Free Ad Posting Sites in India List August 2023 Updated

What are the best-classified sites in India?

With the increment in the technology, listing a free ad on classified sites has become easier than before. In India there are numerous classified sites are available for posting ads in this competition world. In this article, you will get to know about some of the best-classified sites in India where you can do the free listing of your product and services.

The top 15 classified sites in India are:

  1. Digital marketing deal

Digital marketing deal is one of the best Classified site in India. It is a business directory which provides information about several popular businesses and service providers in Gurgaon like plumbers, repair services, CA, accountants, etc.

It provides a platform that brings buyers, suppliers, dealers, manufactures, retailers, sellers and wholesalers at a single place. It is easy to handle and one of the best business listing sites for small businesses.


Sulekha is one of the leading classified sites in India where Indians can post free ads for their products for promoting them. More than 200 million visitors visit every year. The website is very much popular among Indians for purchasing products and services and about 20 million of people purchases products and services through Sulekha.

It is a website where most of the businessmen want to advertise their products and services for expanding their sales. And about 3 million businesses are available on The products and services are classified into 1000 categories in which the business owners can add their business. is a free classified website but it is also available in the paid version which is beneficial for those businesses who wants to reach to more customers. People can sell or buy anything on

The site has 200+ K verified expert and 30+ million satisfied customers. The products and services are classified into various categories and subcategories. Some of them are:

  • Education & training; entrance exam coaching, job training, distance education, etc
  • Home services; furniture dealers, packers & movers, pest control, etc
  • Business services; web designers, generator dealers, etc
  • Health & wellness; beauty parlours, yoga classes, gyms, etc
  • IT training; Hadoop training, big data training, etc
  • Properties- buy, rent and PG; properties to rent, service apartments to rent, etc. is another popular classified site in India. It allows people to post free classified ads in several categories. The website can attract 30 million unique users every month.

The website allows you to post ads for various businesses and you can find one of the best cars, bikes and jobs in is one of the preferred classified sites in India and most of the Indians use the website to buy and sell products and services. It is the most trusted classified sites. And to enhance its revenue sources the websites is adding several services.

Some of the categories and subcategories offered by to post ads are furniture & décor, used cars, featured car, new cars, sell your bike, featured bike, expert service; interior designs, packers & movers, B2B suppliers, financial services; personal loans, insurance, credit cards, and other categories like pets & pets care, gift cards, events, education & training, etc.


Undoubtedly, OLX is one of the prominent classified sites in India. It is the most trustworthy classified sites where people can post free ads for their products and services in various categories. Most of the Indians are using for advertising their business.

OLX is mostly used by the people for buying and selling cars and about 10 million active users are indulging in this activity. It is also used for buying and selling of automobiles and mobile phones.

OLX has various categories in which users can post ads for services and products. Some of the classified sections are acommodations, pets, furniture, etc.


Locanto is another best-classified site in India that comes from Yalwa which is one of the popular website and IT solutions provider. Apart from India it also operates in more than 70 countries in the world.

You can post ads related to your products and services on Locanto under various categories. It provides two types of services free and premium. Its free classified services are very beneficial but taking a premium membership would be a good option for boosting traffic to your classified ads. The premium account is available at just rs.99/month.

Some popular categories offered by Locanto are classes, community, real estate, for sale, events, services, vehicles, personals, dating and events. is one of the leading classified sites in India and is the best way to advertising a product and services for foreign customers and Indians who are living in foreign countries. The website is providing benefits in 500 cities in 197 countries. is one of the widely used classified sites among all as it has about 2.5 million active users in the world. People can post free classified ads under various categories.

Some of its facilities make it popular among users like it comprises detailed information of several locations and countries. The site also contains links that are useful for foreigners to learn important words in the local language of the country.

