy –charity, chats & forums,
  • Entertainment – genres, employment,
  • Health – conferences, hygiene,
  • news & media – arts & humanities, health,
  • recreation & sports – hobbies, television, etc.

Wl directory

WL directory is a directory submission site in India which helps in promoting your business and also helps in online marketing. It offers various categories in which you can list your business.

These categories are arts, business, computer & internet, games, health, home, kids & teens, news, real estate, recreation, reference, regional, science, shopping, society, sports, travel and world. is a free directory submission site where you can discover various links organized in several categories. You must submit your web with URL to use its benefits.

It offers various categories such as Microsoft developer, website development, tech knowledge, open-source, employment, entertainment, music, fitness & health, legal & law resource, travel, business, property and real estate, miscellaneous, etc.

A 1 Web directory 

A1 web directory is a platform where you can submit your website to make it popular and increase your visibility among the potential customers. The directory submission site provides various categories in which you can list your business.

Some of these categories are:

  • Arts – crafts, media,
  • Health – disease, fitness,
  • Sports – games, outdoors, recreation,
  • Education – colleges, degrees,
  • Society – Government, law, etc

Moms directory

Moms directory is a directory submission site in India where business owners can list their business to increase traffic and reach to the potential customers.

It provides various categories in which you can list your business. These categories are arts, business, computers, education, games, health, home & garden, internet, news, recreation, reference, science, shopping, society and travel.

Intel seek

Intel seek is a directory submission site in India where you can promote your business and reaches millions of potential customers. It helps in online marketing and provides you with a great platform to get online visibility.

It provides several categories to list your business such as art & literature, automotive & marine, business services, opportunities, real estate, shopping, recreation, travel & leisure, legal services, gifts, etc.

Nonar Directory 

Ananar directory is a popular directory submission site in India where people can list their business to promote and reach to the targeted audiences. It offers various categories in which you can list your web.

These categories are arts, automotive, business, computers, education, financial services, games, health, home, internet, news, real estate, recreation, reference and regional.

247 web directory

247 web directory is a directory submission site in India where people can submit links of their business to promote them and make visible to more customers.

It presents various categories to list your business, these are:

  • Arts & culture – artists design arts,
  • Real estate – appraisals, developers,
  • Travel & tourism – air travel, hotels,
  • Finance & investment – banking, companies, loan,
  • Media & entertainment – celebrities, humour,
  • Science – agriculture, biology, economics, etc.

1 webs directory 

1 webs directory is a directory submission site in India which provides various categories to list businesses and get leads from your competitors and visible to more customers online.

The websites are organized in various categories such as arts, education, internet, reference, society, business, finance, marketing, home, sports, computers, health, real estate, shopping and travel.


Amray is a free personal and business directory submission site in India. It helps in enhancing your SEO and creates backlinks to get more traffic and visibility online. It is the best way to promote your business and submit your website.

Amray has organized websites into various categories such as recreation & sports, references & sports, rent & lease, single singles, education & science, health & fitness, music &brands, news & media, people & places, animals & pets, arts & entertainment, auctions & shopping, business & ecommerce, etc.

Bedwan directory 

Bedwan directory is a directory submission site in India which provides a platform to promote your business and reaches millions of people online.

It provides various categories in which you can list your website, these categories are:

  • Internet – web hosting, search engine optimization,
  • Legal & law – legal advisor, personal injury,
  • Recreation – sports, games,
  • Shopping – Clothing, jewellery,
  • Travel – travel services, vacation packages,
  • Health – dentistry, beauty,
  • Business – marketing & advertising, business services, etc.

These are some of the popular directory submission sites in India which provides a lot of benefits to its users. If you want to submit your business or web URL so you can choose amnion these sites to get better results

1WebsDirectory – is developed and maintained by a team of professionals with the aim of making Web Directory more informative and useful to general internet users around the world. Experienced editors at 1 Webs Directory lists only informative and resourceful websites under appropriate categories and sub categories to make it more informative and useful.

We at 1 Webs Directory accept only quality websites and help them to maximize their presence online with strong links and allow them to receive traffic from users. We are proud enough to maintain the directory as we are getting a good feedback from users.

1 Webs Directory started in the year 2009 with 100 categories and list of 1000 quality websites. Today we are happy to announce that we have around 600+ categories with a list of more than 10,000 websites. As we regulary receive the website submissions from different countries including USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philppines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and more, we have now created a regionwise web directory where business owners and webmasters can select their country and submit their website under appropriate categories.

We regularly do a research and develpment (R & D) on helping our web directory users to provide enough information. We always welcome users to suggest their ideas on enhancing our web directory.

Website : started in the year 2012, is an Online Business Web Directory providing comprehensive information on business websites worldwide. Serving as an online platform for Business owners and online consumers. Lists websites under popular categories and relevant sub categories for easy navigation. Each and every website is manually reviewed and most of the sites are hand picked by our experienced editors to make the business directory more useful and resourceful to general internet users.

Ace Web Directory is a human edited & spam free web directory site. It helps customers to locate businesses and businesses to find customers. It offers free as well as paid options, however paid options carry a number of latest features, a lot of people choose free option and get benefits. When a website is added to our listing, we don’t just give them a link for SEO boost. We give them a quality site profile, which include deep links, logo, content that would be of use to visitors at no additional cost.

Website :

More sites


Q1: What are directory submission sites? A1: Directory submission sites are online platforms where you can submit your website’s details, such as its URL, title, description, and category, to be listed in a categorized directory. These directories help improve your website’s online visibility and provide valuable backlinks for better search engine rankings.

Q2: How can directory submission benefit my website? A2: Directory submissions offer several benefits, including increased online visibility, improved search engine rankings, enhanced website authority, and targeted traffic. They also provide valuable backlinks that contribute to your website’s overall SEO strategy.

Q3: Why focus on Indian directory submission sites? A3: Indian directory submission sites target a specific regional audience, allowing you to tap into a large and diverse online market in India. By submitting your website to these directories, you can effectively reach local users and potential customers.

Q4: Are all directory submission sites equally effective? A4: No, not all directory submission sites are equally effective. It’s important to choose reputable and high-quality directories with good domain authority and relevant categories. Our list provides a selection of the best directory submission sites in India to ensure you get the most out of your submissions.

Q5: How do I submit my website to these directories? A5: To submit your website, visit the directory submission site, find the appropriate category for your website, and provide the required information such as your website’s URL, title, description, and any relevant keywords. Follow the submission guidelines provided by each directory for the best results.

Q6: Is there a cost associated with directory submissions? A6: While many directory submission sites offer free options, some may also provide premium or paid submission packages that offer additional benefits, such as priority placement, faster review times, and more prominent listings. Choose the submission option that aligns with your goals and budget.

Q7: How often should I use directory submission sites? A7: Directory submissions can be a part of your ongoing SEO strategy. It’s advisable to periodically submit your website to new directories or update your existing listings to keep your information current. However, focus on quality over quantity and avoid overdoing it to maintain a natural backlink profile.

Q8: Can directory submissions replace other SEO activities? A8: Directory submissions are just one aspect of a comprehensive SEO strategy. While they can contribute to your website’s visibility and backlink profile, it’s important to engage in other SEO practices such as quality content creation, on-page optimization, and building diverse backlinks from various sources.


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