It presents various categories to post ads like activities, buy & sell, classes, community, electronics, home, leisure items, personals, pets, testimonies, lost items, missing people and vehicles. is one of the best-classified ad sites in India. You can post a free classified ad in both the languages Hindi and English. It gives you an advantage of reaching to more customers. provides different types of membership; individual membership and business membership. It is a mobile-friendly website and you can also operate click India app on smartphones. It is very easier to post classified ads on by just making an account that is free and takes advantage of the website. provides various categories to post classified ads such as arts – antiques, data entry jobs, clothing, visa agents, bus-truck – commercial vehicles, etc.

Classifieds 4 me

Classifieds 4 me is a popular classified site in India that was initiated in the year 2006. Despite new to the classified market the website is doing a great job in India and many Indians are taking advantages of the site.

It is one of the best platforms where you can create and post classified ads. It is easy to sell and purchase houses, cars, bikes, etc. through Classifieds 4 me. Apart from India, it is providing its services in other countries.

You can post free classified ads for buying and selling of trucks, electronics, computers, apartments, cars, motorbikes, antiques, van, furniture, etc.

Malayali Classifieds

Malayali Classified is one of the popular classified sites in India where you can buy and sell anything anytime. It is a free classified ad site and you can create a user profile to post ads related to products and services.

The website helps in creating traffic to your ad and increases your customer base. You can easily sell the property and find jobs through Malayali Classifieds. It is a one-stop solution for all your findings.

You can post free ads in various sections and categories, these are business listing, jobs, real estate, cars & bikes, services, mobile & tablets, health care, events, pets, entertainment, home & lifestyles, matrimonial, education, electronics & appliances and auto repair. is a free classified site in India where people can post free ads for products and services to advertise them. Apart from India, it is also providing its services in 19 other countries.

Other than Indians you can also post classified ads for foreign countries if you are in seek of foreign buyers for the product and services. Apart from posting for products and services it also operates a free dating service. But there are various drawbacks of this services you can’t blindly trust on the profiles as they can be fake. But it provides other services which are great and you can trust them. You can also adopt any pet like dogs, cats, birds, etc. from

Craigslist India

Craigslist India is India’s largest free classified sites that provide its services throughout the world. The site is useful for the buyers and sellers and provides them with free services.

You can post free classifieds for the product and services through Craigslist India. It provides more than 100 sections and categories to post free classifieds.

Within a short span of time and new to the country’s classifieds market, the website has reached the heights and gained a lot of popularity among Indians. Apart from posting classifieds, the website also provides an online community where people can discuss and share their views on a certain topic for free.

Some of the categories and sections offered by Craigslist India for posting ads are housing, jobs, community, discussion forums, services, for sale, etc.

Expatriates is the worldwide famous website that is also providing its services in India. Indians can also post free classified ads on Expatriates.

It is very simple to post an ad on, you just need to create a user profile which requires few easy steps. After creating a profile you are allowed to post an ad of your choice.

Expatriates provide some advantages one is that you can choose service/product in a particular country. Business owners of India present their classifieds to the customers in America.

The various categories presented by Expatriates are:

  • Items for sale – auto parts, bicycles, furniture, heavy equipment, home audio, household items, etc.
  • Housing – room available, bedspace available, staff accommodation, etc.
  • Services – business, cargo, computer, etc.

Ads Globe

Ads Globe is another free classified site in India that allows people to post the ads for services and products to advertise online. Apart from India, it is operating in more than 150 countries in the world.

People can buy and sell their products and services through Ads Globe. It provides business to business, customers to customers and business to customers online purchasing and selling of products. The site has classified ads in various categories and sections.

Some of these categories are:

  • Auto – motorcycles, scooters, trucks, etc
  • Rentals – a vacation home, roommates, paying guests, etc
  • Pets – birds, horses, cat, etc.
  • Travel – air travel, car rental, train travel, etc.

Tuff Classifieds

Tuff classified is one of the popular classified sites in India with some interesting features. The site helps in postings ads related to our products and services. It provides a platform where people can buy and sell their products and services.

Some of its features which make Tuff Classified one of the frequently used classified sites is you can know the number of people who have visited your ad and also you can make corrections or add details or edit your ads even when they are online.

You can post ads in various categories such as tour travels, education, jobs, health, real estate, personal, pets, animals, services, vehicles, machines, etc.

Biz mart India

Biz mart India is one of the best-classified sites for small business owners in India. It allows you to post free classified ads on

The site is very beneficial for small businessmen to create more customers. It is also useful for those business owners who want to advertise their products and services but doesn’t have an advertising budget. also provides dating service. You can post ads in various categories such as:

  • Financial services; banking, stock market, etc
  • Jewellery; diamond, gold & silver, etc
  • Dating & friendship; roommates, men seeking women, etc
  • Education; schools, competitive coaching classes, etc
  • Jobs; medical & health care, management & consulting, etc. is one of the popular classified sites in India that is frequently used by Indians for postings ads related to the products and services. You can post an ad under various categories.

The site allows you to create and post an ad to sell any kind of products and services. has several features that make it quite interesting among the users. One of the best features is that you can make a comparison between products and services after shortlisting them. imposes a fee to interact with buyers and sellers. The site doesn’t allow you to directly communicate to the buyer’s, the customer has to send messages to contact them.

It offers various categories and sections in which you can post an ad, these categories are education & training, travels, entertainment, business opportunity, matrimonial, travel, services, real estate, jobs, automobiles, mobiles & tablets, electronics and home store.

Above all are some of the best-classified sites in India which are highly used by the Indians and offering them the opportunity to post ads for buying and selling several products and services.

FAQ: Free Ad Posting Sites in India

Q1: What are free classified ads sites?

A1: Free classified ads sites are online platforms where individuals and businesses can post advertisements for their products, services, or offerings without incurring any cost. These platforms help in connecting buyers and sellers, promoting businesses, and reaching a broader audience.

Q2: How can I benefit from using free classified ads sites in India?

A2: Using free classified ads sites in India can help you increase your brand’s online visibility, drive targeted traffic to your offerings, and connect with potential customers. These platforms provide a cost-effective way to promote your products or services and expand your reach.

Q3: Are the listed classified sites on the page truly free to use?

A3: Yes, all the classified sites listed on our page offer free posting options. However, some may also provide premium features for a fee. The information provided includes genuine free classified sites where you can start promoting your business without any initial investment.

Q4: How do I effectively use classified ads for marketing in India?

A4: To make the most of classified ads for marketing in India, create clear and concise ad copies, use high-quality images, and provide accurate contact information. Target your ads to relevant categories and locations to reach your desired audience. Regularly update your ads to keep them fresh and engaging.

Q5: Can classified ads sites help my local business grow?

A5: Absolutely! Classified ads sites are an excellent way to promote local businesses. By targeting specific locations and using relevant keywords, you can attract nearby customers who are actively looking for products or services in your area.

Q6: Are there any restrictions on the type of content I can post on these classified sites?

A6: While most classified sites have guidelines to ensure appropriate content, the specifics may vary. Generally, you can post ads related to products, services, job listings, real estate, and more. Make sure to read the site’s terms of use and posting guidelines before submitting your ads.

Q7: How often should I update my classified ads on these platforms?

A7: It’s a good practice to refresh your ads every few weeks to maintain their visibility and relevance. Some platforms may offer options to bump or promote your ads to the top of the listings for better exposure.

Q8: Can I track the performance of my classified ads on these sites?

A8: While tracking features may vary, some classified sites provide basic analytics or insights to help you gauge the performance of your ads. Additionally, you can use URL tracking parameters or dedicated landing pages to monitor the traffic generated from your ads.

Q9: Are there any specific tips to make my classified ads more effective?

A9: Certainly! Use attention-grabbing headlines, highlight unique selling points, include clear and compelling visuals, and provide accurate contact information. Use relevant keywords to improve the discoverability of your ads within the platform’s search results.

Q10: Can I post ads for both products and services on these platforms?

A10: Yes, you can post ads for both products and services on these platforms. Many classified sites have dedicated categories for various types of offerings, making it easy to target the right audience for your products or services.

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